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Pennsylvania voters open up about Joe Biden

2020-08-20 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones reports from Scranton, Pennsylvania.
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Open borders, Amnesty President Trump will join us first. Here is a full report on the presidents remarks in Scranton Pennsylvania all day, a friend of Sean Hannity Lawrence Jones is with us. You were from all day. I saw the crowds on the streets were amazing. Tell us what you saw, and you talked to people today. Yes, earlier today, the president traveled to a town right outside of Scranton Pennsylvania, to deliver a speech, people packed the side of the streets to show support for the president. The big question is why why support this president, when
Joe Biden is from Scranton, I will let the people tell you himself. Why not support Joe Biden? He had forty years to make it right eight years as a vice president. What magical wand is he going to wave to make it work? I wont support a man who cant put together two sentences. Why not support Joe Biden? His policies are not supportable. The only time he comes by is when he needs votes. Do you support him? Absolutely not. He has had eight years as a vice president and didnt do anything. He is a professional politician for forty seven years old. You look at this crowd. You know Donald Trump is from here and not Joe Biden. The people were not as supportive as Biden as for the president. This politician has been there over forty seven years and they dont
want to go back to the old days.
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