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President Trump joins 'Hannity' in an exclusive interview

2020-10-08 | 🔗
President joins Sean Hannity to discuss his health, the latest on the presidential debates and more.
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Liberty and live in nationally syndicated radio host joining us now live from White House President Donald Trump. Mr President, thank you for being with us. First, an obvious question: how are you feeling? How is the first lady feeling- and I want to get into your comments- that you would make regeneron and therapeutics free for the american people, but first, how are you doing really good and the first lady is doing really good and I thought Mark was fantastic and I love your show. Okay, if have you been tested, since your campaign and your doctor, Sean Connolly, put out that you will be medically safe and cleared for safe return to public engagements by Saturday. Five full days have you been tested recently yeah, I just saw the doctors today, they think im in great shape. Did you test negative? I will tell you. I took this regeneron.
Its phenomenal Eli Lilly has something very comparable and its a whole new day, and if you go back a few months, nobody ever even thought about this stuff. We came up with it, but im going to have it delivered to every hospital. We have six sick people with the covid for the China virus, as we call it and we are going to make people better. I went in could have left a day later, im telling you Sean its incredible thats regeneron, but again, Eli Lilly has something similar. The kind of things we are coming up with now are incredible: remdesivir, but thats a little bit different works much differently actually, but these things are absolutely incredible. I think im going to try doing a rally on Saturday night if we have enough time to put it together, but we want to do a rally, probably in Florida on Saturday night. It might come back and do one in Pennsylvania, the following night and its incredible whats going
on, I feel so good. Have you had a test since her diagnosis a week ago? Well, what were doing is probably the test will be tomorrow, the actual test, because theres no reason to test all the time, but they found very little infection or virus. If any, I dont know if they found any, I didnt go into it greatly with the doctors. We have these great doctors at Walter Reed, but you do rely on them. They are really fantastic talents and they came in from Johns Hopkins, also and other places. I saw so many doctors looking over me. I think im the most analyzed human being in the world right now, but we have the head people at not only Walter Reed, which is incredible the job they do, but also Johns Hopkins and other hospitals. I think theyre amazed at how quickly this point. Frankly, let me ask you: the Debate Commission said earlier
tonight that their decision is not going to be reversed. Even if you get a full healthy, go ahead from all of your doctors and follow the CDC guidelines, how did they get to unilaterally decide that without consulting with you or former vice president Bidens campaign, even I didnt even want to use them. Last time I had a big problem, my mikes, when I had three debates with Hillary, and I think the first debate and I think the first debate they excuse me on the first debate. They oscillated the mic, oscillated it very, very seriously and actually apologized to me. I said whats this all about they were Quentin people, and I said we ought to just do the debates ourselves. We ought to just do it ourselves and I pick you know: im the if the guy was choking like a dog, he couldnt answer the questions and he was choking like a dog and Chris kept
saying it. Now we have another one. I didnt know this, but the other one is from C span and he is a never trumper and I think he said he worked for Biden at one point is of the people we get and thats okay, because ive had some bad ones over the years and ive got an unblemished record. I think in the debating world, according to the polls. If you look at fifteen debates last time- and they say I won them all against very talented people in some cases, but I will say this that it is its a very sad thing now you have this debate. Commission is a joke. Take a look at the letter. They wrote four years ago. They were isolating my MIKE. They were turning it up and down. When I was speaking to Hillary Croke and Hillary, who turns out to be very crooked, look at all the stuff we found out on Obama and Biden entered, so we will see what happens. Im not interested in doing im. Not going to do a virtual
debate sit behind a computer screen that gives him the answers because they will be handing him the answers, his news conference. He does them and they give him the answer and they give him the he does it all the time he was choking like a dog, but Chris Wallace bailed him in he bailed him in or bailed him out. Let me ask you this: you have an opportunity to challenge Joe Biden directly. His campaign can make the decision to go forward with a debate, get any health check that they want and follow through and have two debates, and you could agree upon the roles if you dont need a debate commission to do that, I guess you have the ability to challenge Joe Biden to such a debate. Are you doing that tonight? Well, I might I will do it read three or show weve got a lot of them. Tucker youre, going to get me killed all the crosstalk listen. This is a disgrace. Whats going on now I find out the guy thats. Doing it from C span is a never trumper, but I dont mind that look at the people ive had in the past mile was was won. The debate
I had Martha her hatred was so incredible. I couldnt believe it, but I beat Hillary in that debate easily. I dont mind that its, not even that but im not going to sit behind a computer and have somebody feed him answers, because he has no idea because he wont be president for three months before the wonderful Kamala takes over with her shes, the most liberal person shes, not a socialist. She is a step beyond socialism, as you know, wanted to think of the vice. What did you think of last night? Its debate, sir? I thought MIKE was great. I dont mean because he is with me and is my friend. I thought it was great hes, a calm person. We are really a good combination. A lot of people have said that for a long time, hes a calm person hes a good person, and he was just he couldnt believe some of the things she was saying and he really didnt. He couldnt believe it. What she was saying they live. They lie so much like fracking him and her for a year. Whatever
the democrat debate we are against, Fracking Biden says we will never ever see fracking and you know Et Cetera, Et Cetera right, so he gets the nomination he has to center over a little bit. We want to go fracking, we will be fracking and her too, even her shes a super, but then they get beat up by AOC Bus three. You never said that before now, the press gives them a pass. The reason they give him a pass because its fate, the news, is fate. The enemy of the people and the press gives them a pass. If I ever did that, I would be excoriated. Let me ask you about the issue that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to answer. That is packing. The United States Supreme Court, which would be a change that hasnt happened in one hundred and fifty years. Terrible thing and Joe Biden literally said today, and I
was I honestly thought last night, Kamala Harris would have a different answer. I thought when MIKE Pence challenged her, but she was going to say no that they would not support it. There are nonanswers revealing that Joe Biden, one further today and said youll know my position on court packing the day after the election whats your reaction to that. I think it was a terrible thing to say I think its so disrespectful to the people and who should have said something- and you know say to the best of my knowledge. This is probably what I would do. I think its. I think what he said was so disrespectful to the process and to the people it. What he said then was just disgraceful, but what that means really is that theyre going to do it, because, obviously that means one hundred percent thats. What theyre going to do. They are going to end the filibuster and theyre going to do things that you wouldnt have thought ive been fighting the filibuster with Mitch for a long time, because I said Mitch, theyre going to do it if they ever got in Schumer would
do that on day one. I agree that what they did was right. You know you take a look at what Mitch and some very good republican senators, because its good for the country- but I said, Heres the problem if they ever got in if they won, this would be the first move they make and the filibuster the nuclear option as they call it not a week, will go by probably not a day will go by, but again Harry Reid. Did it thats why we have so many judges? I want to thank you very much Harry Reid, because Harry Reid, he ended the filibuster and im going to have three hundred judges by the time I finished three hundred its a record by the end of the first term. Think of that, its a record by the end of the first term, I will have three hundred judges just about give or take a few, a couple and its all, because think of it, its all because of Harry Reid and a lot of good work by a lot of good Republicans, including Mitch
dont, you think, or do you think that the people of this country need to know whether Joe Biden, if he were elected president, if you attack the courts, whether or not he would support statehood for places like d dot c, whether or not he would support ending the filibuster, whether or not even maybe pursue a constitutional amendment to abolish the electoral college? To me, these are fundamental questions that he is refusing to answer. What is you are? What is your answer to his nonanswer and the media? I think hes answered less than one hundred questions, since this whole campaign has started, which I think makes these two debates that are forthcoming even more important than any average presidential election year. Hes got a lot of nonanswers. I mean look, look at the second amendment. You never talk about. Second amendments:
he wants to take away your guns, one hundred percent, he put Beto, you know he turned out to be. He was exposed by TED Cruz and me. I think I helped a lot too, but he was exposed as a clown is much worse than that. But I want to be nice because its a nice, you know evening show, but he was exposed as a clown. He wants to take away your guns hes, going to take away your second amendment. What he asks him about. The second amendment anymore. Do you notice that the second amendment is very important, its a big thing? We campaigned on it I protected. If I want president, you wouldnt have a second amendment right now and Biden. Nobody talks about life anymore, pro life. Is he pro life? No hes, not pro life. You know. What is he? Why dont? You ask him a question. He doesnt want to talk about it, but he endorsed a governor of Virginia who not only executed a
baby, late term abortion but executed a baby because the baby can be born, and then you can kill the baby and hes totally in favor of that- and I can tell you your pro life groups are they are in mass? This is this: is there one shot bebecause whats going on so bad, its so evil? The governor of Virginia is that we will execute the baby after the baby is born. You talk about late term abortion. This is early term execution and its a very, very bad thing, but you dont ever hear anybody talking about pro life. Pro choice with Biden. Did you ever hear it? I havent heard it very rarely. Do you hear it? I dont think you would know how to discuss it, but very importantly, second amendment they just dont discuss the second amendment hes going to take your guns away. So everybody with a gun. You cant vote for him because youre not going to have your guns. At the same time they want to
defund the police. So youre not going to police protection and by the way you cant have a gun. So when one of these maniacs breaks into your house at night, because there are no cops around you, dont have a gun to protect yourself. Thats, a great combination and the suburbs are going to fall. A lot of people talk about the women of the suburbs right women of the suburbs. They do or dont like Trump I dont know, but what ive done is incredible for the suburbs the suburbs are over. As you know, the suburbs will become more unsafe than the cities run by the Democrats, and so I think I should do very well with suburban women because im the one thats protecting them, both in terms of law and order and in terms of zoning. They want to build low income housing right next to your house, as the american dream is destroyed destroyed, but they dont talk to Biden about this. They dont talk to him about law and order. I said to him the other night mention the words law and order. He wouldnt do it.
He wouldnt do it. I said mention the word law and order go ahead. He wouldnt do it and then, of course, Chris Wallace came in to protect him. Let me ask you this, Mr President, if I may I played at the beginning of a show, we dont have a lot of time left. I wont play it again, Joe Biden twice in the debate that he had with you said he will eliminate the trumps tax cuts now hes saying only on people, four hundred thousand dollars or more. But I will let you explain it. He says hes, not against fracking, but I have him saying he will illuminate fracking twice and we played that tape. He has repeatedly said and Kamala Harris last night, falsely have claimed that you have yet to once condemned its a promise. Yet I showed multiple instances when you have done just that: th NEO Nazis, David, Duke White Nationalism, disavowing David DU
to spread that falsehood your reaction because they dont seem to get called out on the media on the fact that what they are saying is false and I condemn the people on the left like Antifa, that are burning down your cities all summer long long without any control whatsoever. Theyre all Biden, people, meaning not Biden Biden- is not smart enough to know what it even is, but they are of that philosophy and I condemn them very strongly very, very strongly its not just the right, its the right, its the left, but the left has been a problem for the long time. Antifa has been a big big problem and I see Witmer today shes complain, but it was our Justice Department that arrested the people she was complaining about. It was my justice department that arrested them, but instead she goes and does her political act and she keeps her state closed. Although we just won the big case, as you know, to open up Michigan, because what shes doing is a horrible thing to the people,
the churches are closed. The schools are closed and the whole state is closed and the people are being hurt very badly in the form of drinking and suicide and depression. Its very sad thing, but no Joe Biden, wants to raise taxes and very sadly, if you take a look, he wants to raise taxes, but he says is going to end our tax cut. People are getting actually much more MIKE handled the great two thousand. It was actually much more than two thousand and child tax credits, which is the thousand dollars a child, but he wants to take all that away. So, therefore, if you do nothing else, youre raising taxes by the largest percentage in the history of our country, if he terminated my tax cuts, which is one of the reasons that our economy has done so great even now in this pandemic, which hopefully we around and return- and we have incredible cures and a lot of therapeutics and the vaccines are going to be coming very soon but ill. Tell you what I took it its incredible to me. I viewed it as a cure, its incredible and we are going
to get it to everybody free of charge, its going to hospitals its starting very soon. The military is going to be delivering it, but hes looking to do big, big tax cuts. Big big tax increases, like at a level thats, never been seen Nobodys ever gotten the cuts that I got. I got the biggest tax cuts ever given, as you know, Sean better than probably most but hes going to end those tax cuts and reverse them, and now people are going to pay. Two thousand must child tax credits, its going to be a disaster for our country. Its going to put our country into a depression in your 401ks are going to go down the tubes and your jobs are going to go away and are going to have a depression, the likes of which our country has never seen before, and that possibly includes one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine. Mr President, there has been articles out and I would assume that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris not giving their position on court packing would
be a national ad. I assume them both on record saying they would ban. Fracking would be an ad that would run and a lot of cycles in Ohio and Pennsylvania, their website and Texas. The green new deal and Joe Biden saying he would spend trillions of dollars on it and pledging that what with the new green deal, look like in your view, if implemented as promised by both Joe Biden and as a Cosponsor Kamala Harris in the U Dot S Senate its a deal that was conceived of by not smart people, AOC, plus three and others. I dont even think they had any experience in the environment. This was a deal conceived of and the real price is one hundred dollars trillion thats more money than this country could make in a hundred years. If things went well, okay, I mean they literally want to take buildings down and rebuild them with tiny little windows. Okay, little windows, so you cant, see
out cant, see the light and the whole thing is so crazy. Its such a crazy thing and take a look and Biden agreed to this with crazy burning, because you know they have the manifesto theyve agreed to most of these things and its going to cost more money. Our country will be a ninth world country, not a federal to world country. A ninth world country look at whats happening with the rolling blackouts in California, look at where California is going to have to ration water. You know why, because they send billions of gallons of water out to sea out of the Pacific, because they want to take care of certain little tiny fish that arent doing very well without water. To be honest with you, but its a very sad thing: thats happening no common sense, even the fires in California. I talk about you need. I was with Governor Newsom I get along with him very well. We disagree on a lot of things, but I get along with him
number one. You should let water come down from the north and accept it instead of throwing it out to the Pacific, but you also have to have forest management. We send them so much money I dont have to, but I want to help California, but they have the biggest forest fires because they dont manage their land. They dont have separators. They have trees that have been laying on the ground that are stone, cold, dead dry like matchstick, and you throw cigarette butt on them between the leaves in the trees, everything catches on fire, and you lose two hundred thousand acres in a short period of time. They got to manage their forests and if they manage their forests, youre going to not see the forest fires. Mr President, the Heritage Foundation identified nearly a thousand convictions on voting fraud. There have been. You have expressed many times your concern about some of the changing laws and rules and have spoken negatively about these changes. But with that said, a
lot of states have now begun early voting. Some will be starting in a week or two. Will you encourage your supporters to get out and vote early? Well, I want them to vote, but I will say this absenteeism, okay, because absentee ballots. Excuse me absentee ballots are fine because absentee ballots, you request, you ask for a ballot and you request, and that said absentee ballots are absolutely fine. You request them, you fill them in. You send them back in, but these unsolicited ballots universal, unsolicited ballots, Sean its going to be a disaster, the likes of which weve never seen. We will never have seen an election like whats going to take place. Thousands of ballots all over the country are being reported, some thrown in garbage cans. My name on them, some thrown in trays in a river at whats, going on, is absolutely crazy. We have people watching, we have:
u DOT S attorneys watching. We have sheriffs watching. We have? U dot S marshals watching youre talking about millions of ballots are being sent out with that said, its going to be a big tremendous fraud. Excuse me: would you prefer that your supporters, if thats the system and thats what the law is, would you prefer that they get out early also so that theres not a big deficit heading into election day yeah? Well, my supporters are going to be mostly people that vote. They go to the vote. You know the old fashioned way go to the voting, booth and vote. First of all, we should have voter, I dot d, all over the country. When you buy something you have voter, I dot d to get into the Democratic national convention. You had to have voter, I dot d. I had to have it four years ago, but to get into vote you dont need voter idea. In many places, Indiana has a great system. You have many places where you
do have it, but we should have voter. I dot d, universal voter, I dot d. When you go to votee, they should see who you are make sure that its not fraudulent, but this will be one of the greatest Roger went and most fraudulent elections ever because of this whole thing, theyre sending out millions and millions and millions of ballots. Where are they sending them? Who is sending them where they going where they coming back from? How many are fraudulent? Are they being thrown away? Are they being sold? Are they being harvested its a terrible thing Sean? Despite that, I think we are going to have a tremendous victory. I saw some polls just now and some real polls, not the fake polls where they put out numbers like at CNN and ABC Washington, Post Wall Street Journal NBC its the same stuff as I had its not nearly as bad as it used to be. It used to be much worse, believe it or not hard to believe when you think of it, but im. Looking at polls, we are doing great in Ohio, doing great in Iowa doing great in many many places many places,
then you come home. You turn on the television. You say im four down, I cant believe it, but they are fake polls last question and I only have about a minute for you to answer that. Is we now discovered that the CIA have briefed? Then, President Obama, on a plan, that Hillary Clinton concocted to distract from her email, server scandal and concoct this Russia hoax. We also learned that she paid. We already knew she paid for the dirty russian misinformation dossier and at the source for steals dossier, was a known Russi operative for over ten years and they still went forward with it. In the forty seconds, we have left your reaction to this new news. We caught them spying on our campaign. This is treason. We caught them trying to take down a duly elected administration, Slash president, and we have all the evidence. Now we have to see what the law enforcement is going to do
with it, but we caught them spying as sure as you are sitting there. I assume youre sitting, but as sure as youre sitting there we caught them spying on our campaign. You know that almost better than anybody and its something when you see the New York Times Washington Post, get full of surprises. They got everything wrong right. We caught them spying on our campaign. We caught them trying to take down a duly elected, and then they talk about. We want to peaceful transition of power. Peaceful MIKE Pences. Best answer was that answer last night they spent three and a half years trying to terminate a presidency. Mr President, we wish you and the first lady and every American that has contracted Covid a very speedy recovery, very positive news on Regeneron and Eli Whitney and therapeutics and operation wart.
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