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Sarah Sanders: 'Vicious' attacks on Amy Coney Barrett show what Democrats think of women

2020-09-22 | 🔗
The 'party of anarchy' is already attacking a very strong, conservative woman, ex-White House press secretary tells 'Hannity'
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Here, with reaction, author of the best selling book, speaking for myself, Fox NEWS contributor, Sarah Sanders lie smear slander, character, assassination, besmirch, its all coming. This defines them and then the threats we are going to pack the court were going to get rid of the electoral college. Well, impeach, the president. Every day this is now the party of anarchy. To me, Sarah Sanders President Trump hasnt even named, who he will nominate to the Supreme Court and they have already started aggressively and viciously attacking Judge Barrett, one of the potential nominees, a very conservative, strong woman. They are attacking her for her christian faith. Lets not forget. These are the same liberals who lecture us about empowering women when the truth is, they are nothing but liars and hypocrites who are only trying to empower themselves and their radical agenda. This is a time for us to send a
clear and strong message that we will not tolerate the liberal mob. President Trump will stand up to them. He has the support of the american people and the party to do that with him. We are going to fix the court and fill the seat. He absolutely has a constitutional obligation to do it. He should he has to stand up and continue fighting against this radical left, liberal mob that thinks that they get to control and run our country when they dont. If they try to eliminate the electoral college and they are threatening court packing and they are threatening to impeach the president every day, havent they just thrown down with the mob thats. What they have become. They have been completely and totally owned by. The radical left lets not permitted think that Joe Biden, if he somehow manages to win, will be running anything. He will be completely and totally controlled by the liberal left and the radical mob look who they trotted out front and center to be one of the
first people to respond and come out. It was AOC. She will be just as much in control as anyone else, and I think that should be terrifying for every american and certainly for every woman. Conservative women need to stand up and fight back as much as.
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