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O'Brien: 'Military shouldn't be held hostage' by 'culture wars'

2020-12-23 | 🔗
National security adviser reacts to Trump vetoing annual defense bill on 'Hannity'
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Earlier today earlier today, President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization ACT following through on his promise to veto the bill. If Congress didnt strip away liability protections for big tech, we are learning more tonight about the massive solar winds. Cyber hack on multiple federal agencies. Also tonight come of the rogue iranian regime is continuing to fueled violence and Stoke tensions across the Middle EAST, prompting president Trump to tweet. Earlier today, our embassy in Baghdad got hit Sunday by several rockets, guess where they were from IRAN. Iran. Now we hear chatter of additional attacks against Americans in Iraq, some friendly healthy advice to IRAN. If one American is killed, I will hold IRAN responsible.
Think it over joining me now for insight Ambassador Robert Obrien, thank you so much for joining us come. I want to go first to IRAN, give us the latest on that situation, great to be with you and congratulations on on the Byu Cougars and the big win last night. I know you are following night. I know you are following the whole season closely. The situation is no different than it has been in many years. The iranian regime is trying to drive the United States out of our alliances, come out of our partnerships and position in the Middle EAST with our friends and allies. They are using proxies to do it in a rack they using has law and other groups. They are executing attacks against the embassy and other facilities. The president made it clear that if an American is killed, that
is a redline for us and IRAN will bear the responsibility for us. He sent a strong message today and if I were the Iranians, I would heed that message. I think it would be foolish to test his will on this issue. Ive got to move on to the hack for the attack on our federal government. I think there has been a cyber war going on for years. Who was at? Who was responsible and what can the United States do to fight back? We are undertaking a massive investigation of the incident. Clearly, a sophisticated intelligence operation will not get around to attribution at a time and place of our choosing. We are mitigating the problem and making sure that our networks are safe and that the malware and backdoors are being
closed during this Christmas season. I want to thank the front line workers in this cyber war. The folks in the FBI, Dni NSA, DHS that have literally been working around the clock, since this breach was discovered to keep us safe and protect our networks and to expel this software and code that is now in the system. They are doing a great job. While we are celebrating the holidays, theyre working twenty four slash, seven, I want to pass on the presidents thanks to them, and my thanks as well. I studied this when I was in Congress, the United States is constantly under attack its hard to get the talent we need in order to protect against those threats, everything from a guy in a van down by the river and these nation states coming after us, I want to move weve got to get to the subject of the national defense. Authorization act hed be towed it today. What does he want to see changed in order to get it signed?
One thing I want to make clear is: when the president took office, he inherited a military with the readiness was the worst in american history. We were out of ammunition, we had the lowest ship count ever come of. The military had suffered through eight years of sequestration. He turned that around and spent two and a half trillion dollars two and a half trillion dollars. Rebuilding the military. The president has been committed to a strong national defense. This bill didnt include the protections that were necessary. Our adversaries are using to promote this information on Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms. We got to get that were formed to protect the american people. The president campaigned on ending forever wars. He has drawn down troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and we can redeploy
those troops to the front lines in Eastern Europe to protect american interests, the same ones that have had us under attack cyber and otherwise. For many years. This bill purports to take away his constitutional rights as commander in chief deploy. Our armed forces in the same thing goes to Germany. We want to move troops out of these bases and put them into front line positions to deter our adversaries and protect our friends. It was constitutionally suspect and, lastly, it gets into culture wars that really shouldnt be debated. There may be a legitimate debate there, but the military shouldnt be held hostage. The president didnt think it was the right bill. He wants strong defense and just submitted a Navy shipbuilding plan that is paid for for many years in part because we are drawing down and wrapping up some of these forever wars.
Hes got a great record on defense and is proud of it, and he wants a clean bill to come back from Congress as soon as possible. Nobody will cheer him on more than myself in terms of bringing our troops home from these endless wars. We ought to celebrate, bringing our troops home its amazing to me how many people just want them to stay there in perpetuity. I think the president is listening to the american people and bring those troops home and he needs the flexibility as president to do so. I got end on China. Donald Trump has done more from my vantage point, to push back and highlight China and look at what they are doing on so many fronts. Walk us through the president has been able to do in China. Ive only got about forty seconds. They hollowed out our manufacturing by stealing our intellectual property and subsidizing the state owned enterprises and buying our manufacturing facilities. The present put on tariffs got
a great phase. One trade deal, they extinguished freedom in Hong Kong. They are engaged in terrible activities with the uighurs and enjoying stomach destroying religious freedom. They took over the entire south, China Sea it like its some sort of domestic lake and we stood up to them. We stood up to them across the board. They were taking over the world with 5g, so they could control all of our data. The president stopped that, and now most of our allies are going to have clean networks and are expelling them from our 5G networks, data privacy and protecting national security. What he has done on China he showed than we can win. I think there were a lot of defeatists who believed you could never stand up to China. The president of the american people should we could stand up to China and win Ambassador Robert Obrien, many thanks to you and your family, your work exceptionally hard, as does your staff pouring your heart and soul into it. Thank you for your.
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