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McEnany praises Trump for fast-tracking 'landmark' COVID vaccines

2020-10-05 | 🔗
White House press secretary joins 'Hannity' for her first interview since testing positive for coronavirus
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By the way, is this what your so called newspaper has become here with reaction for her very first tv interview since testing positive for Covid 19 White House, press Secretary Kayleigh Mcenany. Well, I know its probably got to be scary for you, its scary for everybody. You have an 8 month old daughter. How are you feeling do you maybe know how? When where I guess, nobody really knows how they contracted im, feeling great having no symptoms? I am blessed to have a mild case really in a some dramatic case. My heart goes to all those who been affected and all those whove lost their lives. I am pleased to see our commander in chief is doing well watching them on the balcony, showing people we will overcome America will overcome as hes. Overcoming the illness was a nice moment for our country. We cant forget the medical geniuses, the researchers scientists, Regeneron Remdesevir.
I dont want to get back into the hydroxychloroquine many doctors whereby it put that aside for a minute, all the other therapeutics we have developed between Pfizer Moderna Astrazeneca trials for a vaccine. Ten months after the first identified case of Corona in America is historic and miraculous in its own right. You make a very good point: Sean the fact that this President President Trump was able to tear down bureaucratic red tape, get us dexamethasone, Remdesevir, monoclonal, antibodies, landmark treatments and therapeutics. This was a novel virus that came in from China. Nobody had seen it. There were no therapeutics in short order, President Trump developed them, and this vaccine is on pace to be the fastest vaccine for a novel pathogen in human history. We can thank President Trump for.
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