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Rep. Andy Biggs says Trump's critics are trying to sow division with complaints over Mount Rushmore event

2020-07-03 | 🔗
President Trump set to kick off a historic July Fourth celebration at Mount Rushmore; reaction from civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs and Jenna Ellis, senior legal adviser to Trump 2020 campaign.
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Powerful things are happening, and our country is doing very well joining us now, with reaction, a senior legal advisor to trump two thousand and twenty Jenna Ellis along with Arizona congressman, Andy Biggs and Civil Rights attorney LEO to row. Thank you all for joining us here on this wonderful Friday night. I want to start with LEO want to start with you. Is there anything wrong with Donald Trump visiting one of the great monuments we have in this country and Mount Rushmore Jason? I am embarrassed to answer your question absolutely not and to celebrate our independence. This is a great place for the president to celebrate our nations birthday, but that tweet. I want people to hear this. The democratic party calling it a white supremacy, meeting the race card at its highest level and that came from the Democratic Party. They knew it and they want to find a racist. All they need to
do was go back to Joe Biden, insulting every african American that, if you dont vote Democrat and secondly, Kamala Harris calling Joe Biden a racist, the bottom line is simply this. You are a Democrat. You can be a racist, but the point here is you accuse the Republicans of being racist and there was no evidence of that whatsoever is embarrassing and I am embarrassed to be a Democrat tonight, Congressman Biggs. I want to go to you. Politicians wrap themselves in the flag, they do things like visit Mount Rushmore. We had Hillary Clinton visit Mount Rushmore. You had Barack Obama visit Mount Rushmore, you had Bernie Sanders visit Mount Rushmore. I never heard any of this from the Democrats had now. All of a sudden. This is some sort of white supremacy event. Donald Trump has had so much success and is living in their heads.
Youve got an iconic president, going to an iconic monument and hes, going to give an iconic speech about how great America is theyre, going to play the race card and yell and scream and bellyache. But the reality is this, what the president should be doing and if we were in a rational time I would say this is a time that he could emphasize a more perfect union, and this would typify that has opposed to the division. They are trying to sell. Jenna ive got to tell you you were with the Trump campaign when I was a member of Congress and the governor of South Dakota when she was serving in Congress. She told me about a meeting she had with Donald Trump when she very first went in there, two thousand and seventeen, and she said she invited Donald Trump said when I become the governor of South Dakota. I want you to come here for fourth of July and she said it was amazing. Have this great conversation with the president talking about? Hopefully, when I become
governor, you can come out and now it is coming to fruition, but the Democrats are trying to change the reality of what actually happened and how that invitation even started. It is such an amazing honor to be here with the president, and I think we will hear from him the Spirit of optimism and the American Spirit, because truly the truth on the founding of our country is not built upon perfect men, but that they served a perfect God and that our american optimism and the opportunity we have for Providence for liberty and prosperity is because of our founding principles and values. President Trump is such a citizen president, because he understands that he is bringing in that spirit of optimism and opportunity back to Americans im surrounded by thousands of people here who are so excited to be trump supporters. My dad and I were coming in
today. We saw all of the flags if you get out of the swamp, get out of the fake news media get out of Joe Bidens basement. You see. America loves president Trump because he has emboldened us with true and genuine leadership as the Republican Party, but even more as Americans, because we are built on that eternal truth and that recognition that we are all created equal and its only through that equality and prosperity that our principles and our rights have been endowed by God, our creator that then we can generally be so proud to be american. This is not a symbol of white supremacy. This is a symbol of imperfect men who recognize the truth. They are on the ground, they are in South Dakota, but this is just what seems like a daily string of the Democrats, telling good old fashioned Americans that what they do, what they believe in the mother country and patriotism, is wrong. At what point did the Democrats
overstep their bounds? I think Americans are tired of being told that you cant love America, and if you do theres something wrong with you, I think youre absolutely right. He will see a shift, because this democratic rhetoric does not sell to the general public whats wrong with loving God and country and putting America first. I will tell you the truth and be very honest. The Democrats do not want the president to succeed. They will do everything in their power to defeat this president, not because hes not accomplishing things. They are just power hungry and they are using the most vile thing. You can do race every day to portray Trump as a racist. Racist Donald Trump is not a racist. He is not. They need to stop playing the race card and give the american voters some policy and stop the race card. Its ridiculous part of what bothers
me and a lot of Americans is the hypocrisy because, like I said, Clinton and Obama and Bernie Sanders, no one ever even thought that this was part of being racist by going to Mount Rushmore for goodness sakes thats the biggest problem ive seen. The biggest exposure of the Democrats is that problem of hypocrisy, that they have youve got everything from this allegation, so its okay for Democrats to come, but a Republican cant, and you start laying that down on a whole series of violations of what I would call moral code of the United States in our country. Its okay for the Democrats to violate that moral code, but they are going to attack the president and the Republicans every way they can, and I think LEO is right. What happens? Is they dont have any kind of policy initiatives to make this
country a more perfect union? So what theyre going to do is castigate everybody else and attack those who love this country, who believe that we are founded on greatness and thats, where they are going to be that the hypocrisy is how they live and choose to campaign and do everything that they condemn. You want to know what they are doing. Look at what the Democrats are condemning us for thats what they are doing and thats the hypocrisy thats the evidence of the hypocrisy, one of the things the president mentioned before he got on air force. One this morning was the incredible jobs numbers that have come out in this economy: good news for the economy, but some of these other networks didnt even cover this. They didnt even mention it. They wanted to just play on the idea that this was some sort of white supremacy event. By going to Mount Rushmore thats, where its all ridiculous at the left will shape the narrative in any way
that they can to be anti trump, they dont want this economy to rebound or for President Trump to succeed. But we need to keep telling the truth, and the truth is that this president has built the greatest economy and the lowest unemployment, and that has been for minorities and all Americans, and he has built it once and he is going to rebuild it again. We are pushing through a very difficult time in american history and thats why he is a wartime president, but he will push through in leadership, and we have had so many other things in our nation that we have had to push through with courage and leadership in the Democrats want to hold that. They want to focus on the negative and we have to reject the premise of their argument and have to push forward and truth, which is that President Trump has built it once and will build again, and he is the only option for two thousand and twenty that will secure and protect our rights and liberties. That are founders recognized given by God and creator, and he understands it is the sole purpose of government to serve and protect those rights. That is not what Joe Biden in the radical left stand for. They dont want to give you
liberty and freedom. I think the whole election is going to be about liberty and freedom and the economy, and I dont see that Joe Biden has any economic agenda and if he does, he is hiding it awfully well there in his basement in Delaware,.
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