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O'Keefe: Big Tech whistleblowers having 'crisis of conscience'

2021-01-14 | 🔗
Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe discusses uncovering liberal bias at social media giants.
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They same platform that allows them to attack this country and threaten the country of Israel here with Mark President of Project VERITAS, James Okeefe, investigative reporter. This is big because he just assumed everybody at Twitter agreed with him, but I dont think they do. You have whistle blowers everywhere. Tell us about this. What else you may have and what this means thanks: Sean the whistle blowers inside big tech or having a crisis of conscience, the people who work for the tech companies. This person came to us and observed Jack Dorsey. The ceo of Twitter on this video call recorded him, unlike with the vice president, said to you: hes not set it explicitly, theyre kind of shrinking the Overton Window with a range of views that were acceptable in the public discourse and theyre, explicitly saying theyre going to be censoring days weeks in the future.
This person comes to me actually today earlier today gives us the video and give us the revolution of whistle blowing and big tech of so many are upset and coming forward now with videos that we have more and we will be releasing more. There is more thats coming yes and his vice president and twitter. Top brass have been recorded on video again just releasing the video. Today, more people are contacting VERITAS on our signal, our encrypted email theyre coming out in droves right now, because I believe these tech companies and im sure you may believe this too, have more power than government or government distributes it there messaging. Through these platforms, a lot of people are upset and the courage the whistle blowers is displaying, is amazing.
Im trying to get them go on the record. I may believe I have one who may be willing to do that. We will see how they respond to this one. Then we will be releasing more talking about the retrospective going back in time, deleting accounts and identifying exactly what type of language they deem unacceptable, which is really more mainstream.
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