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Media accused of concealing Cuomo’s COVID failures

2021-01-29 | 🔗
FOX News contributor Joe Concha shares his thoughts on ‘Hannity’
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New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, still refusing to take any responsibility, admit what now looks like a full blown, coverup and scandal. Covid nursing home thats in New York state a part of his response. When asked about the findings from the democratic state attorney general in New York that they under reported deaths by as much as fifty percent take a look. What I would say is everyone did the best they could. If you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government, its not about pointing fingers or blame. It is that this became a political football. Whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home people died
the governor again, he keeps blaming other beer to Governor Cuomo needs to take responsibility for his failures and inactions. The sad part is the field: hospitals, the Navy, ship, thousands and thousands of beds they were built. They were sent. They were converted to Covid 19. He stocked with personnel manned by President Trump. He was stocked with Ppe every ventilator they could ever need along the Javits and or everywhere else a seventy five percent of those beds remained empty if there was a place to send them and people to take care of them that were provided to New York. All the help was provided its beyond comprehension why it was not utilize. He said everyone makes mistakes, ask the federal government. No. This was your call that wasnt Donald trumps call. He did everything in his power to bail New York out and did a great job of that. All you do is criticize him and
the mob the media. They are just playing outright defense of all things of a democratic cover up and a full blown scandal surrounding what happened in New York state and these nursing home dust at two major networks. It didnt even touch of the story, CNN called it less than stellar. Can you imagine a headline like that? If this was Donald Trump at the governor, any other republican government governor question, Rick, divided White House refused to offer any strong words of condemnation of undeniable reality that this order in New York state last year. Yes, it cost lives that could have been saved, Jen Psakis Response, when pressed by Kristin Fisher, the New York attorney general released a report saying the state undercounted the number of
Covid desk by as much as fifty percent in nursing homes. Would President Biden supports a federal investigation into what happened in Governor Andrew Cuomos role, ive seen those reports, I would say any investigation. I would point to the Department of Justice: does the White House think it should be looked into further questioning again, any investigation would be led by the Department of Justice. They are independent and they will determine what path they take moving forward. The one media reporter for the hill, Joe Concha, I like the standard. What would the media do if it was Donald Trump? I suspect a very different reaction. Sean. I would even go apples to apples even more what if it was Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, a Republican or the governor of Florida Republican RON, Desantis, whatever could drupal of Aaaas. That would be the media coverage that you
would be seeing tonight. As far of investigation of the attorney general investigating Governor Cuomo was won an Emmy by the way he deserves a Grammy for the notes he was singing at that press conference today, as you mention this quote, blew me away. He blamed adderall guidance on his health department, undercounting of nursing home does. If you think there is a mistake, go to the federal government. He says in the same breath its not about pointing fingers or blame everybody watching this tv is dumber for having heard that, because this is somebody clearly, the hubris is not taking responsibility for this all the people now that are surprised by what they are hearing. As far as what went on in terms of this order to the covid positive nursing patients like taking a blowtorch to guide Dominic dried grass, this is the first time they are hearing it. Of course, it is
spirited for ten months you have reporters anchors hosts, not even approaching this topic during interviews. Forget tee ball or softball questions its almost as if there is an arrangement beforehand, sure enough it reared its ugly head again and the governor was.
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