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Rep. Brian Mast responds to smear from CNN anchor Jake Tapper

2021-01-14 | 🔗
Florida Republican reacts to mainstream media host's unapologetic criticism on 'Hannity'
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Or call 1 877 866 8555, fake Jake, tapper, fake news, CNN, refusing to apologize for attacking patriotism, military service of Amputee, Veteran Republic, Congressman Brian Mass Heres. What fake Jake said yesterday to speak of what youre saying is relevant because Congressman Brian Mass Republican from Florida who lost his legs by the way funding for democracy abroad. I dont know about his commitment here in the United States here with reaction Florida congressman Brian Mass ive, known you for some time, and congratulations on all your success. That youre doing. Thank you for what youve done for all of us. I think I know you well enough. Tell me if im wrong did Heif he apologize. Would you accept a question mark yeah? I would accept it and tell him seriously.
As I said on twitter to some degree, I lost my leg so that you, the CEO of Twitter, Jack, Dorsey corporations, you could say whatever you want. I didnt lose my legs for this, so that you can silence whoever the heck you want and thats a major difference. You know I met so many people, whove come back from serving the american people, protecting our liberty and freedoms and all the challenges you have to face and overcome. If that youve its beyond and an inspiring sto, I sat there and I was thinking. Why would anybody do that? I just felt that its unfair did anybody on CNN say this? Not that I heard of, but the
answer of, why is simple: they dont want to get to the bottom of the questions in these cases and youve been talking about it for the last hour. They dont want to answer the questions theyre jumping to the conclusion before they go out there and do any fact finding, and I can tell you thats how I brought Congress to silence, saying hey. Let me ask you a question here and scratch my head a moment: did any of you bother to ask any of the rioters that teach the capital did you have an interview and bring the before a hearing, total silence and most uncomfortable thing for people that love to hear themselves talk is silence youre, an inspiring figure for anybody. You cant. Imagine yourself in someone elses shoes, but im like amazed by people like yourself to overcome the most challenging and hardest things in life. You know what I learned.
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