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Sean Hannity's town hall with President Trump: Part 2

2020-06-25 | 🔗
President Trump discusses his administration's achievements, media bias, priorities for a second term, John Bolton's book and concerns over voter fraud with Sean Hannity in Green Bay.
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Welcome back welcome back, we are in Green Bay Wisconsin. The audience has some questions for the President going to with Linda. Thank you for being here with us today Windows. I bought a lot of windows over the years. I shouldnt give them a free commercial, but they did a good job. A great window, Wisconsin love it up here. My cuban background, I have a question for you. I appreciate so much what you have done for this country and I know its been tough. What do you think is your greatest accomplishment in your eyes, a lot of people think its the fact that we will have before and finish this term. We will have close to three hundred judges. A lot of people think thats a record, a number that nobody can even believe and part of it was
that President Obama was unable to get judges approved about one hundred and forty two judges so got them approved, and then we will be close to three hundred and two Supreme Court judges. So a lot of people would say that I think one of them was the military space force which we have added up to seventy six years. A new branch of the military, a very important deal, because its going to be very important already is, I would say, the rebuilding of the military and the taking care of our vets. The VA was a disaster. All of my life ive seen these horror stories. I dont want to jinx it because they are going to try to find someone who is unhappy. You dont see that anymore and our administrator, our secretary, has done a fantastic job and ninety one percent approval rating with the VA and weve got veterans, choice approved in veterans, accountability, thats,
where you can fire people to do a bad job, couldnt do it before they try to get it for fifty years because of the civil service unions, couldnt get it. I got it and the other thing is veterans choice where if they cant see a doctor, we have great doctors in the VA. But if you cant see a doctor, you go out and you get a private doctor and pay the bill and you have no idea how great its been and actually you save money believe it or not. We save lives, tremendous number of lives and, I would say, thats an achievement, but we have done a lot. The largest tax cuts ever you look at our regulation cuts more than any other administration. We cut regulations and we still have a lot more. We are going to be cutting in the next month and a half, so we have done a lot and we are very proud of it and we have the best until this artificial problem. I call it an artificial problem
had to turn over our country to save millions of lives and now weve turned it back on and it is coming back much faster than anybody thought possible. So weve done a lot of things, but it could be. Judges could be the military. Thank you two questions. The question I get asked most often about the people that love and support you. They want to know why you fight so hard with the media. Why do you fight against them? Take on anybody- and you answer this, interestingly, in the Martha and Brett Town Hall, and for those who say, maybe you shouldnt bite on all these issues, what you say for that, I dont have a choice I didnt take on the media. I wouldnt be here with you tonight I would be watching on television may be in the crowd, but id be watching. I wouldnt be interviewed, he couldnt win and I have it even to this day,
the New York Times is so dishonest. The Washington post is so dishonest. They write things. You can do something great, you can do something horrible, you can do something good and they would make it sound beyond belief. Bad, like its the worst thing ever and I said a little bit before you can do something great and it doesnt get reported. That is in a way just as bad, because a lot of people can figure it out the level of dishonesty in the media. I think they are the most dishonest people ive ever dealt with. You are an honest journalist, a great journalist. We have great journalist, look at the Pulitzer Prize. The Pulitzer Prize is very embarrassing and lost a lot of its credibility, because all of these writers got Pulitzer prizes on Russia and they were all wrong. John Solomon, in all of the people that you deal with and you by the way, Laura Lou, Dobbs, Fox and friends,
people that are great great group in the morning, including the weekends with PETE, but some great people Pulitzer Prize is on Russia and they were wrong. We were right on the deep state. They were wrong. They were wrong for three years. Ukraine thing was a hoax appear hoax. They impeached a duly elected president of the United States on a perfect conversation. Actually two conversations. The first one was hello, good, bye. They dont even talk about that. The second one was about the same thing: they impeached a president of the United States. In all fairness, the Republican Party was great because youve got 196, 0 republican votes in the house and fifty two and a half to half rounding too bad. I call it fifty two and a half to a
half because he had to votes, and one was yes, but they were great. The Republican Party was great because they knew it was a hoax was purely a party line impeachment. Nothing like thats ever happened before. To add to that, they had to ignore Joe on tape, saying youre not getting the building and unless you fire, the prosecutor investigating my zero experience on making millions, but with that said, Jim is with us from beautiful Wisconsin. Mr President, welcome to Green Bay Wisconsin great to have you with us. My question, for you is with all the unrest weve seen across the country and right here in the state of Wisconsin last night, in our capital city, a senator was beaten, ripped off her pedestal. We lost some other statues. What steps is the administration taking to give us back our streets? Very strong?
You happen to have a democrat governor right now. You had that if Scott, where the governor he wouldnt, have that the person they beat up was a Democrat who happened to be, and he was out there, rooting them on or something its a very sick thing going on. No ones ever seen it Biden is going to be. I dont think Biden is a radical left. Think Biden is a radical left, but it doesnt matter hes shy, whether you like it or not, the radical left is going to take it over the Prettyman mainline guy. He just got killed in the election week got yesterday. He
was supposed to be issue in and he got hit by a strong, far left candidate. You have a couple of other congressmen and women that probably are going to lose or are going to lose too close. To call look at whats happened to the Democrats, and these are people that take a look at Venezuela. Venezuela was a very rich country, a great country, a beacon. Twenty years ago, the richest country in Latin South America, everything good they dont have food, they dont have water. They have death all over people. Have nothing, is the same exact mind, set and philosophy that we have today on attack and it wont happen not while im here wont happen, but a guy, like Biden, hes, going to have no power to do anything about it and they are dragging him Bernie Sanders said my sole
focus now is to take Joe Biden Hue left theyre going to do it because there is nobody in the center left anymore. He was left anyway, but there is nobody in the center its a disgrace. Whats happened to our country. Now, with that being said, the Republicans have to get tougher and im telling them all the time, because they are sitting back and want to be politically correct and think its terrible to say something bad. No, I told them he will see if anyone attacks stopped a number of times, but you will see whats happening and we told them every night. We are going to get tougher and tougher and at some point going to be retribution because there has to be these. People are vandals, but they are agitators, but really they are terrorists. In a sense, so I think think you will be ext impressed. You have to put pressure. Also. I love the Republicans. I am at ninety. Six percent approval rating in the Republican Party has said youre going to have to
get tougher. You cant be politically correct anymore, because we are really fighting something that is very dangerous. Thank you lets talk about a second term. You were here in one hundred and thirty one days from now at some point. In the night or early morning we could now project Donald J Trump has been to be elected. The 45th president of the United States lets talk, lets, compare and contrast, and what are your top priority items for a second term, one of the things that will be really great. The word experience is no good. I always say talent is more important, but the word experience has a very important word, a very important meaning. I never did this before never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington seventeen times and now im the President of the United States writing down Pennsylvania Avenue with the first lady and say this is great, but I didnt know very many
people. It wasnt my thing I was from Manhattan from New York and now I know everybody. I have great people in the administration. You make some mistakes like an idiot like Bolton, you dont have to drop bombs on everybody. A John Bolton in fact release classified material. Should he be prosecuted, he did release classified. He had a judge. That said they released the book early so that he couldnt do it, but he said this is very dangerous. What youve done for yourself and also any money that youve made good luck. This is a very powerful opinion. He has a sick guy. There is something wrong with him, but I noticed that earlier and he made to go very bad mistakes made a mistake where he talked about that. He was on to face the nation and talked about the libyan model and I said thats a disaster because you know why
and the other thing he said going into Iraq was a good thing. I said: okay now you know it wasnt right. No, I still think it was so we are in for eight dollars trillion in the Middle EAST and you think that was a good thing and I am pulling out getting everybody out nice and easy going nicely. You think it was good to go into Iraq and into the Middle EAST. Yes, so those two things happened early in his period of time. Only there a short while once he said those two things I know longer paid much attention to him. If any but ill tell you he was good for one thing, everyone thought he was crazy because all he wants to do was bomb people lets fight. Russia lets fight. China take them on at the same time, hes crazy. When I walked into a room with him, I knew that when I saw Bolton they always give me what I wanted saying: hes got this maniac with him. So, in a way he helped me in terms of a negotiation but
seriously he didnt do a good job. He wasnt smart, he wasnt sharp and he is the only man I think ive ever met knew him for a year a short time. I dont think I ever saw him smile once I said: do you ever smile and it tells you something about? Somebody still did back the caliphate. The leader in Yemen we took out the number one terrorist in the world took out Al Baghdadi, who was also considered number one. They fought for number one and I got them. Both Obama should have gotten Al Baghdadi, but we took them both out. We took one hundred percent of the caliphate when I took it over, it was all the place. It wont be on your second term agenda to drop cargo planes of cash in IRAN, im just guessing one point: eight billion in green, beautiful cash. One point: eight billion.
I think it was five plan runs of cash, one point: eight thousand one hundred and fifty billion. I was more impressed with one point: eight billion in cash. If you want to know the truth, it was one of those things mark Wisconsin. How are you on? Well, you look like Bolton, but a better looking version. I could do as good a job. I think, looking forward to your second term. The big concern ive got is: how are you going to make sure that the election is fair and free from fraudulent absentee votes and mail in ballots that the concern ive got? I think thats, the most important question ill be asked. So now we have a male in thing and you see California sending out millions and millions of dollars. Where are they going? Is the post man going to hand them out, take them out of the mailboxes? The other thing thats very
important. You get a foreign country talking Russia or China, especially China, not Russia, especially China. Are they going to print millions of dollars using the exact same paper using the exact same machines and are they going to print ballots and then hand them in and all of a sudden, its the biggest risk? We have the mail in ballot, not so much the absentee ballot because going to have to vote in Florida Et Cetera, but people go through a process for that, its really pretty good, but the mail in ballots they mailed to anybody and they send them out by the millions. I think I read over thirty million ballots are going to be sent out in California. Where are they going? Nobody is standing there watching you vote at least you get in line and they are using. It said the other day we went through world war. I and we voted, went through World WAR Ii and we voted, and now we have a virus and by that time itll be less and less.
Why are we going to vote? People want to vote, would be nice to be able to see the people, and on top of that they should have the I dot d voting. We should have I dot d ballots, absolutely great question. You said you would like to have more than three debates with Joe Biden. I said ill have three. I didnt say I want more. You say you want more. Just to you say you want more just to show what a trick businesses I dont like to say that I will do whatever number they want to do its okay with me, but a minimum of three. I guess three is the minimum, but he is already saying he cant do the debates because of covid? Can you believe it? I just heard a little inkling of it. Two days ago, I said, watch this one now I will do any amount of debates. You understand what I mean theyll say: oh, he is afraid, hes afraid hes going to lose. No. What I want to do is ill do three and any amount that they
want. Doesnt make any difference to me. He has a candidate that will destroy this country and he may not do it himself that he will be run by a.
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