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Rep. Kevin McCarthy on House Republicans' 'commitment to America' agenda

2020-09-15 | 🔗
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins Sean Hannity.
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Today, today, Speaker Pelosi saying the house will remain in session until the deal can be reached. This came after some centrist Democrats, I didnt know they existed, sounded the alarm and this could have come November, while Democrats play political games, Republicans are laid out a bold new agenda. What they are commitments to America here now to explain this house, minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy. I got the copy here and I will put it up on the screen. You have four hundred and thirty five members for people who want to be members, four hundred and thirty five candidates. Are they all going to sign this commitment page just left doing a zoom with all of our candidates who are not current members, and they are all saying yes, because they are making a commitment to America. If your viewers want to learn more, go to a commitment to America dot com, what we are going to do here is: we are going to restore our way of life. We are going to defeat this virus and keep America healthy.
We are going to create a safe and effective vaccine. We are going to triple our rapid covid testing and we will protect pre existing conditions. We are going to modernize our stockpile because when Joe Biden and Obama left us was putting us in a tough situation, the other thing we are going to do is make our communities safe and secure again were not going to defund the police. We are actually going to add a one dollar and seventy five cents billion for police training, community policing, teaching them when to use their weapon and what type of weapon to use, but more important. We will add a five hundred thousand body cameras and then the other thing that we will do here is protect our rights under the constitution, free speech, religious freedom, the unborn compass, a commitment, then it we will come and rebuild the biggest economy. Weve done it once, and we will do it again. We do that by tax proposal that lets you keep more. We are going to add ten million new jobs and we are going to
create an infrastructure plan that took five years of rebuilding our roads and airports. We are going to make sure high speed internet goes to every household in Erica. Then we are going to renew the american dream, but that we are going to allow every child to go to an excellent school. We will invest in mathematics and science and then we will be able to build those to do jobs that they need. This is the ability to restore, rebuild and renew, and what we will do is reunite this nation once and for all. If you compare that to what the Democrats are doing, they want to defund the police. They saw what happened on the streets of l, DOT, a they want to dismantle this nation and they have wasted their majority, putting up impeachment on a partisan basis simply because they didnt like the outcome, and they are going to destroy our economy, because on day one Joe Biden said he was
going to raise taxes. So this is your promise and all four hundred and thirty five republican candidates in the house will sign this and you are promising. You will do these things. It would be nice if the president didnt have to face impeachment every three seconds and never ending nonstop, hysterical hatred and investigations and abuse of power g dot, OP leader Kevin Mccarthy. Where do people read that again to go to commitment to America dot com? We also need you to go to one other site. Need you to go to take the house dot com because we need to fund of these candidates. We know what Bloomberg is doing. Putting up a hundred million just into Florida, go to take the house dot com and help us retire, Nancy Pelosi once and for all. She only delays Covid, because.
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