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Sean Hannity blasts 'vile' Zoom callers bullying Michigan canvassers

2020-11-18 | 🔗
'Hannity' host recounts Wayne County drama, gives updates on recounts in key states
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Sean Hannity right now think you and welcome to Hannity paired. We begin with this Fox news alert tonight. The deadline for Georges Recount is less than three hours away. Still at this hour, voters in the peach state have more questions than answers and thousands of uncounted ballots, most of which were Casper. President Trump theyve just been turning up all week, two thousand seven hundred and fifty five ballots just unearthed another. Two hundred and eighty four were discovered in Walton County this all in addition to the two thousand six hundred uncounted ballots in Floyd County that were discovered just a couple of days ago, if youre keeping track thats over five thousand six hundred uncounted votes located in the past week, two weeks later now in a state with a razor thin margin of now, just over twelve thousand. That is a serious problem, always want to have faith, trust confidence in our election system. But the issues in Georgia dont end there.
One county, a purported human error during the recount might have given thousands of extra votes to Joe Biden, if not for one extremely attentive observer. According to Georges Republican Party chairman, it was a nine thousand vote discrepancy that was signed off by two officials in Dekalb County Georgia and would not have been discovered before the republican observer. We didnt have observers that most of the states, the legal statutory language says you can have one yet another perfect example why election observers are critical if we want free and fair elections in this country, but in almost every state where the law guarantees partisan observers the right to watch the boats start to finish and the vote count. The law was never followed state after state we saw partisan observers blocked from performing their important legal duty and their right to do and what was a clear violation of law. Many observers were
reportedly only admitted to monitor poll workers. Lets see six feet twenty feet. One hundred feet lets say you have perfect: twenty slash: twenty vision, catch a mathematical error in fine print from six twenty or one hundred feet away impossible. This was one of the many serious issues in the all important swing state, also of Michigan. According to numerous now sworn affidavits in Wayne, county allegations include workers, coaching people on how to vote, peaking at the ballots to see how people voted before processing them and preventing republican poll inspectors from being able to effectively watch the counting process and last night because of all these irregularities and accusations of fraud. Well, there were two Republicans on the county has board of canvassers. That said, you know what we cant justify certifying the election result. That is until well, they did that and they were called racist families threatened.
They were outing where their kids went to school and during a public you, you know, comment per all on a zoom call. You cant make this up. Take a look. Your grandchildren are going to think of you like Bull, Connor or George Wallace. Shame on you for leading to this level of corruption. You have disavowed your right to even sit in the seat that you occupy. You are a disgrace tonight. It is as though the 15th amendment was never passed. It was then disingenuous to assert that this is anything other than two members using their positions to cast doubt both on the votes of african american voters and the work of those who counted them, because what the both of you are doing right now is adding to systemic racism. Just a small example of the truly vile smears leveled against the two g dot op members
in Wayne County Board of canvassers, and unfortunately, this kind of hysteria vitriol is not unique to Detroit all over the country. Democrats, their allies, the media mob, completely apoplectic that Republicans are attempting to verify the election results. According to them, it is unpatriotic even treasonous to investigate sworn affidavits of their fellow citizens. Alleging real election misconduct take a look breaking overnight american democracy, actually it didnt break, but it wasnt for lack of trying for President Trump a dizzying twelve hour period, where the president assaulted, dedicated civil servants while simultaneously trying to undermine the outcome of an election. The losers in the republican leadership should take a page and dont lecture us anymore, about patriotism or about putting country over party or rather putting party over country, which is what they did. I never thought id see. A daywear use are pretty much much. An entire party in this
country refused to accept election results. This is like a sick, childish fantasy that these Republicans Republicans okay, are basically tiptoeing around Donald Trump. We could just replay their four years of craziness. Are they that out of touch with who they really are date? Phony faint selective outrage, pretty much something to behold: Sean Davis, Federalist Rights on Twitter Democrats, the media accused George W Bush of stealing the election that he was involved in in two thousand. They spread a conspiracy theory. Bush was involved in nine slash eleven. They accused Bush of intentionally lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, claiming electronic voting machines stole the election for Bush in 04. That was Democrats and, of course, they spread the hoax that President Trump was a russian agent. They spread those lies and slander. For what three straight years, Justice Kavanaugh pretty much called a rapist and everything
in between they said violent riots in the summer were peaceful member, the banner from fake new CNN fiery, but mostly peaceful protests. That was the background. Take a look at that they accused Republicans, especially President Trump. You know the names they say and let me add, by the way Stacey Abrams in Georgia still has not conceded her gubernatorial race in Georgia, from twenty eighteen loved by the Democrats in the media. The president wants to take a few weeks count. Every legal vote, investigate every claim of fraud and abuse in the media. Acts like the world is ending, obviously with amnesia the last four years I dont care about the thousands of previously uncounted votes. We are discovering just this week in Georgia. They dont care about the two men charged in California. Why submitting eight thousand ballot applications for fake or dead voters dont seem to care about the impending possible recounts in
Wisconsin after allegations over voter fraud, they are carried by election officials in two heavily democratic counties. In fact, breaking tonight Democrats are trying to change. Get this. The states recount rules in Wisconsin to actually make it more difficult to review mail in ballots after the vote. Clearly, they dont care about the validity of any of those ballots. They dont care about partisan election observers blocked from polling locations. They dont care about the chaos causing widespread made in voting and by the way mail in voting, they dont care about outdated voter rolls and the lack of voter, I dot d, that leaves states vulnerable to fraud and to abuse. And how can anyone have confidence in any of this? They dont care about security. They dont care about the accuracy of voting machines that they themselves and the New York Times and Princeton professors and the AP all criticized they dont care about any of it because they got the result they wanted
and for them thats all that matters now the left in this country. They are not valuing freedom, fairness, truth, equal justice or the rule of law. We watched that for four straight years. They want is power and, of course, to slander Donald Trump. Every second of every day, by the way, the coming weeks and months, you know fundamentally could alter this country our way of life here with the very latest of whats, going on in his varying states, Kayleigh Mcenany, so lets start with Georgia again today. So we have three counties where magically this week, we find all these votes. Now. I guess, then we have the verification, signature, double standard, weve talked at length about that and then whats the latest on the ground. There yeah thats it Sean. You hit the nail on the head as they finishing up the recounts by midnight tonight. They will submit those results, but, as President Trump had noted and hes absolutely right about this, if youre not verifying signatures, if youre following
the rules of Stacey Abrams, who refused to concede who still thinks shes the governor of Georgia, how good, in fact, is your recount and recount, which was in fact found three tranches of ballots previously undiscovered, all of which happen to favor Donald Trump Chances eventually and increases vote total. So how good is that recount is the president has noted? You know when a poll observer now found a nine thousand vote discrepancy in Georgia, and then you think that all of the states that didnt have the partisan observers that the legal statute allows it makes you wonder, you know how did you put trust in that? But im trying to understand if the losses clearly partisan observers get to see the vote. Counting start to finish and theyre not allowed to see it in the law is not followed. Then youre never going to have the confidence that the law was meant to instill right, yeah, Sean thats, exactly right and in particular, in a
place like Pennsylvania, I was contacted today. I found out about a few cases and there are declarations that support this, that there were multiple individuals in a state like Pennsylvania. This is going to back up your point who went to the polls and said im here to vote in person and they were told a wait. You already voted by mail. Well, they never requested a male and vote. Nor did they ever return a mail in vote and they c up. Provisional vote in that instance, in their vote, was never counted. This is why you need poll watchers to verify that that mail in vote is actually the person whose name is attached to it its. Why? Having poll observers a football field away as they proceed to count, six hundred and twenty seven thousand votes in Pennsylvania is such a travesty. Let me go to Wisconsin. I had a long discussion. Reince Priebus will be on the program tomorrow that the election Committee and Admissions Committee is trying to change the rules to review absentee ballots, trying to change it in terms of showing the actual application which the rule calls for
theyre trying to do it now at this late date, which means that means they sensed trouble. People claimed they were indefinitely confined that went up like three or fourfold from the last election clerks then allowed people to vote early, apparently and vote absentee early, which the law doesnt. Allow also is that all going on is that all proven thats exactly right, so we filed this petition in Wisconsin for a recount into counties its exactly as you described it. One of those counts says in the state of Wisconsin. If you are indefinitely confined, you can cast an absentee ballot without showing voter I dot d last election. Seventy two thousand people did that this election, two hundred and forty thousand people, did that, presumably using covid and fears of covid as an excuse as a way to circumvent voter, I dot d, but at the very top of your question, you hit a key point: Sean we filed this recount three competition and in it we alleged
that we need to see the absentee voter application because its an important aspect of Wisconsin law and they werent doing these applications. They were just getting people ballots and, as we speak right now, you have the election board trying to change the way. The recount laws work to make sure that we are not able to count those applications for absentee ballots, because they see just how strong this petition is. We will see how they vote. It will probably come down during your program and whats the latest out of Nevada out of Nevada. We filed a complaint yesterday. There are a lot of irregularities there and particularly needed machine to verify signatures, which is very inaccurate, and that machine found that only thirty percent of the ballots should be counted because only thirty percent of the signatures, matched, which is a highly unlikely probability. So there are some issues there that we are looking into as well all right, Kayleigh Mcenany, thanks for the nightly update, we appreciated. As you said many times, this is America right. We developed two covid vaccines.
The first identified case was January 21st of this year and we did it in less than a year. Pretty amazing right, you wouldnt know it by our election systems because they now represent a train wreck, but only in certain states. So how do you fix it? How do we count every legal vote in a fast, secure, verifiable way like they do in Florida and Ohio? How do we prevent fraud abuse changing laws after the game is played because we, the american people, you deserve better than the chaos that we see and weve been watching unfold. Now, over the past two weeks, Congress meant Jim Jordan will be here with some news on that in a minute, but first breaking only a couple of minutes ago, two republican led committees in the Senate. They released more finding surrounding the Biden family, a sketchy, international business ties im sure that the media MOB protection program will protect 0 experience hunter again, but apparently Hunter was attempting to capitalize on his family
name. Negotiate business deals o late as two thousand and seventeen. According to the report, these new records confirm the connections between the Biden, family and communist chinese government, as well as the links between Hunter Bidens Business Associates and the russian government, and further support the Committee of September. Two hundred and two thousand and twenty report enter.
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