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Pennsylvania Trump supporters blast Joe Biden's fracking flip-flop

2020-10-20 | 🔗
'Hannity' election correspondent Lawrence Jones reports from the president's rally in Erie, Pa.
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President Trump continue to get his message out via twitter and through his rallies thats. Why Lawrence Jones is in Erie Pennsylvania and joins us with more good evening. The president was fired up at his rally today, zeroing in on Vice President Biden flip flop. On fracking I talked to the presidents supporters about fraccing and so much more. Who will pull off the victory in Pennsylvania is Joe Bidens Home state. I dont care its all about Trump because he cares about everybody. Fracking has been a big issue if Joe Biden for or against fracking it depends on what medications he is on. I am pretty sure he is against it. He is flip flopping all over the place. I think tell hurt him.
The american people want to know what you are about. We know what President Trump is about. Did they ban fracking? How will it impact this state devastate a lot of people? President Obama is coming to down to campaign for Joe Biden. Will that have any impact on the voters? I dont believe so. Obama is old. News Biden is more of the same Sean. This is the vice presidents home state, its a battleground, the President won it in twenty. Sixteen, no Republican won that state, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight all eyes on this county, the President won that county as well. Democrats are flooding this county because they are worried about it. We will see what happened on election day. Fourteen days out
a week from today.
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