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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson says he will pardon armed St. Louis couple who defended their home from protesters

2020-07-20 | 🔗
Mark and Patricia McCloskey have been charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon by prosecutor Kim Gardner; reaction from Gov. Mike Parson.
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Welcome back breaking tonight, Missouri couple Mark and Patricia Mccloskey. Remember they were defending their home against violent protesters. They have now been charged with felony, unlawful use of a weapon by Democratic Circuit attorney Kim Gardner. I recently sat down with the mccloskeys for their side of the story. Just to remind you, it was shocking. I mean the gate came in. Seemingly everybody in the world came forward literally. I think the estimate was three hundred to five hundred people came right towards us. We were having preparing to have dinner on the porch and we were literally maybe seventy feet from the gate by the time he got our guns. By the time I got my gun. The crowd was maybe thirty or forty feet from us all right, Missouri, Governor MIKE Parson, believes the Mccloskeys did did what they legally should do to protect themselves.
Will he pardon the mccloskeys? The governor of Missouri joins us now governor good, to see a preview of twenty two years in law enforcement? Is that correct, sir thats right Sean? I have thank you for your service protecting and serving its an honorable profession. Then then, then present the book of lives in the line deserves our heartfelt appreciation. There were no police. This night, the gate was broken down. The Mccloskeyss described in detail specific threats made against them. They were protecting their home in their property. They have gone in and taken their weapons away and now theyre going to charge them. Will you pardon them without a doubt Sean? I will do everything within the constitution of the State of Missouri to protect law. Abiding citizens and those people are exactly that. They are law, abiding citizens and theyre being attacked frankly by a political process. Thats really unfortunate its a sad day for us here in Missouri. They had every right to protect their property, their home, just
like any of us would if you had a mob coming towards you, whether they tore down a gate or not. When they come on your property, they dont have a right to do that in an aggressive manner. People have a right to protect their selves, their families, their property. That is the current castle doctrine in the state of Missouri and thats. Why its an important case, the prosecutor in St Louis, I think its important to realize we had one hundred and thirty five homicides in St Louis since the first of the year, shes filed thirty cases of one hundred and thirty five, and so she doesnt have the time or resources, and yet she got here and charge innocent citizens, private citizens that have law abiding citizens that havent broken the law. It defies common sense why any elected official would do such a thing. When you combine your experience in law enforcement and you mention the castle
doctrine and I will cite Missouri LAW by the way Missouri and I had cousins. There was a big argument in pronunciation. You can use physical force to stop stealing property damage tampering. There were no police there, governor that night, the gate was broken. The family described in specificity and detail thats going to be my room and were going to kill your animals and very threatening the weapons were legal. I dont know what people are supposed to do in the circumstances. We see it happening around the country. My question to you as the governor: why do these governors in, for example, Portland and the governor of Oregon, the mayor of Portland, the mayor of Chicago governor of Chicago New Yorks, mayor and governor, the president, keeps offering help to restore law and order? People are dying. Cops are one thousand three hundred cops hurt.
Why would they reject that opportunity to be helped because they have a total socialist agenda? What they are trying to do is why they are not doing that. The president of the United States reached out to me and said, hey governor. How can I help you? We had a great conversation. He sent over two hundred FBI agents to the state of Missouri to help us with some of the violent crime problems we have defunding the police. Getting rid of the police is just the opposite. We need to be backing up our men and women out there sacrificing their lives every day. We need to put more officers on the ground to attack violent criminals. We can see these quote peaceful protesters, but we know those violence behind them. We know theres people involved in crime almost everywhere. We see a protest, weve got to stand up for that, and the president is trying to do that. We governors that understand how important it is me personally, because ive been in law enforcement for twenty two years, im going to step up, stand up
for these men and women every day that risked their lives for me and all the other Missouri citizens. When I was going after the deep state and those that abuse their power, I always made a distinction. The ninety nine percent last question. I had a source telling me that when the protesters went back to the Mccloskeys Home, that there was no local police presence, but the president had sent in some support, is there any truth to that? Speak of the conversation I had with the president last week was about what we do if they do file charges. What do we do with his rogue prosecutor? That was a conversation I had last week. I think the resources are there to help the mccloskeys or anyone in the state of Missouri. It was unfortunately and unfolded, but heres. One thing I want to make sure everybody knows they had every right to do that under the LAW of Missouri under the constitution and, frankly, of the United States, every right to protect themselves and their property
and their families whatever that might be. And again you have a mob mentality out there night after night, going across this country and at some point its got to end and at some point well have to stand up for the everyday citizens governor. Thank you for your service number one serving and protecting number two. Thank you for standing up for the rule of law, and we appreciate you taking.
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