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Nevada judge throws out Trump campaign challenge to state results

2020-12-04 | 🔗
Lawyer Jesse Binnall is joined by election workers Suzi Voyles and Dana Smith to discuss alleged election fraud on 'Hannity'
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Him and his family with an list, never ending investigations joining us now to discuss what they witnessed. The selection, Georgia election worker Susie Boyles, is with us and David Smith, along with Trump attorney David for now. Thank you for being with us. Lets begin with you, Susan, and ask very specifically, we got a lot to talk about today. Whats going on in Georgia is probably one of the biggest ones in Susie. Tell us what you saw down there, youre specifically referring to during the audit of the votes in the Congress center. My partner and I were given a corrugated box, not sealed properly. It was taped with just a clear packing tape and had the Secretary S deal on the top, which is a sticker like seal, but it wasnt signed by anybody which said chain of custody wasnt handled properly,
we cut up in the box, and it was loaded with absentee style ballots. There were batches of ballots in each batch was to have one hundred in a batch weve gone through about six hundred of these, and we were amazed at the count. Almost everyone that was in the entire batch was for Biden overwhelmingly, but then we came upon a batch. That just was so. It was such a stark contrast. It wasnt handled as much as the others. It was very pristine in color. Nobody could see anything but whats even more alarming. Once I started on this, it didnt have the customary fold when you fold a absentee ballot or the provisional ballot, which is the same style out of a envelope. Its got many folds
its got a accordion type fold, and these were not there. It was so smooth and the paper felt so clean honestly, where the other ones they just showed where I could understand that these pristine clean ballots were more remarkable because they were bubbled and, like you know, you do a little pain in your bubble and the ballots. The first one had a slight clips and when I mean is most of the bubble is bubbled in and then there is a slight clear eclipse that doesnt keeps keep it from being counted. The others were off the mark, but every other ballot that came out, which was ninety eight percent of the ballots ballots. There were two for Trump
two for Trump one for Jorgensen in this batch had one hundred and ten and then all the rest were for Biden all the rest were for Biden, but there were identical thats. What drew my attention youve been doing this a while and thats, not usual. Is it no? Not usual ive been doing it for over twenty years. Let me go to you and your ADDIE Hart County and by the way you were told by an election official it wouldnt matter. If a few paper ballots went missing, youre talking about poll watcher is being harassed and ejected by ejected by election officials ejected by election officials. Other issues. What did you see? I saw lots of things that I did not expect. I was excited and happy to serve my country as a poll worker on election day and as a poll watcher, I was just dismayed at the things that I saw we had about. Seven hundred people come
through our polling place, plus provisional ballots in the first thing that occurred was the voting machines were placed at the polling place the afternoon of the day prior to the election. Then they were all locked up and we went home for the night and we came to the building the next morning and it was freezing cold in there the heat wasnt working it has been cold enough. I had my heater on in my car. The heated seats on several HVAC people kept coming and going trying to fix it around noon and HVAC Guy came in and said you know, theres nothing wrong with the heater. I dont understand it. If someone has turned off the gas to the building, so someone in the night we dont know who or why or wine shut off the gas to the building building its the next evening, when I was reading through Georgia, voter
law after I met with our county officials over some of the other things and read the law for Georgia, I discovered that those machines are supposed to be kept in a climate controlled environment. Apparently there is may be issues with calibration im, not sure, but I think the legislature needs to have a meeting soon right away because told the governor governor, Kemp doesnt, listen to me. He acts like he has no power. He has the authority to call the legislature back into session. He hasnt done it. Let me bring in Jesse who argued the case in Nevada yesterday, let me go and what you guys have found. You believe you found and identified one hundred and thirty thousand illegal ballots. You believe voted twice twice: twenty three thousand ballots mailed out of
state. That would be people that would then be a ineligible to vote. Forty thousand ballots cast from noncommercial addresses and thats a problem. One thousand five hundred dead people you identified can get more corrupt than that. Then the judge- and I told Matt Schlapp yesterday, were going to hear from the witnesses. Youve got eight thousand pages of evidence that you handed the judge. He did not have enough time between yesterday and today to read one fifth of it, one tenth of it. One 20th of it now were not going to hear from witnesses Sean its a very disappointing day for the order we got from the court, but this case must go on. We will appeal we are going to pursue taking out the voter fraud with every arrow and our legal quaver, because its just too important
weve never had voter fraud of this level in the history of this country. We cannot allow these people to steal the election in this way. It is just too important of an issue. Let me tell you the order, unfortunately, continues the fiction that we have in Nevada here that we have impartial election officials that are enforcing the rules and actually implementing the election. We dont right now by just one example. While we were preparing this case an extremely short amount of time, we tried to serve Clark, County and the registrar of voters in Clark County id, never had that happen before he dodged service. He spent days and days dodging service. When was he doing when whos dodging service? Literally, he was meeting with the Democrats. He wore a Biden pin while he was
inspecting voting sites. We cannot continue the absolute fiction that we had election officials in Clark County, which is where the vast majority of people in Nevada live that were impartial because they were not in one month. All ragtag group of volunteers and lawyers put together a case. That was an excellent case that showed exactly a conservative number for how many fraudulent votes there were in Nevada and the real numbers, probably much higher than that. We had people come forward very brave, whistle blowers, like your other guests, average Americans, who were willing to have the courage to come forward and put it all out there. Even though theres been such harassment of whistle blowers who are standing up against voter fraud, we put together a great case in the month, but unfortunately, this court order makes it seem like its an insurmountable burden. In order to show the voter fraud in the county wont
agree with it whats the next step. The next step would be to take it to the Supreme Court of Virginia and im sorry, the Supreme Court of Nevada. We have to keep fighting. We have to keep the pressure on. If were going to be a nation for the people of the people by the people, then that means elections where the voters decide not having disenfranchisement of voters by thousands on thousands of fraudulent votes. Think you all for.
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