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Rubio: Biden's Cabinet will have people who are 'out of their minds'

2020-11-10 | 🔗
Florida senator warns president-elect would tap radicals who would 'undermine the vitality of the economy'
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Will never win again its time for republican state legislatures to step up thats the constitutional role here to explain Florida Senator Marco Rubio, I watched your stay and your state had a mess in two thousand and kind of had a mess in twenty. Sixteen, you got a new governor governor, fixed to the system, and we watched Florida flawlessly with a lot of mail in ballots double triple the population of a lot of states. We are talking about two time zones. Basically, we couldve called the race with complete confidence at 900, p, DOT M on election night. Here we are weak, later still, counting ballots and a lot of the states. Your thoughts flood has gotten good at two things. One is dealing with hurricanes and the other is counting votes. The problems we have had in recent years have been due to incompetent officials, and you saw how that works. Those were counties that went for Joe Biden by the way peer, but the fundamental point you made is the right one.
At the core of our republic. Legitimacy comes from peoples, confidence in the election and right now, youve got half this country that has doubts about the veracity of this election, and one is the process in the law. Theres a process in the law that exists after the election before the results are certified certified. That process has to be allowed to move forward. Otherwise we are going to have a result here that half the country will harvest significant doubts about and thats bad for the country thats. Why both sides should be welcoming having this process be open, transparent and according to the rights afforded to both candidates by the law, you look at the margin and the President got nearly ten million more votes than he had gotten in twenty. Sixteen, you look at the dramatic increase in hispanic Americans voting for the President African Americans voting for the president. We see the House of Representatives, I think we are around fifteen new female house members,
and it seems like the Republican Party in ways that people never predicted are changing, and I give Donald Trump the credit, and that is if he wanted to build the wall, that that would hurt with hispanic Americans. It hasnt, the president was able to increase that vote dramatically, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that by controlling borders, having a legal system that that allows Americans less competition for jobs and means that wages rise, which set record low unemployment for every demographic group in the country. Is this like the coastal elite Democratic Party versus a new republican Party of Working men and women? I think the future of the Republican Party is a multiethnic multiracial working Class Party and what I mean by working Class Party is normal, everyday people who dont want to live in a city where there is no police department, where people rampaged through the streets every time they are upset about something where their kids are
afraid that theyre going to fail a college course unless they agree with their crazy professor, where they are afraid to speak out on what they believe on some issue, because they might get fired from their job or they are going to be called a racist because they wear a maga had or have a sticker on their car. One thing we also forget, as these are people who work hard and they dont want their small business to shut down. They take the pandemic seriously, but they have to make a living and they are tired of seeing their job sent to another country and everyone telling them in both parties thats just the way it works, its not working for them and they dont like crazy people and a lot of the elements that control the Democratic Party. Today are crazy, im not saying every Democrat is crazy, but I am telling you that people who are crazy and have crazy ideas have an extraordinary amount of power in that party, Joe Biden, I can tell you this thats a good point. I dont know if Joe Biden I wouldnt say Joe Biden is crazy, but I can tell you in his administration if there is one theres going to be people in that cabinet that are out of their minds,
they defined the police people, the green new deal, people the people who want to do all kinds of things that undermine the vitality of this countrys economy, the people who dont believe there should be any immigration law. He talked about immigration that is important in hispanic communities, but it is offensive to presume that, just because you are an immigrant and you live in an immigrant community that you think we shouldnt have immigration laws. That is the arrogance that comes.
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