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Rick Perry: Biden's attack on energy sector decimating American jobs

2021-01-29 | 🔗
Former Energy Secretary slams the Biden administrations far-left climate policies on 'Hannity'
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It Joe Biden if he gets his way coming to a neighborhood near you here with the reaction, his first tv interview since departing the White House, former Energy Secretary, Rick Perry good to see you again im hoping youre enjoying your retirement. I have a funny feeling. Youre, probably working hard retirement is not on my radar. I believe that I interviewed last night right here on this program, guys that work on the pipeline also guys that were talking about between the interviews ive been doing on radio and tv. These are career high, paying specialized trained jobs. You are not going to replace them. One hundred thousand up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. They just wiped out and now will be dependent on energy again after reaching energy
dependence for the first time in seventy five years. This is a disaster, absolutely one of the things that caught my attention when this executive action was John Kerry piped in that these people can go over and get jobs, making solar panels. Well, I guess thats pretty easy said for a guy that married into his money, these folks that have to work for their paychecks people, who are out there working really really hard to take care of their families. For someone to say just work and some other area number one, a lot of those solar panels are made in China again, if you want to talk about who is the big winner out of these bite and executive orders in the energy sector, its China,
its Russia, its IRAN? It just flabbergasted me to think that weve got a president of the United States that so wants to be liked by the aocs of the world or think those individuals of the green new deal are somehow going to keep them in office and to turn his back on Labor union workers, people who are out there creating wealth and, I might add, Sean over the last four years- the emissions, the transitioning over to national gas in getting these efficient power plants out of the mix. America was doing its part to move our emissions down the Chinese, and I would suggest India as well are over. There
creating a huge amount of energy using old, inefficient and a lot of coal power coming out of India and China have to really look at what are we doing here? Whats the long term gains for America and in the energy sector in particular? Let me add this other thing. You know which state I think gets hurt worse out of this administration and these executive orders not only the attack on fossil fuels, shutting down the Accell pipeline, but the executive order to stop drilling on federal lands, its new Mexico, New Mexicos Democrat governor id love to have her on our show to use here what shes going to say about their states budget.
It is going to be decimated. I mean my bet is its probably over fifty percent and may be over sixty percent of their total budget director. Indirectly, it comes from the oil and gas industry, particularly on those federal lands. He was on this program tonight about Joe Bidens executive order on stopping that drilling on federal lands. What would his nominee for Department of Interior, a new mexican citizen say about that? It so sad? All of these things are happening if this will have a direct impact on your state too. I feel terrible for all the people who lost their jobs were not going to replace them highly skilled, very specific skill, and we are endangering the country, its bad for national security. We are all going to pay more and they are not going to
replace it with solar panels and wind things. You cant translate that skill to that other new business, no matter how much money they throw at it. Mr Secretary youre, welcome to come on in a t, shirt. Any time show us the rugged Texas Spirit, which I love. As you know, listen collared shirts are not required in Texas. This is casual Friday im all in. If I could talk my bosses into it, I would rip this stupid tie off now. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for what youre doing, I think it so important for people to understand how this administration is just gunning- Americans, middle class Americans who are working hard for their families. They are just seeing their jobs thrown away with the stroke of a pen. New Mexico is really going to be impacted in an incredibly terrible way. Inc get ready, your heating bills went up and the price you pay at the pump is going way up. They are not going to replace.
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