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McEnany discusses election fraud evidence: 'There's so much here'

2020-11-11 | 🔗
White House press secretary discusses voting irregularities and what litigation lies ahead on 'Hannity'
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Same with Ohio, why cant these other states, or can they here with more Kayleigh Mcenany, is with us Kayleigh thanks for being with us thanks Sean last night, you came on a come. I believe one state a whole new pile coming out tomorrow of Michigan, two hundred and thirty four sworn affidavits under a threat of perjury, I wouldnt imagine somebody would lie under oath knowing they could be prosecuted, prosecuted, talking about irregularities that they witnessed people say well wheres. The evidence that to me would be interesting evidence presented before a judge wouldnt, you think yeah. It is interesting evidence, two hundred and thirty four pages of sworn testimony, not just from one state from one county Wayne County which is in Detroit, and I want to detail for you because there is so much here. Two hundred and thirty four pages, but one thing stood out to me today was a pattern and practice of harassment against poll watchers.
Of course, you are legally obligated to send a republican poll observer and one affidavit from a young woman who said she observed ballots from a wrong precinct, be duplicated with the correct precinct and then the old ballots be set back. When she began to ask questions, she was told to leave the room, she was called a bigot. She was called the c word. As the poll watcher covered, her name tag. Another woman said she heard at 1143, p, DOT M a poll watcher say tonight. This is our house. Seventeen minutes later that election official, I should say, started to use slurs against Black Donald Trump supporters. She believes that votes were changed that were trump change, the other way and finally another instance of racial slurs used against an individual, a man of chinese descent and literally told. Why are you here? You are not american. When he said I am american, he
proceeded to indoor five minutes of racial and ethnic slurs. This is one precinct one county Wayne County Michigan and tomorrow people have been asking. You have other states where you have been accumulating. Other sworn affidavits correct. What is next? Thats right tomorrow, you will see some affidavits from Pennsylvania, some other disturbing practices where, in Democrat counties, youve got one advantage. You are able to fix your ballot, the same advantages not given to republican counties. Those are on the horizon, theres just so much here, its very hard to dig into because there is a lot theres another affidavits in the Michigan pile that came out that she was forty six ballot numbers that were written down. This is how specific the numbers of the individual ballots that he documented that there was no voting record attack, but a birthday was entered January, 1st one thousand nine hundred come. I mentioned that to you last night literally have written down
one thousand nine hundred, one thousand nine hundred one hundred and twenty years old, and I thought I was old doing this as many years as ive been doing it now. Other lawsuits prepared due for filing have been filing. Can you get a preview of that? Or is it too early, because I know they are coming speak of the Pennsylvania litigation has been filed. Affidavits are coming after with other states. We are waiting on litigation because a state like Wisconsin there will be a recount in a state like Georgia, hand recount getting done. We are not getting ahead of the recounts, but there will be further litigation and overall the trend you mentioned last night Sean. But one percent is the general rejection rate for ballots in any given year. We are seeing in these counties so far the rejection rate being anywhere from zero point: five percent to zero point, six percent, which is befuddling to the mind in an.
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