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Pollster predicts Trump will be reelected in close race

2020-10-20 | 🔗
The Trafalgar Group's Robert Cahaly explains his election poll outlook on 'Hannity.'
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About Hunter Biden and his scandal this weekend, more blatant dishonest, a Biden ad in Michigan features a bar owner struggling to keep his business afloat during the pandemic. Well, thats. Actually, a wealthy millionaire tech investor who supported governor Whitmores stay at home order. Joining us now is one of the only pollsters in the country predicted in twenty. Sixteen that Donald Trump would win. Michigan and Pennsylvania Robert Good to see you you predicted it would be as close as it was in twenty. Sixteen, you predicted it accurately.
I have you right now: Wisconsin one point lead for Biden, Michigan, one point lead for Trump Florida trumping up. We two Pennsylvania Biden up by one Ohio trump up by four. We have North Carolina, the President up by a point and a half Minnesota is a dead heat dead even and the President winning Georgia, which other pollsters do not have. What are you seeing that others are not seeing? What we have noticed is that these polls are missing the hidden Trump vote, the shy trump voter. There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people for the president that they are not interested in sharing their opinions on the telephone
opinions on the telephone. We have seen people be harassed and have their houses torn up for expressing political opinions that are not in line with the politically correct establishment. If you are not trying to give them a poll, they can participate in with a lower threshold to be anonymous. You wont get honest answers. There is a reluctance. There has been hostility, people who wear a maga hat, they are open to attacks and people are open to attacks and people are afraid to put up lawn signs. This would tell me this is a very close race. We are two weeks out.
We have one more debate on Thursday night. Certainly this ever growing scandal might play an impact, or will it not, if can be shown that Joe Biden lied when he didnt know about Hunter Biden, making millions from Russia and Ukraine and China and elsewhere? Would that have an impact on the race? It certainly could right now its mainly the conservative media and creating its own scandal, its own scandal. The online providers and mainstream media are acting like its not happening. People are seeing a level of corruption being hidden its, not something anybody experienced before. I think, if the president uses it effectively in the debate when a more bipartisan audience is
paying attention and puts him on the spot, I think Biden might crack like he did in the primaries. If that happens, the mainstream media will have to cover it. You see this intensity with early voting in a lot of states. Right now I dont see a lot of passion for Joe Biden. I see a lot of passion for Donald Trump and then you have a lot of trump haters. You mentioned big tech companies. I thought them as part of the group and the media and everybody in the democratic establishment in that group. How do we read all of the early voting and the change in voting laws that has been happening in the last one hundred days, its very confusing we are having court decisions.
I warned about corruption in Pennsylvania. Then there was a court ruling on Monday. They brought vote stealing to an Arta in parts of Pennsylvania. Its great concern right now. What we see are people voting on election day seem to be for the president. We have been digging around looking at the low propensity voters. They are clearly in favor of trump. These are people who only voted once or twice in the last twenty years we see a strong enthusiasm for them to turnout and they are not being measured. I started in radio in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven I am in my 25th year at Fox Joe Biden, is in hiding in his basement half of the month of September. Fourteen days to go,
Joe Biden was off Saturday. Joe Biden did one event on Sunday. He is off yesterday today tomorrow and most of the day on Thursday until the debate, you obviously love politics, and you are a keen observer of presidential politics. You have ever seen anything like it. Do you agree with me that some sort of calculation had to be made by the Biden campaign? They are better off keeping him away from campaigning. I have never seen anything it like in my life, your thoughts, I agree, it doesnt seem like an accident. Hillary Clinton talked about a three a dot m phone. Callism wonder: if is a noon. Phone call is a problem here. If you have had to make
a final prediction, how do you predict this race goes when we will know based on if your mail in ballots have a post mark ten days after we will count it in some states. I see the president winning with a minimum and going up based on how big this under current is as to when we know, I wont try to predict. This is Nate Silver, which the Liberal NEWS as a holy grail. They are showing a significant increase in the number of African Americans and Hispanic Americans supporting the president. Do you see that translating into no votes for the president, absolutely
across the battleground states? We see a significant number in the high to mid teens among the african american Vote and Biden, not getting anywhere near the eighty percent. He needs hispanic north of thirty five percent and even.
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