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Schweizer: Hunter Biden emails confirm a 'United Nations' of corruption

2020-10-16 | 🔗
'Profiles in Corruption' author tells 'Hannity' Democratic nominee's son used the White House to aid and gain clients
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Hannity Hannity investigation breaking tonight new emails that expose even more corruption inside the Biden Business Bureau, because new documents obtained e by Peter Schweizer now expose how Hunter Biden and associates used all of their connections inside the Obama Biden White House to set up private meetings for foreign clients and investors and get this these. Never before seen, emails were provided by a former hunter business partner. Bevan Cooney is his name hes in jail right now. Also they do outline how a delegation of chinese investors and CCP officials scored an off the books meeting with the vice president, back in twenty eleven and additionally, a twenty eleven and email of Hunter Bidens business partner, developing revelations that were referred to as China, INC and part of a new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese
Fox NEWS has not independently verified Peters reporting, but has not been wrong to date and we reached out to the Biden campaign and we have yet to hear back. But what does it all mean? In addition to profiting off his fathers diplomacy, we now have growing evidence that Hunter Biden and his business partners put? U dot S national security at risk and willingly allowed chinese officials use of this access to work their way inside the Obama Biden White House, starting to make more sense. Why Joe is so soft on China as it started to make sense? Why Joe refuses to talk stuff against Americas biggest geopolitical flow, and is that starting to make more sense why this is the biggest toy selection in our history? You to explain author journalist profiles and corruption and secret empire is Peter Schweizer a little bit of background. This guy is in business with Hunter and another guy by the
name of Devon Archer, correct, thats, right hes in jail. They basically go ahead. This guys in jail, Devon, Archer, is convicted and about to be sent to jail right, given a sense, thats right. A business set up that was an investment scheme scheme. Devon Cooney was a partner in that, as a matter of background, he was a nightclub promoter and owner. He owned the viper room, which was a famous club in l, DOT A and he got involved in these financial deals. It ended up. He was charged and convicted and, of course, now Devon Archer has been convicted and hes the only one that went to jail, hes very frustrated. He admits he made mistakes, but he feels like Devon Archer and Hunter Biden got off Scot free because of their political connections and thats. Why? He
wanted to share these emails with me to clear the record and demonstrate the widespread corruption that Hunter Biden was engaged. In a little bit of background. He wrote the book secret empires. You were the first to tell us about Burisma and the billion dollar deal with the Bank of China, which became one dollar and fifty cents billion. So the two business partners of Hunter are convicted. One is in jail, one is about to be sentenced to jail. Now the one in jail gives you access to his private email account and youve been able to confirm through these emails, what a number of things and just to be clear. We have actually been granted access to his account. So we are not looking at print outcome of this is not secondhand. Are we going to his gmail account with his written approval? He gave us the password and what those emails show. The twenty six thousand show we are working our way through them is
a wide net of using the Biden name using access to the White House hunters serving as the pipeline to the administration in order to help clients the names coming up in this are the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, its a veritable United nations of corruption. What it demonstrates is that Joe Biden, as vice president of the United States, was a center point. Almost the planet around which these business activities moved all right. We can bifurcate for people. This is all separate from what the New York Post was reporting this week. This is separate from what we knew earlier and separate from RON Johnson and Chuck Grassleys report that they put out eighty seven pages, which talked about russian oligarchs, the
three dollars and fifty cents million payment. With the former first lady of Moscow chinese nationals, one thousand dollars shopping spree russian nationals ukrainian nationals. How much money are we talking about here and were all three of them involved in all three of these endeavors? It kind of jumps around, but let me just make clear: these are all separate emails from the New York Post and what the Senate Dead, but they all reinforce the same to take, for example, the russian oligarch links to organized crime that the Senate said three dollars and fifty cents million based on Treasury Department documents. We will be rolling out a story in a couple of days demonstrating that their relationship, meaning Hunter and Devon archers relationship goes way back and they were performing a number of banking and financial services for her
services that they had trouble doing by the way, because several banks did not want to work with her because the money was seen as dirty. So literally, these nationals were allowed access to Biden inside the White House according to these emails. I guess my next question is: if both of hunters business partners are convicted, how did he go Scot free thats? The question there was a trial in twenty sixteen and we actually ive gone through the notes, and what it demonstrates is that Hunter Bidens fingerprints are all over this. He has named repeatedly in the court trials, but he was never charged by the prosecutors in.
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