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Project Veritas tapes expose CNN's blatant dishonesty

2020-12-03 | 🔗
Founder James O'Keefe tells 'Hannity' he will be releasing more tapes divulging CNN's deceitful practices
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All all right tonight, even more tapes from inside fake news CNN, exposing just how depraved deceitful dishonest they are. Jeff Zucker and his team of stenographers are really fixated on all things. Fox news and Hannity shamelessly coming up the Democratic Party exposed with AR they pretend to be news. They are not just listen to MR potato head actually attacking Americas mayor and lying to his staff, part of a disinformation campaign. So much for letting us report, you decide all caught on tape, theres a term for what Rudy Giuliani is, which is a useful idiot and then on the Rudy Giuliani story. This is a really important story. It gets tied to the Hunter Biden, misinformation campaign
thats. The way we do this. I know Washington is working on putting that altogether from Americas speech. One hundred and thirty, two useful idiot member of the FBI, the Dni, all agree Hunter Biden. Emails were not russian disinformation, they were all recipients of the the they got. The whole Russia conspiracy thing wrong lied to the american people for years and yeah Humpty Dumptys Network was CNN. They dont care, they buried the story because of bad for Joe and zero experience. Hunter weve been investigating Hunter and Joe Biden, corruption in Ukraine, since two thousand and eighteen in the book secret empires, but it couldnt be more clear. Fake news, CNN has flat out lied to the american people and say
they are news. They lied about the russian hoax. They lied about the dirty dossier. They never did the fives abuse story. They are the propaganda arm. They are blatantly biased and abusively so and hypocritical to the poor here. With reaction. Ceo James Okeefe anymore, word from their attorneys may have valid Dell. My violated law law enforcement. We havent heard from anybody anybody, James thats, not going anywhere people dont know they are being lied to. But these tape show a top down approach to media. They show him telling people what to cover what not to cover calling him a useful idiot there telling them for political reasons. Dont cover certain stories. If you go one direction, you lose your conscience, another direction, you lose your livelihood,
but there are brave people like the person we worked with, who are willing to be citizen journalists willing to expose these sorts of things in George Orwells book. He talks about the last man Winston. We need an army of these people reporting on our media, because CNN and places like CNN may have more power than all three branches of government. If they are working with Google and Facebook, if they are working to propagandize the masses we cant even get to all of this, he released other tapes. Today I mean yeah, we have tapes on hundred Biden, we have tapes on Rudy Giuliani. There is a tape where they are talking about how the NFL can run the government better than this current administration and whats shocking about all of these tapes, and we are going to start releasing the raw thats, the full raw tape of each phone call starting tomorrow December. Fourth, all the way up until Christmas, again, like an advent calendar two tapes a day each day,
what you see is total submission by suppose a journalists, the vice president to what zukers will is. He just says we are not going to cover this. This guy is an idiot dont cover the Hunter Biden story. Do what I say do what I say: total submission when thats, not what you are seeing here, you are seeing how the media actually works thanks for sharing. If you want to look at the raw footage, we will have more tapes as they become available in the days to come. You can expose and do news.
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