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PBS lawyer caught on recording praising red state COVID deaths

2021-01-12 | 🔗
Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe III previews undercover video on 'Hannity'
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Or call 1 877 866 8555, a new project veritas, a new project veritas, undercover video release earlier showing a PBS lawyer saying that Trump supporters needed to be put in reeducation camps and our children do while also celebrating Americans dying for coronavirus and red states. Trump voters Fox NEWS: we let you decide. Project VERITAS is saying that they recorded it over the last few months. Few months you decide inaudible whats great is that Covid is whats great, is that Covid is spiking in the red states. Why do you think so?
The red states we did reach out to PBS. We got a statement and they said this. Employee no longer works for Pvs is a mid level staff attorney speaking on behalf of our organization. Nor did he make any editorial decisions here. With my reaction project VERITAS Founder and CEO James Okeefe lay out everything. They said. This is a principled attorney for PBS and he talks about how hes glad people in red states are dying of Covid molotov cocktails at the White House surrounding the presidential limo. He shows his hubris. He shows the elitism everything like a caricature of the PBS lawyer or media executive would say and hes advocating violence talking about how intelligence he is taking away. Children from their parents DHS during the Biden administration should separate children from their parents,
its one of the chief lawyers for the corporation for Public broadcasting, which receives millions of dollars from the federal government, and it highlights a double standard of the press because they advocate censorship. One of their lawyers is talking about how important he is. We commit acts of violence, PBS fired him an hour or two after they release the story. One of the swiftest reactions weve, seen after a project veritas, video take kids, have homeland security, take kids from parents, enlightenment camps, reeducation camps, sesame, characters, watch PBS all day. Americans are blanking dumb. Most people are dumb good to live in d, dot c, where people are educated, can you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns or cities where everybody is just stupid? Whats great about covid spiking in red States is its great a lot of them red state. Voters are sick and they are dying. Sounds like a very nice man.
One of the ironies is. He is saying that he has the enlightened viewed to take kids away from their parents and support and insurrection its a double standard, but I think in this time of moral and political crisis, I think courage is contagious and we have these whistle blowers coming to US insiders. We need more people right now. There is a time to be hopeful if we can create an army of exposures exposure. Sunlight is the best. Disinfectant exposure is a solution. James Okeefe.
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