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McEnany: America will hear election fraud evidence in Nevada court

2020-12-02 | 🔗
White House press secretary and Trump 2020 adviser joins 'Hannity' to discuss new developments in Trump's election fight
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Breaking today, the president and his team campaign have filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin and his personal capacity thats. In addition to the very strong suit that was filed yesterday, joining us now with more and updating us on everything is Kayleigh. Mcenany go back to one thing, youve been on a lot since election day. You have come on this program. Youve shown this audience all the affidavits. You told us whats in it youve been called a liar by the mob in the media. You never lied to, and now we are hearing directly from people, thats called evidence, thats actually introduced in real trials in America. Lets get an update. Lets do a little bit. We have a new development in Nevada tonight, very important Sean. You hit the most important case. If you are exactly right, we were told these are blank affidavits in these binders they werent they were under penalty of perjury
that we were told these people dont exist. They do weve heard from them on the show tomorrow, its the next step. If this is the first lawsuit, where youre going to hear from these voters under oath in a court room, we are allowed to bring cameras, so it 1200 p dot m tomorrow in a Nevada court room. You will hear from these witnesses under oath more than that witnesses saying someone voted in my name, you will hear from experts who have said ive dug dug into this expert witnesses who have left it to surviving those depositions theyre going to say we found one hundred and three thousand seven hundred and nine ballots down to the number that we believe are illegal. He will hear all about tomorrow, live on television in Nevada and we will all see. Ted Cruz was Alan
Dershowitzs best students at Hartford hes argued successfully in the Supreme Court. They violated their own constitution with a late change in the law. If the Supreme Court takes that that could change things. In my view, that is a real case. Its a big deal, it TED Cruz, is a lit expert litigator. He knows his stuff. The case hes, referring to is from congressman MIKE Kelly hes, been succeeded on the merits at the commonwealth level. At this, his middle level court succeeded on the merits. It went up to the Nevada Supreme Court, which we know is 5 2 Democrat, because the Pennsylvania court, just because thats exactly right, a Pennsylvania court, I should say notably they didnt dismiss it on the merits. They said you brought this too late. They had no arguments on the merits. Ted Cruz is exactly right at the Supreme Court should take this up
its one of the best lawsuits out there outside of Nevada and Wisconsin of the court takes it. The constitution is clear if this is a clear violation, if thats, what also makes a Wisconsin lawsuit yesterday, I havent had time to review todays such a strong case also also yeah exactly right. These are clear violations of law. You have a Pennsylvania constitution that has sacrosanct grills for absentee balloting. The legislator, when it around its own legislature in Wisconsin, we have detailed procedures for absentee voting, because we know mail in voting is subject to fraud. What did they do? Indefinite confinement? If they changed about these election officials, there are four levels you have to put into one of the four categories. If you dont want to show your I dot d and vote from home, if you fear covid, just stay home, dont show your I dot d. We will send you a ballot merely flouting what Wisconsin
law says. We these laws are there for the reason it is to protect this dignity of the election, which was simply not protected in so many of the states to be want to remind people when you showed people at the affidavits, you knew what was in them. You were telling the audience now that we are hearing from people its that much more compelling real people under the penalty of perjury really doing this, but they will do it under oath.
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