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Project Veritas releases another batch of damning CNN recordings

2020-12-02 | 🔗
Founder James O'Keefe joins 'Hannity' with insight into leaked tapes exposing how CNN protects Democrats.
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Tonight, more explosive takes from inside fake news, CNN thats, Humpty Dumptys Network, at least by project, a very tough revealing how their network chief instructing his staff to cover news, thats bad for Joe Biden and Democrats. That would be an extension and arm at the Democratic Socialist Party. You can hear Zucker claiming that the president himself is a security threat. As always, we let you decide Trump continuing to undermine election integrity with baseless claims of fraud, hes continuing to do it. That leads to the question of whether or not trump himself is a national security threat. In light of what hes doing and in light of what hes done in the past,
a liberal MR potato, head saying they shouldnt reveal that Joe Biden lied about his sons, nefarious oversea dealings. He broke open a national business burial weve been covering this since Peter Schweizers, two thousand and eighteen release of secret empires. The funny thing is they stock us at this have stalkers full time, Hannity stalkers, full time Fox news stalkers. We are close Fox NEWS, rabbit hole of Hunter Biden, which I dont think outside of the world understood last night of the Wall, Street Journal reported that their review of all records showed no role for Joe Biden on the chinese deal. Obviously, we are not going with the New York Post story
right now on Hunter Biden. We are staying on the Burisma story. We have to be careful about that. I do think this media story. What in the world Maggie Haberman and Jake Sherman do tweeting that story. Lastly, to a senior VP at CNN, named Cynthia Hudson Cubans in South Florida searching because they are attracted to police wow. The cuban supporting Trump is the cuban supporting Trump is terrifying. Take a look trump, as you see communism, socialism, rhetoric as part of his hook for the Cubans in Miami. This is all the only reason they are supporting Trump its because of that narrative. That narrative ends with the fact that, sadly, I have to
say, theres a population thats very attracted to bullies in Florida, the Cubans are going to vote for Trump thats terrifying by the way theyre saying oh project. Obertos mightve broken the laws if they didnt have a problem: running tapes of Melania Trump thats right secretly recorded joining us now, CEO and founder James Okeefe with us. Thank you for sharing with Us James, its very clear they make. This comment about China, for example, Hunter Biden, doesnt have experience with China and private equity that we know they won a three and a half million dollar wire transfer. From the first lady of Moscow. We know he had no experience in oil or energy thats, not a story to them. Hearing the vice president of CNN say. Obviously, we shouldnt cover the New York Post
story, whats so obvious about it. Why is it obvious that we shouldnt report on something thats newsworthy related to the son of the vice President hearing Zucker say that your national security threat? If you look into evidence of voter fraud, we did that in Minnesota and Texas by the way we cant cash exchange for ballots. We talked about people buying elections. You are a national security threat. If you investigate, we are supposed to investigate. If this is in journalism, not any jurors domestic journalism, I know for the president of a news conglomerate ordering. His report is not to look into facts at the fact that sucker would call the police to threaten me with a rest for quoting him, I think maybe Zucker may have met his match. Maybe we are the only reporters who arent yes meant to him, like his troops on the phone calls at CNN by the way, if they ever run privately recorded tapes, did they ever run them over their fake news? Cnn? They did the Melania Trump
recordings. Like you said, if this isnt about that its not about journalism, ethics, John, you are in an independent guy, and so am I we go where people dont go. Nobody tells me what to do, and I know that you are someone who is not, and no one tells me what to do either. In twenty five years I havent been told what to do. When I said I dont have to let this show through management. We bet everything we do on this show show. Zucker is a little different hes telling these folks what they should not do. Hes telling his reporters, they are projecting onto us what they do if there, using that psychological projection technique and theyre, accusing me of doing what they do every day. Whats amazing, I said in two thousand and seven journalism is dead. Im a talk show im like a whole newspaper, weve done news, weve done investigative reporting. You are
aware of our work, vetting Obama and Biden and family corruption. We also give opinion, and we also do sports and culture. They say they are just news. It thats. The big lies that you are exposing here. They are lying Sean. I will tell you why people accuse me of editing, tapes or being unethical in response to that and response to sucker threatening me with the rest. We are going to release the raw tapes. We are going to release Rob recordings every day until Christmas we have over fifty calls they will wish. We had edited the tapes. We will release the full tapes twice a day and to show what these phone calls and well show you, how they manufacture, consent consent. We will have you.
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