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McEnany: Six more states file to join Texas election lawsuit

2020-12-10 | 🔗
White House Press Secretary and Trump 2020 adviser joins 'Hannity' to discuss the blockbuster legal case
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To do their constitutional duty file, follow the law and get this right. Kayleigh Mcenany is back with us with an update. Yesterday was pretty historic. We had seventeen state attorney General S, thats big theyre, not going to sign onto something frivolous. Now, weve got six or seven states wanting to be on the case they want in because they want to protect their own citizens from being disenfranchised could get thats exactly right. Not only do several of these states want to file in a freeze in support, they want to join the case. They want to stand for the rights of their citizens. As you said, pointing out what Georgia said in these defendants had about a being seditious and attack on sovereignty. With these four states did collectively was an attack on the United States constitution. You laid out the argument very clearly night after night, and you have a Ledo forces and Tom is joining in opinion, warning us in advance of the election. If
you dont sort this out, there will be chaos in the election thats. One of the themes, as we all saw the writing on the wall, as you recall that canvassers for the canvassers went to refused to certify the election. I went back and was reading through some of the affidavits and the court case. One of those individuals who wouldnt certify the election was the name Monocle Palmer. She writes all the way back in the primary in August she saw these irregularities, all fours Democrats and Republicans joint and said we have to investigate whats going on. We see flaws in the system here the poll books arent balanced. We all watch this happen in slow motion. We will stand for the constitution, its matters, which is what the states are doing by joining Texas. Now I understand there were a couple of attorney generals at the White House today. True, is there were attorneys generals at the White House. Talking with the president about many matters commit many of them. Official matters now lets go to the issue
the Supreme Courts commit. This is really it here. The clock is what the clock is at this point, but with that said now that youve got one hundred and six congressmen signing on commit now youve got the seventeen states. Now you got the six or seven that want to join in this suit, which is pretty unprecedented. I dont really see a path where they can just kick the can and not deal with an issue of subject legal importance and dealing with really simple basic, but profound and fundamental issues of law and constitutionality. They should be a no brainer, in my opinion, in terms of them picking up this case, it should be a no brainer. There is original jurisdiction here with some states. It is clear they have standing and they deserve to be heard. To add to that the input of the top, your show you have an forty seven percent of the country, saying something wasnt right about
this election half of the country, thirty percent of Democrats, one in three Democrats say something was not right and they all see the statistical anomalies theyve laid out. The fact that Joe Biden trailed Hillary except the american people deserve to be heard, the affidavits are real. The folks you put on your program are real, as this clearly says: either the constitution matters or its a mere piece of parchment and the National archives freight. Let stand for the constitution and allow these people to be heard. Thats our asking for is a day.
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