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New Justice Department pick has close ties to Hunter Biden attorney

2021-02-02 | 🔗
Trump Organization Executive Vice President Eric Trump sounds off on 'Hannity'.
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Well have more on this charade. In a moment, the Biden, the Biden administration, just pointed an assistant attorney general, with deep ties. We understand to Hunter Biden, hes been seen a lot at the White House in recent days. In fact, the acting a dot g was once a colleague of Hunter Bidens, defense attorney now remember. The presidents son is currently facing a federal criminal investigation for international money laundering and tax evasion. This after years as weve chronicled since January, two thousand and eighteen of accepting millions and millionsns and millions of dollars lets see from chinese nationals, shopping, sprees, three dollars and fifty cents million wire transfer, russian oligarch ukrainian oligarch money for cars and other sketchy foreign nationals on top of barisma and top of the bank. China deal. Can you imagine the hysteria from the mob and the media and the big tech companies allowing all the stories in the world to
pass through if this was one of president trumps, sons, Don Jr, Eric or Baron or any of his daughters as well? Ivanka Tiffany goes on from there anyway joining us now from the Trump organization. The first interview, I think, since all of this has gone on youre, watching this madness youre, also watching Joe Biden, your initial thoughts. My initial thoughts are, I mean Sean just looking at what hes accomplished in the last couple of days and how disastrous for our country has been its cost thousands of jobs that excel pipeline, something that would have been amazing for this country for the energy independence only person happy about the XL pipeline is Warren Buffet. So now all the fuel can go across trains. We kept gas prices down, look at what they are doing with immigration. They canceled the wall. Bide said there wont be another
inch of wall built in this country who does that benefit? Certainly not the millions of Americans out of works, our population, a nation thats, going through a pandemic, not knowing who is coming into the country it doesnt benefit. You know safety of our neighborhoods with cartels, and certainly you know bad people who smuggle drugs across the board. Look at what this guy is doing. Paris, climate agreement were going to start paying for all the environmental problems of China again well start paying for the environmental problems of India. Again, you go down the list honestly. I think people are going to Miss Donald Trump really quickly. I think they will miss him really quickly because some of these executive orders- forty forty in the first day, are madness. Sean. They are just madness. You know its interesting. I think the people that will miss him, the most probably in the end, will be the media mob, because your father calls him
sleepy Joe. I call him the weak struggling frail cognitively struggling Joe Biden said three hundred Americans twice are going to get the vaccine by summertime. Okay catch up Joe, but there has been nothing from the day. Your father and Melania Trump came down the escalator trump Tower, never ending you Barron Melania everybody, and it continues now. We know the outcome of this latest charade. I played the double standard and im just curious as you hear the remarks of Democrats and compare them to the remarks of your dad. What your thoughts are Sean. I was there. Twenty minutes after election twenty minutes after election day in two thousand and sixteen it was beautiful day. I remember the Washington Post writing that story, which is this is the minute that impeachment begins and they tried and they tried to get him with the Russia Hoax and they
tried to get him with Ukraine. They tried to take down Kavanaugh, they tried to get him again. They tried to manufacture everything under the sun against my father, all of us every single day. They continue to do it. Even when hes a private citizen, they are still trying to impeach him thats. How deep this whole thing goes? They want to tarnner him. They know he did a great job for this nation. There has never been a more beloved political figure in our countrys history. There are seventy five million Americans who would follow him to the end of earth. They love the man, they love what he stands for. They love that he was a fighter that he carried that fight largely alone oftentimes. He had to fight for the entire republican Party because they werent doing a whole lot. Now you have a lot of good fighters, but you didnt back then, and people love that about him. People love that and then you look at Biden. By contrast, he doesnt have any of those traits hes not doing great things for this nation. His heart is not in the right place. His policies are disastrous, but they want to feather the man
and do everything he can to not have him be a political force in the future and honestly, they are only ingratiating. My fathers base even more because every single time they go off on one of these charades. They expose the party, the radical left for exactly who they are Sean, and you know they can be evil and they can be mean and calculating like im playing the montage of all of these dells go out and fight go out and fight im. Reading this nonsense. President Trump said fight like hell, they all say the same term. You heard Kamala Harriss comments, Joe Bidens comments, schumers threat to Supreme Court justices. What about Eric holder? What about Eric holder? How about you kick them when they are down? You run up to them and you kick them when they are down. There are so many, the hypocrisy, Sean. You know it. Weve talked about this a million times
the things that get said about me and Don and Ivanka and Tiffany and Baron and our whole family. There is a double standard in this country, a massive double standard. There is unequal justice in this country. You mentioned it with the new. You know Doj guy, head of the Doj, who happens to represent Hunter Biden. I mean you see that, can you imagine my father ever tried to do that. There is unequal balance of justice in this country and half of America sees it and its quite frankly, disturbing to them all right. You know its interesting. Let me ask you a question: if your dad decided to run in two thousand and twenty four he comes to you and he asks you your thoughts. What would you say to him? What my father did is something no political figure has done in american history. He changed this country and he changed for the better. He taught people how to fight
and gave Americans the greatest civic lesson and its what this country needed. Hes a father to America and im incredibly proud of him, and I would be right by his side as painful as it was, and you know how painful it was as painful as it was. I would be right by his side, encouraging him hes an amazing guy and I have never been more proud of him Eric Trump. Thank you good to see you again thanks for being with us, when we return, Lindsey Graham, has a dire warning for the.
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