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Rudy Giuliani slams New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Black Lives Matter organization

2020-07-10 | 🔗
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins Jason Chaffetz on 'Hannity.'
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As he goes back to the White House in Washington D, DOT c, chaos continues to rage and liberal cities across the country in Seattle, home of the short lived chop zone that saw multiple shootings that resulted in the death of two young man. The city council appears to be prepared to defund. The police by fifty percent. New York City announced that compared to last year, the month of June 2020s saw a one hundred and thirty percent increase in shootings, one hundred and thirty percent one store owner. There is suing Governor Andrew Cuomo after looting, damage and says police were told to stand down, but dont worry New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has banned all large gatherings in the city, except for protests and riots. Of course, take a look. What about protests? If people want to march down Fifth Avenue, are they going to be allowed to do so? This is always an area of real sensitivity. If youre just talking about
health, we would say stay home if you can, but we understand in this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes. Today, New York City, you know recognizing the power and the meaning of the message black lives matter, which we did in front of Trump Tower today. This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that, but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we are used to parades and fairs. We just cant have that, while we are focusing on health right now, joining is now is former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, Mr Mayor, thank you so much for joining us. When you hear me or do Bill De Blasio say those things and take that position w your mind. What runs through my mind, is before this. I thought he was the worst mayor in the history of the city. Now he will have written that like a headline. Just think of the contradiction, I mean everybody else, cant merge. We have to wear masks,
we have to separate ourselves, but if you are protesting you can stand together, you can spit in each others face you, can hug and squeeze and youre not going to get Covid 19 and their phony political party wants us to believe that this is based on science, science, its based on political phoniness, also black lives matter. Black lives matter is an organization run by three Marxists and financed by a convicted terrorist who I happen to have convicted, who got fifty eight years in jail and got a corrupt pardon from Bill Clinton. This is not a benign organization. I cant say yet that we can prove its a terrorist organization, its certainly a violent organization, and I believe in the course of time it will be shown to be a terrorist organization. One of the primary persons Susan Rosenberg, who handles their finances, is a convicted terrorist who was involved with the black Panthers, who used to slaughter police officers.
If you read what shes written shes, not terribly far from where she used to be, if you read what those other women have written, that whites are horrible, whites are horrendous. Whites shouldnt be allowed to have equal rights, they are a racist organization, they are actually participating in hate speech and this man because he went to Cuba on his honeymoon and he fought for the Sandinistas. I mean this man. We always thought he was a communist, but I think he wants to prove it to us. Mr mayor, New York City used to be a great place for families for business. What you did with Bernie, Kerik and others. I worked really hard yeah. The city is going back to the way it was. We have a democrat mayor. We could say the same thing about Chicago or Philadelphia. Cant we Chicago is the only city that
now has more murders than Us Democrat mayor for one thousand years. You know Philadelphia, Baltimore is a just bill de Blasio or what else is going on? Is it just the mayor? Taking these radical positions? No hes got a city council that fell off the left. Cliff and is totally insane, I mean they pass bills that are ridiculous. The man released eight thousand people prisoners. He and Cuomo passed a bill that you basically can hold people you arrest in jail. The police are completely demoralized. Today he issued a block by block crime reduction program in which he didnt even talk to the police department and the police departments. Comments on it was no comment, so weve got a mayor who is alienated from the police department, not to mention for other reasons, the governor hates him and then hes putting black lives matter in front of the presidents personal residence.
The president. He wants to go to help bail out New York, among other things, not only as a communist, but is a stupid one, and the man should be removed by the governor. He should have been removed sometime ago, and I believe there is no doubt that his incompetence has caused us. Many many lives his ridiculous decisions, his laziness, he doesnt come to work half hour an hour an hour and a half late for everything, a lot of suspicions as to why that nobody wants to talk about it. Well, Mr Mayor, this man, this man has, in about five weeks, destroyed twenty years of work of mine and MIKE Bloomberg and Ray Kelly and Bernie Kerik and Howard and bill. I mean in two years when I was mayor from the most dangerous city in America to the safest, large city in America, and we remained that way until this idiot came along
well. Mr mayor, the proof is in the numbers June of twenty twenty represented over June of twenty nineteen, a one hundred and thirty percent increase in shootings in New York City, and it doesnt need to be this way. Mr mayor, I wish I had more.
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