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Rep. Collins blasts Warnock, Abrams ahead of Georgia elections

2020-12-29 | 🔗
Republican lawmaker tells 'Hannity' that Abrams has voter suppression allegations backward
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Take it away Trey Mark Steyn. Thank you welcome to the special edition of Hannity tonight. We are one week away from two Senate races in Georgia, which will determine the direction of the country, and that is not hyperbole. That is a fact. Control of the United States Senate is literally on the ballot in Georgia, and Democrats seem to be getting nervous. Democrats, Jon, Ossoff and Raphael. Warnock are now reportedly expressing concerns about their dwindling campaign funds and, according to a report from NBC Minority leader, Chuck Schumer has abandoned his fund raising efforts because he is optimistic about their chances in Georgia next week and he doesnt want to ruin. Donor relationships, wait a second. You wasted hundreds of millions of dollars trying to knock off republican senators in November, and now you are worried about ruining donor relationships.
Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams is Artie complaining about a voter suppression. Watch this when republicans do not know to win without voter suppression is one of their tools. That is why we see true the vote down here in Georgia, challenging three hundred and sixty four thousand voters a days before the election, because voter suppression is there votive Democrats a right to be worried, but not above voter suppression. Voter education may be, but not voter suppression. It has come to light Raphael. Warnock was once arrested for obstructing a police investigation. One victim is now telling the Washington Free Beacon that came counselors tossed urine on him and forced them to
sleep outside Thiswatch, this America. Nobody can serve God and the military you cant serve God and at the S time, no matter what happens next month, more than a third of the nation that would go along with this is reason to be afraid. America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness on full display set the captives free. In other words, I came to dismantle the value system of the empire, but Heres the problem. The religious folk who should be fighting with me against the empire, are in cahoots with the empire. They are trying to steal money
from the poor and give it to the rich. Through this terrible tax deal speak at some jacked up theology coming from american politics, you can say that again, we will have more on him in a moment, but before we get to our guest breaking tonight, the Trump campaign is taking its election challenge in Wisconsin to the United States Supreme Court jutting us with the reaction former White House, chief chief of Staff and Georgia congressman Doug Collins. We are very lucky. The breaking news is about Wisconsin and election lobbied. We happen to have an up Wisconsin law as expert with us lets start with you rice. What should the viewers take from this appeal to the? U DOT S Supreme Court? Well, merry Christmas and happy new years to you, Trey and Doug.
What the Trump campaign is doing, that is, they are making a claim on two fronts: first and Wisconsin. The state legislature is the only group of people that have a right to choose the manner in which electors are chosen and without repeating- because I know the viewers have heard me talk about this case. The issue they are, it was the clerks in Wisconsin that chose to run the election contrary to state law if they are not an early vote state. So, unlike most of you watching, Wisconsin does not actually allow early vote, but the clerk says they were going to recreate their own system of voting going to allow people to vote in person absentee it created all kinds of problems. In fact, the Trump campaign came to a 4 3 decision in the Supreme Court in NAD plus page opinion, which was narrowly lost.
The second issue is: it is a free speech issue, because the narrow loss by the Trump campaign was because of the Supreme Court saying that you lose on the basis of something called latches. I know you know what that means, but they are basically same trump campaign. You shouldve brought all this election complaints early before the election. The problem with that Trey was that would require every candidate in America, not just for this race, but in future races to bring every single problem. They have with the election laws in the state of Wisconsin to the court before running. So, in other words, if you want to run for state Senate or Congress, you better prelitigate all of your problems before you actually run and thats a free speech issue. So those are the two things that the Trump campaign is bringing forward to the Supreme Court. Of course, if you did it that way, the court would tell you the issue. Wasnt right, are you didnt have standing right, you wouldnt have standing, you lose other either way.
Eighty one pages, of course, theyre going to bring it to the Supreme Court. Nobody knows, Wisconsin like you do, and nobody knows Georgia Lake, my former colleague Doug Collins. What is the state of Georgia one week out its tided? We can say its becoming crystal clear that I might not win well Wisconsin law, but I do know bad theology and I know raffia warrant, just an unknown candidate. Who is too many ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the liberal left. What we see down here, its becoming clear. The station is clear: it Georgia matters to the entire country, not just here or we are going to get to radical liberals were not connected through it or any
values that we can see across our state. But this is a big time election. Its got to be carried out. Where is seeing turn out heavy im, encouraging everybody to get out and vote. You cannot let the multiple things going on. Keep you away from the polls. You have to get out and vote. If you are a trumped voter in Georgia, you have an obligation, you mention theology congressman. I almost thought an addition to being a great lawyer. You were a preacher back in the day too werent you, oh yeah, for me to look at my scripture and to have someone like Raphael. Warnock told me that he is a pro choice: pastor, im, not sure which scripture we are reading, but we were knitted in our mothers, womb by God, himself spew and had another Bible like
you and rice do but im pretty sure that there is. I do know that the leader, but House Divid itself, cannot stand our Republicans going to be able to come together in the next week and quit fighting with each of the question marks because they have to Trey what Doug said is one hundred percent. True, we have a referendum and, if Republicans and slash or candidates- and they are theyre going to make this a referendum on those two choices very clearly- the two choices facing America, the Supreme Court, on what trumpeted on ISIS on taxes on government health care. What Doug said was pretty remarkable. This is not like Georges choosing between what we perceive to be. What a Georgia Democrat would look like.
They are the AOC radical Democrats. That is not what George is about so thats. The first thing. The second thing is, this is going to be a full blown UFC fight on the ground. This is a mechanical game. This is where both parties- I used to say all the time when I was cheering. If you give me within a field goal, we will win the game. This is what this race is coming down to you, its a field goal and whatever party has the better ground game. The better turnout operation will win this race, its going to be very detailed and its going to be tough im, also a little bit of Stacey Abrams on her claims of voter suppressions. Now the g dot op wins because we have better ideas. Conservatives have better ideas, making claims about suppression here in Georgia and people not being allowed to vote. Let me just go back and remind her that over the past three or four
cycles in Georgia since weve implemented some of the conditions she claims are wrong of voter. I dot d and things like that. The actual minority populations have actually increased by double digits in participation. We had our largest turnout in our election, a degree of other issues in our elections, but I will be working on the future concerning how we do absentee ballots and how we do verification, and how to do that. Though, how can you litigated in election before it actually happens? We have to make clear that our elections are verifiable and can be contested, but we need to do that. Another way. Im tired of Stacey Abrams, saying that Georgia has voter suppression when sometimes she doesnt talk about Democrat counties. This is got to be changed. Stacey Abrams is a pied piper of suppression when she is actually leaving the suppression by telling every buddy its bad has she conceded the race. Yet
I know its been a couple of years. Democrats like to talk about concessions. Has she conceded that she lost the race yet reset still being litigated? I think it still being litigated. I think she didnt want to step.
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