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McEnany: Uncounted Georgia votes favor President Trump

2020-11-17 | 🔗
White House press secretary and Trump 2020 senior adviser highlights voting irregularities on 'Hannity'
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Faith in any system that works like this Kaylee is back with us. Two thousand six hundred votes. Yesterday, two thousand seven hundred votes today lets go for an even twenty thousand tomorrow, any chance you might get twenty thousand more there a gate. There is certainly a chance because there have been plenty of errors tonight. There is reporting that in the third county in Georgia in one county, they have found the same issue, a memory card that was not registered with votes and guess what these votes. Favor. President Donald J Trump heard, we were told yesterday when the first batch was discovered by the Georgia Secretary of State. This is very concerning, because there are checks and balances in place, local officials could resign. These checks and balances appeared to be fatally flawed, systematically irregular to happen, and not one. Two three Georgia counties and mount the disenfranchisement of nearly five thousand voter spread. What is going on here, every American should be concerned.
Where is the governor secretary of State is picking fights? Why isnt he fixing the system? Has anybody got an answer from him? We havent its a crest question. The president is asking- and really we are all asking this isnt about party. This is about the integrity of our election system and you have the same mistake in three counties and accounts have not ended yet it wont end until midnight tomorrow. Hopefully we will find out lets go to Nevada and what happened out there. I think when we see a race by ten votes, it shows every vote counts, but the problems they are now theyre going to do a redo. What happening as it relates to the presidents race gate? This gives us cause to argue. There were votes that affected the race that they could not say that this election was fair at the commissioner level, but it raises questions yet again with Georgia. Yesterday we were told this was a one off. That appears to not be the case, so
that raises the same question: whats happening happening in Nevada, but even more so what happened in Michigan this evening in Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani, argued the case today, ive heard from more than a few people that he was absolutely brilliant in his arguments today. What is the status on that? One of the things he said today is he Oakwood echoed Rahm Emanuel. Never let a crisis go to wait, and that is what Democrats did hear. He put that race into context when he said that, because there was a pandemic that was turned into an election epidemic and natural disaster, they said to thats why they had to do the mass mail out voting and it backfired Sean. I just have to get to you with Michigan what you mentioned they are. As you came to me, I held up these papers, these affidavits two hundred and thirty four pages of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury. What did CNN say about when you held it up on this program?
Didnt? They click accuse you of holding uplink sheets gate. They did about a ten minute monologue, seeing these were blank further, not blank these pieces of paper from one county, where the reason that you had a county level Wayne County campers are say: we cannot certify this election because of these witnesses. They are real people and run reporter tweeted out. This is the first time in my twenty year, history ive ever seen something like this county, commissioner, refused to certify. For the first time you have a president fighting for the forgotten men and women in Detroit and Democrats across the nation. Nobody in this country can have confidence in the spirit them also hearing rumblings that ballots, given out with more presidents in Wisconsin. Have you heard the same rumblings I have and that, for some reason people are being quiet about it for now at think your rights there, something it went sconce in part, as spoke with our attorneys about that
when you go to get a ballots, bears a certain application process. You go through its not an absentee ballot system, but the law was actively violated when they went to get these ballots and go through their same day register process. So there is something there Wisconsin just finished up tomorrow by 500 p dot m the campaign will let them know if we would like to proceed to a recount more to come tomorrow in.
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