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President Trump on supporting law enforcement, Joe Biden's left-wing manifesto and bizarre gaffes

2020-07-23 | 🔗
Part 2 of President Trump's exclusive interview with Sean Hannity on 'Hannity.'
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But they just dont want to ask, may be for political reasons, but they dont want to ask. It is a disgrace. Let me ask you, Mr President, I know a lot has been made over Joe Biden and his comments he made. I know he backed off of it. He said I said it before the other way. I dont know if he just does not remember what somebody wrote in USA today he did say the police have now become the enemy and suppose to help people, then a follow up was. Would you support re appropriating the money, and he said yes now not using the term Democrat seem to walked back. The word define appeared, reallocation. That would be the same thing. Let me play it to remind the audience what he said: surplus military equipment for law enforcement they dont need that, for the last thing you need is a humvee coming in like the military invading they dont want anybody to become the enemy they are supposed to be
protecting these people. My generic point is that, can we agree that we can redirect the funding? Yes, absolutely one of the things we also need to be doing is fundamentally changing the way and theyve been pushing it for years changing the way we deal with our present system. Mr President, I can remind people that you did criminal Justice Reform Biden Vice President Barack, they did not. You did police reform, they did not. You set record after record of low unemployment, they had a thirteen million, more Americans to food stamps and eight million in poverty. The labor participation rate in use at record after low for every demographic group. We have opportunities zones, the biggest commitment in terms of length of time to historically black colleges. They didnt do any of those things. Your answer to what Joe Biden now he is adopting the position of the outcome of the police. Are the enemy never set a good word.
Bernie AOC green new deal agenda, come up pledging trillions of taxpayer dollars and add to that Beto, Orourke and Pelosi, Schumer and Biden, one hundred and twenty five years in the swamp, your reaction to his team. It is all true, but one of the things you mention- and he mentioned- was the surplus military equipment. When I came in my soon as I came in I distributed to all of the police departments all over the nation, we had hundreds of millions of dollars and sometimes new, but it was never going to be used. It was sitting in warehouses all over the. U dot S, I delivered it all to the police free of charge all to the police. It was growing dust, it was just sitting there, I guess paying rent or whatever they were doing. I know these massive warehouses. I got it all out to the police, they were so thankful. You know a lot of. It was protective equipment. They didnt want to do it because they thought the police look too strong. They were your sending a strong
signal to the police that it was protecting the police, but there was a lot of protective capability and it was really a amazing to me. They wouldnt deliver it and they wouldnt. Do it and ive got notes. So many notes from the heads of the police department and even from the cops just guys on the beat thinking for the equipment, we were never going to use it growing old and growing dusty, so its a whole different way of thinking. You know when you talk about the Bernie Sanders thing. I think what Joe Biden and I dont think it was him. I think it was the radical left people controlling him like a puppet. I dont think it was him. I dont think he knows what we are talking about, but when we talk about, Biden has a manifesto that he agreed to. I call it a manifesto with Bernie Sanders for open borders and things you wouldnt even believe these are left wing at a level
that I dont think Bernie ever talked about to the same extent, you would think this is a negotiation that Bernie would be brought to the right a little bit. I think Bernie went further left Biden agreed to all of this stuff. Let me ask you, Sir ive been in talk radio. Thirty years since I began that journey. I have been blessed to work at Fox now im in my 25th year. Here politics is a passion of mine. Usually you have candidates, youre, probably an exception. What you said in twenty. Sixteen is what you did in many ways. People figured out. You are very predictable in the sense. If you say it, you mean it come in my view, but usually people run to the base for the primary ten they ran to the Senate. Joe Biden has adopted Bernies radical wisdom. We are talking trillions of dollars and redistribution higher taxes,
and then I mention Beto Orourke and then Schumer Pelosi Biden, one hundred and twenty five years white in this case, do you believe he is going harder left than any candidate? I have ever seen in my lifetime for sure, because I think he is afraid of the people on his left. I think that when things are radicalized people- and I think, hes gone so far- hes given Bernie Bernie everything Bernie can even believe it Bernie is saying. Come I cant believe what we forgot. This was a negotiation done very quickly and today I saw President Obama with him. Remember this, I wouldnt be there if it werent for those too, they did a good job. You know IRAN, but I ran against what they did and I won. Nobody campaigned harder than President Obama. Somebody said Obamas coming in here. That is okay. We beat him last time. I think he campaign harder than Hillary Clinton did. If you want to know the truth, I talk about air force. One
Obama was all over the place, but the fact is Biden and Obama im here im in the White House because of them. If they did a good job, people forget they did a good job and, except for the China virus that came in, we were setting every record you could set for unemployment, poor, the stock market, every single record you could imagine, and then what we did. We rebuilt the military. We got rid of regulations at a level no administration in eight years or in one case more than that no administration has come close. We appointed you know we will have almost an eight could be more almost three hundred federal judges appointed by the end of my first term here. That is a record Nobodys ever done anything like that and two Supreme Court judges, great ones. Let me go to Joe Biden. I argue and ive watched this and witnessed this my whole professional life.
I think that the job you have, I believe, regardless of who is president, is the hardest job in the world. You have a lot of burdens on your shoulder, anybody that is president and I think, when they asked Redken in nineteen eighty four and question whether or not he had the mental alertness, the strength, the stamina to do the job. It was a fair question and he answered it in one line. The second debate against Mondale. Let me play the greatest hits of Biden and then Biden from yesterday, and I want your take on what is going on with Joe Biden lets play it first phone ringing, I dont know whos phone. That is its been two months good evening. Thank you for tuning in
look tomorrow is Tuesday, and I want to thank you all im telling you im rushing ahead. Arent, I all men and women were created by you, know the thing my name is Joe Biden and im a democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Do you agree with me, go to Joe three thousand and thirty three? Oh, we choose truth over facts, play the radio and make sure the television excuse me make sure you have a record player on at night. Make sure the kids hear words. Kids are just as talented as white, KIDS Donald Trump as opposed its, not hypothetical. Why? In gods, name, someone clipping coupons in the stock market pay a lower tax rate than someone who, in fact, like I said to come a schoolteacher
im. Sorry im confused, who I am talking to, but anyway, whoever it is. The hospital bent down and whispered in my ear go home and get me pillows and make sure actually, actually nothing actually taught you cant, do it in the covid time, but they actually breathe in my nostrils. To make me move wearing a mask is not a political statement. This is more patriotic. Why do you wear the mask? So you dont make somebody else sick, sick? What is with this guy Steve? That is our time. Mr President, im not a doctor and I wont play one I think Joe Biden has aged dramatically since he left office. He doesnt seem very alert. He does seem to be protected and hiding and interviews shut off by handlers.
What is your reaction, sir? In all fairness, I know people ninety ninety one. Ninety two sharp as a tack, Bernie Marcus, is an example home depot and others numerous. But you know it is hard to comment on somebody. He is an opponent. You have to be very sharp im dealing with the heads of these countries and every one of them is a world class display. If you are not one hundred percent on your game, if you are not one hundred percent, sharp plus youve got a problem. I looked at what we have in this country. I came in and I guessed it from before, but after I saw what was going on with horrible trade deals, horrible military deals money being spent sent out like water. You have seen what I have done with NATO one hundred and forty dollars billion, but really much more than that it increases every year. Countries are now paying for what we are doing. Someone fair, so many different things that you dont have enough time.
I could go all night with it, but you have to be on your game. Sharp, tough, and if you are not these guys will take you to the cleaners and they will take you to the cleaners like you have never seen before. It is so easy and he wasnt he wasnt the best in his heyday lets. Not kid ourselves. Everybody knows that senators. It is best that he.
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