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Sean Hannity: Five actions to help preserve election integrity

2020-11-13 | 🔗
Sean Hannity outlines what lawmakers must do to restore faith in our electoral process
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Of course well continue to track this very important story, but we begin tonight with more breaking news surrounding the election. The hand recount in a state of Georgia is now underway. Emma calls for an election audit in multiple states are growing very slim margins. The Trump campaigns legal challenges continue to play out in court and coming up, we are going to bring you the very latest from all of the details. Kayleigh Mcenany is here and will also outline actions. Republicans need to take right now, every state legislature to restore fairness, integrity and confidence in our elections. The first lets take a look at an important reminder from Nancy Pelosi, see if this sounds like anybody, we know about counting every legal vote. This is her in two thousand and five asked for after the election, the american people must have every confidence that every vote legally cast will be legally
counted and accurately counted every legal vote counted and accurately what happened to speaker Pelosi. She now sounds like Donald Trump. Where are her cries for election integrity? Now, instead of counting every legal vote which she said she wanted to do, then Pelosi wants to take the election chaos now a step further with a so called election reform bill that would make it even harder to verify votes even more mail in ballots, ballots, less, voter identification and, as we have documented for nearly two weeks on this program, there has been widespread reports of irregularities arbitrarily discarded election laws dead people, oh thats, my favorite casting ballots, millions of mail in votes susceptible as the New York Times reminded us to fraud and abuse, and now, with a razor thin margins in half a dozen critical states. President Trump is now doing what any responsible election official would do.
Demanding every single legal vote be counted and it be verified. President Trump is not the only person calling for a closer look at the votes, as we reported earlier this week in Pennsylvania, lawmakers now on both sides of the aisle are calling for election audit. Just hours ago, Arizona Republicans sued the state to force a vote audit in that close election and in Michigan, two state senators also requesting an audit there. In a letter to Michigan Secretary of State, they accuse election officials of counting ineligible ballots and counting the same batches of ballots multiple times. They also accuse Michigan officials of under false information and giving it in the process a ballots and processing them and duplicating ballots illegally and fraudulently backdating mail in ballots and accepting ballots deposited in drop boxes after the deadline and, of course, blocking election observers from viewing the vote and the whole vote counting
process which, by the way, is in the statutory language of the law, something we saw in a lot of states. Meanwhile, down in Georgia, we have an ongoing hand recount. There is only one election monitor, apparently for every ten table. Vote. Counting now does not inspire confidence in you. It doesnt to me North Carolina surveillance, footage, youll love this, showing the husband of a local democratic candidate, repeatedly escorting voters inside the polling location to cast their ballots. One video actually shows him marking a voters- ballad, oh, but we were told there is never any fraud. One of our producers spoke to him today. He claims he did nothing wrong was just helping disabled voters cast their ballots. Does that inspire confidence in you? Now some huge states like Florida, Texas, Ohio they all did a great job on election night.
They should be commended. Many other critical states clearly dropped the ball. Not all Americans are having a real hard time, trusting believing having faith and confidence in the results, and rightfully so now this week, Daniel Horowitz published an op ed detailing my laws, Republicans better pass. If they want to stop any voter fraud, my top five would be. You know. Lawmakers need to end the practice of never ending early voting in every election. Critical late breaking developments could swing a race. We saw it in two thousand the weekend before election day. Remember DUI developments in this election. By the way some voters were in states casting ballots before the final debate. This has got to stop. The game is not fully played, yet there needs to be an election day, not an election month election two months, and then you know two weeks of counting
and mail in voting by the way. Number two that is wrought with problems and by the way must only be used in extreme circumstances when a voter is unable to vote in person and email in votes have got to be verified with a matching signature. Common sense, theres got to be one standard for signature across all ballots and third voters should absolutely be required to use a photo. I dot d in order to vote by the way I go to the Dnc Convention every four years. Every time I go guess what I need a photo. I dot d im, not sure why Democrats think it is unfair to require that same standard at a polling, location and number four. All these drop off boxes ballots. I would say we need to keep an eye on it. Twenty four slash seven may be have people from both sides watching it number five. As the law already prescribes partisan election
observers, they must be allowed real access to view the voting process from beginning to end, without any exceptions whatsoever, theyve got to actually be able to see it come up front, not a hundred feet away, not twenty feet away, not six feet away. Those people on both sides of the aisle should be able to have a full viewing access to the process and, needless to say, all states should be implementing the best possible voting technology, one that is safe, one that is secure, one that is easy to use easy to set up states control their own elections, but certain high standards need to be much. We owe it to the american people and lets face it. This past election was a train wreck. Some of the most critical swinging voting states.
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