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Sean Hannity on Hunter Biden investigation: 'This is not going away'

2020-12-17 | 🔗
'Hannity' host responds to calls from top GOP lawmakers for Trump to appoint special counsel
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Hurting real Americans, our friend MIKE Rhoades, back first, we have tonight we begin with the disturbing problem with the Democratic Socialist Party at the very same people who scream to Russia, Prussia, Russia, four years and years, they might want to know, begin taking a long look in the mirror because they must address what is an all too cozy relationship with all things: China, China, China. We have long documented on this program, beginning in January of two thousand and eighteen, when Peter Schweizer with Seeker empires, come up the peoples Empire of China. They are bad regimes. There are the most malignant government on earth and thats saying something given the other hostile regimes like Russia and IRAN that didnt stop zero experience Hunter Biden. He was raking in millions in cash and equity from well connected high, ranking chinese nationals and begging
for millions more from a chinese energy company breaking tonight. We can report that hunters ask business associates were actively looking for ways to get Joe involved in their China venture one of hunters, former partners, texted lets, get the company set up and then tell h and family and the high stakes and get Joe involved. Let me repeat: why on earth would hunters business associates want to get Joe Biden involved with a private equity deal on a forward country like China, which is a hostile regime towards us? Were they selling the access special treatment? Are they compromised, in other words the former vice president and his son? What does China have on them? What potential compromise can exist and what does this mean for the country?
I remember during a train wreck interview on Gma zero experience Hunter claimed. He had not received one son from his China deals now. Why would he have said that Johnson Grassley Report contradicts that in detail with millions of wire transfers with China? The report also found hunters family went on one hundred thousand dollars shopping. Spree complements of a chinese national. Remember Tony Bob Belinsky was on with Tucker thats, his former business partner. It even hunters own attorney, was forced to issue a clarification. After the Gma interview admitting his clients received equity, it tends to be in the millions of millions of dollars. We now know breaking tonight. A report from daily caller shows that Hunter Biter was due to receive massive payouts from a chinese equity venture, starting in twenty nineteen and continuing for a couple of years. In other words, to put it simply
as we speak, Hunter or someone else in the body and family might be receiving cash. Now from China, Joe Biden wants to run this country. His son might well be getting cash payments from what is our number one adversary, the most malignant country in the world. That is more than a little concerning. If the name was Trump, my wonder how the media would wrap. That is worse than anything. The russian collusion treaters ever dreamed up. Joe Biden wants you to believe that this is nothing more than a big right wedding. Smear campaign. Take a look. We have great confidence in our son. I am not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him. It its used to get to me. I think its kind of foul play, but look. It is what it is: hes a grown man hes, the smartest man. I know I mean the pure intellectual capacity
as long as he is good. We are good as long as hes good were good thats, not good to me Hunter Biden under federal criminal probe involving international money laundering tax evasion. This is not going away and its not a right wing smear at this as an independent, federal probe. That has nothing to do with President Trump or his administration. It Senator Rand Paul. He is rightly calling on the feds to treat hunter just like how they would treat anyone else connected to Trump or his campaign to take a look. If hes confident he should leave in place the? U dot S attorney, who is investigating Hunter Biden traditionally, when new president comes in they fire? The new: u DOT S attorneys if they want to show its going to be an upright upstanding Biden Administration and they are going to let the cards lie where the cards lie. He needs to leave that: U Dot S attorney in place at that something very carefully to watch,
if the? U dot S attorney, is fired within the first week of the administration and its going to him Biden appointee you can tell its fixed in Hunter Biden, deserves the same justice, Paul Manafort out, no matter what happens, but the investigation at least zero experience Hunter will always have something to fall back on breaking this week. Despite no real experience in the art world, it appears that zero experience Hunter was able to land a solo show at a prominent New York ART gallery. I wonder how we got that im sure its his great talents. Of course, the Biden family is not the only liability inside the Democratic Party House Intel Eric Swalwell had a years worth long relationship with the reported chinese Spine named Christina Fang. It Swalwell to the state refuses to answer a single question about whether or not the relationship was more than platonic, which could make a
difference. Fang has been accused of sleeping with many politicians across the country. It raises the question: what, if anything, did he divulge in terms of state secrets being on the House Intel Committee to this spied that he was hanging out with in awful lot? We dont have an idea, and this is been hidden from the american people for long time. Swalwell another russian truther refuses to answer any of our questions. Take a look. Swalwell depend on stepping down from the committee. Can you tell us anything about us with the relationship with Miss Fang anything Swalwell? What did you know?
When did he know it? What did Pelosi know? When did she know what the same goes for the correct congenital liar, the comparable ones, one himself Adam Schiff to swallow must be removed from the Intel committee. Hes had a long relationship with a chinese spy. She placed an intern in his office. His judgment is lacking. He cant be trusted with the state secrets. Imagine the outrage and the mob the media would have if he was a Republican or had the last name Trump did. The reaction would be apoplectic. It would be filled with breathless hysteria. Second, Dr Second, of every day, because he is a Democrat from California hes gotten now a free pass and continues to have one the corrupted media mob. It does not serve. We the american people, it only serves their agenda.
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