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Roger Stone speaks exclusively to Hannity following President Trump's commutation of his sentence

2020-07-13 | 🔗
Exclusive: Roger Stone joins Sean Hannity for his first TV interview following President Trump's decision to commute his sentence.
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We told you we told you President Trump announced Friday. He was commuting. The sentence of Roger Stone days before stone was set to start a three plus years. Prison sentence stemming from Robert Muellers russian Witch Hunt, Roger Stone was convicted of process crimes and statements to house lawmakers, in other words, long before Congress, Adam Schiff presiding, the biggest liar in Congress. Neither the Schiff show, or Robert Mueller produced one bit of evidence that stone was working with anybody colluding with Russia by the way. As a White House press secretary explained, these charges were the product of recklessness born of frustration and malice, joining us now Roger Stone, First tv interview and his attorney David shown. I would like to say to you Roger im, glad you had your sentence commuted and you are not headed to prison this week. There is a part of me thats, also very angry and very concerned for the country,
based on the entire handling of your matter. Why dont? I just let you say it in your own words what this has been like for you. Well, this is the most horrible experience you can have, because I see immediately why ninety nine percent of the people who choose to plead not guilty and go to trial, lose when youre up against the horrific and deep pocketed resources of the federal government and these really sadistic, arrogant, politically motivated prosecutors, and I had a biased judge. I had a stacked jury. I had a corrupt jury for woman. As my friend Tucker Carlson said, my trial was over before it started, and now, when you go through something like this Sean you find out who your real friends are and who the people are. Who really never were your friends, you had been a tremendous friend. You have done a great job of
keeping people informed, but I have to really single out your Fox news colleague, Tucker Carlson. He took up the cudgels early. He stayed on this case with every twist and turn wasnt afraid to take on the judge laid out. The jury question encouraged me when I got discouraged hes a man of incredible loyalty and hes a great friend he may be the best friend a man can have so. My hats off to him and also Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida, who I hope to live long enough to see in the White House. He was a great friend who never gave up and tried to make sure everybody understood the injustice that I had been through. So many others, Bernie Kerik, former New York Police Commissioner, Charlie Kirk Rev, learned Franklin, Graham pastors mark burns and Darrell Scott Randy, coggins, dynamic young evangelist from Florida,
the entire Flynn family General MIKE Flynn, man who is still being persecuted, my hats off to all of them, because they helped me and my wife and my family through the scariest most difficult process. You can imagine. But above all I must tell you Sean based on advice from you and Reverend Graham and the two pastors that I mentioned. I really want to think God, because I was literally hours away from being sent to a covid infested prison in violation of current bureau of Prisons and Doj policies, in violation of every precedent in the country where people going to jail or in jail for asking for compassionate release and in every case it was granted. I am sixty seven years old ive had a lifelong problem. Respiratory problems I was facing what I really believed was fun near death sentence, so you particularly Tucker Matt Gaetz and everybody I
named my heart goes out to you. Im deeply deeply grateful, but more than anything else, I am grateful for God because, as you told me, if I would rededicate my life, I would be reborn. I remember it like it was yesterday and your advice was solid. You said God will never desert you. You will never abandon you. He will protect you if you confess your sins and you walk in his way and ive done my very best to do that. Let me go through and I want you to tell people, because this whole system of justice, where Sammy, the bulgur vinyl the biggest case in point. He commits nineteen murders and given a get out of jail, free card and a witness protection program, because he flipped on John Gotti. Put that aside for a second in your case did Mueller and his team offer anything of value. Your freedom, for example, I would argue, is of great value. If you
would say certain things, they wanted you to say whether they were true or not. In the beginning of the case, Sean, I dont think that was their intention, but as they got closer and closer to having to issue the Mueller Report- and they realized that they had no russian collusion, because there was no russian collusion. It was a hoax on July, twenty four Jeannie Rhee, who was heading my prosecution within the Mueller team, thats extraordinary in itself, because she previously represented Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in the illegal email server case, the missing email case. She had a clear bias. She was a maximum donor to both of Hillarys presidential campaigns. By the way she has all the charm of a north korean prison guard. She made it very clear to one of my lawyers. After a hearing, she asked to see them privately that if I would really remember certain phone conversations I
had with candidate trump, if I would come clean, if I would confess that they might be willing to, you know, recommend leniency to to the judge paragra I wouldnt even serve any jail time. I didnt have to think about it very long. I said absolutely not. There was no circumstance under which I would bear false witness against the President. I was just not willing to live now in the last two days when I said that people said you see, stone had the goods on Trump and he traded his silence for commutation. That is patently false. I never said that. I never implied that what I said has been consistent, that I would not lie against my friend of forty years, so they could use it for impeachment. They wanted me to be the ham in their ham sandwich because they knew the Mueller Report, particularly on Russia, was a dud. They had nothing. They were hoping that I would recharacterize my phone calls.
These phone calls that were plea, bargain induced claims by Michael Cohen and Rick Gates, for which they could never find any cooperation, and I simply refused to do it. Let me go to David Schoen and I will ask you both the same question simultaneously Roger. I think ive known you well enough over the years youre a fighter, your instincts are going to be. Okay and im going to go back and im. Maybe if you go back and you appeal this new open up this case again, I would argue right now youre home free, and I think that I saw nothing but corruption in that courtroom by the judge in that jury, they not giving you another trial David. I would say that if you go forward with that, youre now putting Rogers Life back in jeopardy again- and I dont know- I dont- have any faith in that system. I dont have any faith in that judge. I dont have any faith with that jury. Nobody on this case to I believe, is honorable here I think youre right, you raise an interesting
question and a perplexing one. We have to sit down and make a decision as to whether to go forward with the appeal, knowing a win in this case, and there should be a win classic. Fifth and sixth amendment violations would go to the same judge in a courtroom of injustice. Let me say to you: this commutation is a great tribute to President Trump for three reasons. He sends a message that they Mueller team was rotten to the core. From its inception, Mr Mueller picked ive been saying that for over three years screaming at you dont pick the investigation that involved. The president of the United States requires integrity. You dont pick and Andrew Weissmann, who was the most ethically bankrupt prosecutor ive ever come across. I represent men right now who were wrongfully convicted with him. You talked about making deals with witnesses. He lied about those deals, and he mentioned specifically by a judge for his misconduct. Thats one thing the Mueller team was run to the corporate filled with partisans, the other two, an unfair trial. The president recognized that
the judge denied the entire defense theory Mr Stone wasnt allowed to mention on social media or make a defense theory that in any way challenge the integrity of the Mueller team unprecedented. Thirdly, the President saved a life here, because the judges decision on denying a surrender extension when Covid was in the prisons and with these health conditions goes against all authority in the country. On this issue. As to the court of appeals, you know im listening to your attorney and I know have David a long time, ive known youre, a long time, Roger your character. Everyone knows that its not about you as a character. I want a fair and impartial jury for everybody. It wouldnt want a democrat or liberal to have twenty nine guys in tactical gear over process. Crime wouldnt want run any American that you have a right to speak out, narrow defense. It would wanted to jury for prisoners, prejudice toward a judge that went along with this. My question to you is: we have seen this now with Papadopoulos. We have seen it with Paul Manafort we signed with General Flynn.
We have seen it with you ill, be honest, Roger, I believe in our constitution, I believe in our rule of law. I think I read a lot about equal justice and applications of our laws. I dont see this in any of these cases. I see a travesty of injustice. You have been a part of it. I dont know im losing faith in the system Roger well. You have a good reason to you: examine the d dot C circuit Court of Appeals where I had to file a last minute: emergency appeal of judge, Jacksons Room, sending you to jail. She ignored all the legal precedents in that she ignored my health conditions. She ignore the conditions at the prison at that time and she ignored the current policies of Doj and the BOC you wouldve thought it wouldnt been reversed in the appeals court, the they ruled for her 3 0, im afraid this is a fixed system. Above all, though I guess I would have to say, the most important thing here is the
courageous and as of the presidents act, I know there were many many people who told him in an election year. Dont do this, let Roger Stone wait for a pardon after the election Sean. I dont think I would have live that long, not with my asthmatic condition, not with now sixty Covid 19 cases in that prison. So I have deep affection for Donald Trump, because ive known him, forty years hes a man of great justice and fairness hes, a man of enormous courage. I knew he would take some shots for this, but I think most people most fair minded people understand he saved my life and at least on paper. He gave me a chance to fight for vindication im, not a fool im, going to be guided by the advice of my lawyers. As I understand it, if my conviction is overturned by the appeals court, I would be back in front of Judge Jackson. Judge Jackson issued an incredible ruling. That said that
I could not raise misconduct by the special counsel, the FBI, the Doj or any member of Congress Adam Schiff, so I mean, if that were in general Flynns case. We still wouldnt know how he was railroaded. We still wouldnt know about the political motivations behind taking him down, so ive got to become convinced. I can get a fair second trial because I certainly didnt get a fair first trial. You had a gag order and you werent allowed to even put on your defense. You wanted to put on a defense. They denied you that right. Then, of course we have the jury for person on top of the predawn raid. I am sure you called CNN Roger and said that here is. I do not believe you can get any fair trial in that court room or that system I dont know. I think that probably every fiber of your being would want to be to fight to get the
acquittal. You believe you should get, but I dont know if I give you that advice, because I dont think theres. Anybody in that courtroom, that is fair, Roger. As you point out, Comey Clapper, Brennan Mccaig, Peter Strzok, LISA, page Rosenstein, uhler himself, Hilla. They all lied under oath, that they lied about material things, consequential things they had an intent and motive to lie. I was charged with making the statements that were innocuous. If you look at a very carefully is very clear. What happened here that is, that Aaron Zelinsky, the corrupt prosecutor, the dirtiest of muellers, dirty cops other than Weissmann, share the fruits of the surveillance to me with Adam Schiff, so that he could fashion gotcha questions most of them of no consequence and then, after the set up in which I appeared voluntarily before the House Intelligence Committee Schiff. In violation
of house rules shared the classified testimony with misters Zielinski, so Mr Weissmann could fashion a very contorted and contrived indictment. Yet today you have Mueller and Schiff and Rosenstein back to saying Stone was in Cahoots with russian intelligence. This is nonsense. They are all the way back to the Russia, Russia, Russia was there any evidence of that. Was there any evidence ever given of any contact with any russian intelligence? There was evidence that I had a twitter direct message: exchange with Lucifer 2, a persona. If you look at when that happens, it happened long after Wikileaks had published all their material. If you look at the actual content of the exchange, its benign, there is no collusion, theres, no collaboration. And thirdly, we dont even know that Guccifer two is a russian agent.
Just because John Brennan said he said, the Steele dossier was true. I could have proved at trial using forensic evidence and expert testimony from fellows, like the former Sna counterintelligence expert and Ray Mcgovern, that no one hacked the Dnc that there was no online hack of the Dnc that the information based on the Download times was downloaded to a portable desk and taken out the back door. But I wasnt allowed to present that defense, because Judge Jackson would not allow it Roger. I want to believe in our system of justice and in the way it worked. I guess in the end, with the presidents commutation, but what happened to you? What happened to Papadopoulos? What happened to General Flynn? What happened to him manafort? What happened to the President of the United States? What happened to Carter page? We are going to lose this country if this happens again its the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal in our history, glad youre free tonight, Roger.
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