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More than a dozen states file briefs in support of Texas election suit

2020-12-09 | 🔗
Trump 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump joins 'Hannity' to discuss latest election-related case
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Unfortunately, tonight we still have more questions than we do. Answers joining us now, with more from the Trump campaign, is Lara Trump. You know, one of the things is, and I dont question anybodys intentions here Lara at all, and I think a lot of people were probably caught off guard and you have people with the best of intentions working in every direction, while simultaneously getting all of the eye witnesses signing affidavits. That takes a lot of time, and then we can eventually hear from them which we did for two weeks now. Weve got seventeen attorney generals. This is impressive, speak a while its impressive and its fantastic to see its actually a beautifully written argument there by the state of Texas, and now we have seventeen states come. As you said that joined. What this lawsuit is saying is that the reality is election laws in the states of Georgia come Pennsylvania and Michigan were violated. They did not follow their state
election laws and because of that it disenfranchises every single american voter added is a really incredible thing to see, because you are right Sean. We need to know that our elections are free and fair and that every legitimate vote is counted whenever you had a situation like we saw in this election where they tried ninety days before this presidential election to change the way we vote in the United States of America. They did not. They just changed via the Secretary of state or other people on the election board. They changed the laws and they are not allowed to do that. It is unconstitutional. We are really excited about this, its a big step forward and we are really excited to see. The results of this at the clock is what it is. You know its amazing, the power of the: U Dot S Supreme Court. When you have a disagreement between the legislative branch and executive branch, it is the judicial branch that resolves it and has enormous power, but even that court is hinged on politics.
I think John Roberts and the Obamacare ruling is a perfect case in point, but then I look at people like Samuel, Alito and Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett. I dont have a good read yet on Judge Kavanaugh, I dont have a good read on the constitution. It highlights the importance of those three seats that were filled by the president thats right. No, this is very important if you ever wonder why it is so important to make sure that you have a great Supreme Court justices on the bench. This is the example. It is right here right now and look the president I think, put in really great people. We will see what happens with this, but the reality is that the constitution is at stake right now and if the selection is allowed to go forward and if fraudulent votes are allowed to be counted at people do not have faith in the system. America is all but gone, and so we want to uphold and
protect the United States constitution. Lets hope that the Supreme Court feels the same way. You know with all the irregularities, and then you look at these polls, and you see upwards of eighty plus percent of Republicans. Dont have faith in the outcome. How do we have elections and able to highlight and chronicle all of the things that we and like the Russia thing peeling every layer of the onion every day, and more and more as we discover people have no faith, they have no confidence in the results. Welcome a thirty percent of Democrats dont believe that Joe Biden won this election. They dont even believe the results of the selection good points. Speak of the Democrats have been trying to do this for a long time. Sean Nancy Pelosi her bill, as speaker of the house, tried to evoke election. I dot d laws. She tried to slip into universal vote by mail. They have been trying to change the system and really have
unfortunately done a masterful job of it, and here we are now we still do not have the legitimate results of this election, but thats why the Supreme Court case is so so important. I hope we get a good outcome and I hope that our constitution is upheld. I have known you and Eric a long time did Eric happen to see a poll out of North Carolina today. I am just curious laughs. I happen to know that the, U Dot S Senate seat is open and two years and you are at the top. I am so flattered. I am so humbled. My husband did see and I think he tweeted it. So I appreciate that from him. I was honored to represent that we will see very happy to know that we didnt have to learn watching the show, but you are from North Carolina and may be open to it. Listen im open to anything, but we are fighting for this election right now. This battle is still ongoing. This is far from over well see what happens with that
Senate seat, but that was a pretty incredible.
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