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Poll watchers' affidavits claim election canvassing irregularities

2020-12-02 | 🔗
Gregory Stenstrom, Braden Giacobazzi and Kristina Karamo tell their stories on 'Hannity'
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Even the New York Times they all said, yeah the greater odds of voter fraud. There seems pretty obvious partisan election observers are able to watch the vote, counting up close from start to finish. At that didnt happen in any state. We are going to share their stories it to poll watchers. Where blowing the whistle we have Greg with us. Two thousand and twenty poll watcher from the state of Pennsylvania and Braden, is a poll watcher from the state of Michigan by the way Christina keramas back with us. We had a hard time getting her up last night. We will get back to all of you in a second it Christina. Let me start with you. We were yesterday. I want you to finish. You have so much to say so. Many people commented about Europeans last night. You know its really interesting a lot of the hatred that ive received ive been involved in politics. Ive debated
politicians on on the local netw before ive, gotten hate im used to that I dont care. What bothers me is people calling me a liar thats, what upsetting to me im a citizen who is looking out for the best interest of my nation im, trying to warn my other fellow citizens of whats happening people are so consumed with their irrational hatred for Donald Trump. They forget that there were local elections on that ballot as well. We had Senate races, we had Don James. We had our congressional races all types of braces on that ballot. That also have been compromised as well. Those local elections impact us even more with those of the people who make the right decisions that impact our day to day lives. People were so consumed with Donald Trump that they are ignoring these horrible election irregularities. Its frustrating were trying to tell people whats happening and they are dismissing us as a bunch of flyers because they are so consumed with their hatred of Donald Trump. We dont have integrity of our elections. Ive heard people
say theyre not going to vote after this because they feel like they have no voice or power. So why go father? This is whats going to happen. If Americans dont keep up, we are going to have a nation where we have no power. Our founders created a nation to empower the everyday citizens thats why they left Europe. People are cheering for us to create a monarchy in our nation, where we have no authority as citizens. If thats going to be dangerous soon, I hope you considered hosting a show, I think youd be great at it. To be honest, very well said, thank you for telling us everything you saw and the importance of it Greg. You testified in the Pennsylvania legislature, hearing in Gettysburg. He talks about usb cards that were uploaded to voting machines that were missing. You talked about the impact of
one hundred and twenty thousand votes and witnessed Lees being uploaded at least twenty four times without any poll watcher it. Can you tell us what you saw sure if theres, a couple of different components at the usb sticks are used in the voting machines? They come out to scanners and they use to uploaded to the computers of accounting center credit thats, how the precincts reporting on the count go up. Those usb sticks are all supposed to come back with the ballots cartridge paper tapes by the election judges. They are all supposed to come into the voting center. What we found was a bunch of baggies, I came in usb sticks and the paper tapes and the cartridges were all taken apart. It was a destructive process. Three hundred and ninety six precincts reported supposedly that night the next morning, on the day after and the day after the voting warehouse supervisor, I
witnessed him twenty four plus times with twenty four sticks. Actually uploading votes from usb sticks. I objected. I brought law enforcement over. We brought the click of elections over it. They said you are an observer. Is there something you could do? I said after he finished up waiting. I made them update the vote. The difference was fifty thousand votes for President Vice President Biden, I was fifty thousand the mail in ballots. We had to file a court order. Our society helped us file a lawsuit. We had to get an order from a judge he allowed us to get in for five minutes every two hours. It took us three days to enforce the order, even though it only took one day to get the order by the time we got back there. All of the mail in ballots were counted.
We had a universal one hundred and twenty six thousand mail in ballots, one hundred and twenty thousand of which had been counted. We got back there myself and the Democrat poll watchers as well. We found a seventy thousand unopened mail in ballots. We dont know where they went. We dont know why they werent counted, but we cant figure out why there were seventy thousand unopened ballots. In a nutshell, we had fifty thousand usb votes, seventy thousand mail in ballots and then, in addition to having a destructive process, all of the custody seats are gone as well as of today there were forty. Seven usb sticks missing, and now we understand there are sixty four usb sticks missing, which comprises thousands of votes which are now in question. Thank you Greg. I thank you for telling your story. You also signed a legal
affidavit correct. Absolutely absolutely you know if you lie in the affidavit, thats perjury right. That is true. Let me go to Braden. I mightve butchered your name. If I butchered your name, please forgive me, you talked about voter intimidation, how hostile people were two g dot, op observers, the room erupting with cheers. Why dont you tell us about your story. I am an unaffiliated voter im, not a g dot, op person im, not a democrat or Republican. I got called in. I received a note. That said, they received a bunch of ballots in the middle of the night and they didnt have enough people. So I got trained by the g dot op and they brought me in the first thing you noticed, after being in there a little while was the animosity you felt from a lot of the poll workers shortly after getting into the room, they started boarding up
the windows and kicked a bunch of us out under the guise of lunch. It they to lunch as an excuse to get people out of the room, and then they lock the doors and wouldnt, let them back in if there were no food for the republican poll watchers, but small potatoes. Compared to what you see next, which is throughout the day they wielded covid as a weapon to keep you six feet away from the table. So you couldnt do your job if they picked us off one by one throughout the day to uproarious, laughter and cheaters from almost the entire room, there is online. You can hear how loud the cheering is. You can hear the derogatory and of racial remarks slurred at us by the end there werent enough of us left it is about one hundred and fifty tables not ramp, give or take. At the end of the day, theres, only a few dozen of us left to look at the table to make sure we are challenging ballots. One thing I noticed by the end
of the day a stack of at least thirty five with challenge stickers on them. I assumed there are other tables as well. I noticed one they had the challenge stickers on them because they werent in the poll books. These could have been fictitious voters all of them. There was no way to prove that they were. They were just pushing them through if they would enter them into the poll book into the digital poll book. As one hundred and eleven thousand nine hundred for the birthday they were given an address and a name, and there was no way for us to validate anything they were doing. They could have entered any fictitious name. They wanted every time we would check or challenge it. They would laugh at us. It would say you cant challenge this, then someone would swarm over. Some supervisor would come in it and another supervisor. Pretty soon. I was swarmed by three to six people all telling me to get away
if they were wielding this covid as a weapon. They said it, you are holding the pen the wrong way and you are threatening people with the way youre holding a pen. It was absurd, a separate you from the table, Braden youre, not the only person that saw the birthday of one one, one thousand nine hundred youre, not the only person, and you signed a legal affidavit under the penalty of perjury, speaker, sherry. But when I tried to childish things that was clearly inaccurate. I saw a mismatched ballot, they would laugh at me and say I couldnt do that immediately. A democrat operative who was standing in the background would come in and try to agitate you and get. You worked at im, an engineer, im pretty logical and methodical. I made it about ten hours at this Democrat operative Accus me of Covid stuff, giving me the runaround by the time. Six people show up start all saying the same thing.
Then he melts back into the background, with a satisfied. Look on his face, knowing that he has caused me a problem. Now the the table supervisor supervisor gives me the Covid runaround and he starts muttering, something to me about playing with him that made me uncomfortable. Then he said something to be effective. I will kick your or kick you out of here. I looked at him quizzically and I said what did you say to me? I raised my voice and said: are you threatening me? I wanted to make sure every one would notice. As I did this, he waved a cop over without questioning the cop took me out. I went peacefully and this is how it went for everyone that was a g dot, op lanyard person in that room. That night, when I got kicked out just like with everybody else, I got thunderous applause jeering at me, just like everybody else. That should not happen to legal, partisan observers that have the right to.
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