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President Trump on 'tremendous hate' at DNC, Republican National Convention plans, COVID response

2020-08-20 | 🔗
Part 3 of President Trump's exclusive interview with Sean Hannity.
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You cant have its impossible to have a fair election like this. Can you give us a preview of the Democratic national convention this week? Will you be watching Joe Biden tonight? I will I will watch. I watched a lot of hate last night and the night before tremendous hate. What about a preview of your convention that starts Monday? I think we will have more live than what they did its boring. When you do tapes, I will go, live and do mine live Michelle Obama taped it long before she had no idea who the vice presidential nominee was didnt get scolded. She could not even tape it near the date. She had certain numbers wrong. Interesting numbers were way off.
She taped it obviously a long time before the evening. It was aired. They said, wasnt it wonderful. She had a lot of hate, a lot of anger. They thought they would win an election and they didnt. I got to a point. By the end of the term, I will have appointed more Supreme Court judges than anyone has done. They thought it would be a victory and places like Wisconsin. When the Democrats win, they ended up not winning and Michigan and Pennsylvania and North Carolina and Florida week and other places. It was quite an evening our numbers, the best we can count since March Joe Biden answered thirty four questions from the media. 34.
You are up to two thousand at least answering questions. The media is letting him get away with it. The other thing is his record. Eight years, the final stats: thirteen million more Americans in food stamp, eight million more in poverty, worst recovery since the 40s fifty one year low in terms of new housing and more debt in forty three administrations before them combined. How do they allow him not to answer questions? He hasnt answered a question since MID July. I am just saying I am answering questions all day long. Every time I pass reporters. What do you want to know? They are so nice to him these reporters? Am they will ask him the simplest questions,
some of the answers he read off the teleprompter. He knows what is the question is and read the answer off the teleprompter. There is something going on its not fair to our country, the issue of the coronavirus. I know they have been saying the one time Joe was asked about it, everything he said he would do you had already done. I think the discussion ten days after the first identified case of coronavirus in this country January 21st and eight months later in the final stages of human trials, for the vaccine trials for the vaccine, but he called it hysterical fear
mongering the largest medical mobilization. In spite of what Governor Cuomo, your friend says, what did that? One decision mean to the country. In your view, everyone was against it. I talked to people that were in the room when you made that the room when you made that decision Wuhan was infected and I put a ban. Dr Fauci said I saved hundreds of thousands of lives. I put a ban on Europe, France and Spain. We saved hundreds of thousands of lives, we all saved millions of lives. By closing up, we had the greatest economy in history of any country, blowing away China and everybody. I had to make a decision. We closed it. We saved millions of lives
when you see the number of one hundred and seventy, as opposed to lets, say two point: five million lives. Can you imagine it would be ten to twenty times more, we closeed it. We learned that the elderly we have to protect, especially the elderly, who have problems with the heart or diabetes. We saved millions of lives by making that decision. Now we want to open up, and the Democrats have to open up their states and cities. They have to open up the schools and lets play football. How confident are you in the final phase? You have all of these great companies now final stage: testing thirty thousand people volunteered in Nevada, for the vaccine, Nevada for the vaccine. Where are we with that testing
the vaccine? Would you get it if the numbers come back on? Thirty thousand? Is that something you would do with yourself? I would have no problem with it. We are in the phase three trials, thats years ahead of schedule. Normally its years before you are there. We have vaccine and therapeutics. We will have good news quickly. They are doing fantastically and doing great in Texas and really good in Arizona and Florida. This country has done a fantastic job. We have done a fantastic job. The people have been incredible. Could you imagine and Kamala Harris went after Joe Biden in that debate on the issue of race and his praise of the guy that filibustered the Civil Rights ACT,
he used the term racial jungle. Then his other comments. I will put you all back in chains and you aint black, and these outbursts, like are you a junkie, come on man? If you said these things, what do you make ever these outbursts that pop out of nowhere? I would not be here right now, the White House, you have a picture of it up there right now, a beautiful place, its a great place, its so important what it represents the greatness it represents. We need somebody that is going to do the job we brought back trade. We had the worst trade deals made by history and we made them into great deals. We are doing well, we got hit by the China plague, but we were rocking and we will be rocking again very very soon.
Mr President, we have never broken down sequence of a virus. Eight months in final three testing for a human virus. We will watch the Rnc and hope you enjoy watching your opponent.
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