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Rapper 50 Cent endorses Trump after seeing Democrats' tax plan

2020-10-20 | 🔗
Former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker and radio host Larry Elder react on 'Hannity'
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One endorsement for President Trump. Fifty cent is endorsing President Trump and urging fans to vote for the presidents. Reelection no polling suggests that Donald Trump has jumped over ten points with young african american voters. Here with more former NFL player, Herschel Walker and a radio talk show host Larry. You have seen this with hispanic Americans and african American African Americans doubling or tripling numbers we got in twenty. Sixteen does that translate into votes absolutely its tough to beat historically
low black unemployment, its tough to do what Donald its tough to do. What Donald Trump is doing with illegal immigrants who take jobs from others? What President Trump has done for black colleges? He has a record. He can run on it and get trouble or triple support. He got in twenty sixteen Herschel Walker. If Donald Trump fought against integration of schools because he didnt want his kids going to schools, he called racial jungles. Do you think the media might cover that laughing? I think they would cover it non Shep
Non! Stop! Herschel Walker would not be his friend. I want everyone to it. Listen to me because I have not been offered a vice president job or Cabinet Nob job you better get out and vote Republican. As Lindsey Graham said, if you dont vote Republican, you wont recognize America. If you let the Democrats in control, your grandkids and kids wont recognize America, they dont like America. They will take your freedoms away. I wont stand for it, Larry! Look. What have you done campaigning for Donald Trump right thats? Why? I did the movie uncle Tom?
They are saying. Maybe we ought to rethink our allegiance to to rethink our allegiance to a party that advocates a welfare state, its the number one problem facing the country and Black America in particular. The left is not talking about this at all, Herschel Walker. How much heat have you gotten over supporting Donald Trump? Well, I really have not gotten any heat I had to educate some people, and most african Americans are being educated. They know the plan Biden wont work. I encourage everyone else to do.
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