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President Trump on Joe Biden's latest coronavirus gaffe: It's not a permissible error

2020-06-25 | 🔗
Sean Hannity tours Fincantieri Marinette Marine in Marinette, Wisconsin with President Trump.
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Mental alertness to run this country- that is now a fair question by the way here, is my exclusive behind the scenes tour with President Trump at the shipbuilding facility. Earlier today, when you look at the idea of open borders, sanctuary cities and states, he wants to raise taxes, everything is free and then the green new deal, which would eliminate the lifeblood of the worlds economy. The Democrats want open borders, think of it. Even if you look at the virus, we are talking about. Take a look at that Mama open borders. You go to San Diego, where we just broke a beautiful new stretch of wall. The fact effected like Nobodys ever seen before, because the stretch just to the left of San Diego right next to the wall is heavily infected in Mexico. So they want to have open borders. They want to have
sanctuary cities, they want to have no guns, no second amendment and they dont want to have any energy. They are probably against. Everything. Probably against wind, kills birds. How do you not take control of the city and allow anarchist to take over with us? We are not only gotten very tough. We have one hundred people. I said how come nobody knows that we are law enforcement people. I said there right, not public relations people, but we should let people know we have arrested a lot of people and based on the monuments ACT which is already in existence. It continues lets see now. People are just learning about it, but when they hear ten years ever since I announced that last week, its been very modified by comparison, so they want to knock out a monument horse statue they get ten years in prison.
I Sean Joe left his bunker for five minutes and had another gaffe said. One hundred and twenty million people now have died from coronavirus. I dont know whether to laugh or cry did he say that so thats, a third of our population? That would be off by quite a lot it I mean he said that thats too bad. I dont make things up im, not fake news. I do real news its too bad, but I want to be a nice guy. I love people. My most important job is to run this country. I built it once so great now we are doing it again, its going to be better than ever, but Heres the thing this is serious business. We cant have somebody thats a mistake: thats, not a mistake. That is a serious error when he says he is running for the: U Dot S
Senate thats, a serious error when he says I am going to be Joe Biden very little coverage thats, not like a slipup great. If serious error, when you just told me that I hadnt heard that that just happened thats a serious error that is not a permissible type of error. There is something going on and its wonderful to say. I feel sorry or thats too bad, because I do except we are talking about the presidency of the United States and it is just not acceptable last question if you could just pan around our camera and look at the sheer size of this incredible ship. This is one of the ones that actually isnt in the contract and what happens is the ships are all happening now under this administration in Sean Capture, tax
promises Supreme Court justices, youll have four hundred plus miles of wall built by election day very easily. It was a little bit after the end of the year way ahead of schedule, and this is despite the fact that the Democrats didnt want to have any wall built because they wanted open borders. Think about it. You take the virus and you have open borders. We would be in trouble like youve, never seen, because you know the trouble that Mexico, Scott and the south american countries look at Brazil and whats happening there. We have among the lowest number of break ins that weve ever had going in from the southern border. Plus Mexico has twenty seven thousand troops guarding us guarding that people dont come in. This is some difference between the way we had it and the way it is now we have a strong border, strong everything last question: how many jobs will be created?
Probably ten thousand. We will ultimately go to ten thousand jobs. I thought those jobs are never coming back. This is a great state and these craftsmen, these boatbuilders, are phenomenal. I make one young man, his grandfather, his father and him are going to start working here, but it was closed and was ready to close after forty or fifty people it was going to close, and now it is a.
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