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Second night of looting, unrest in Philadelphia after police shooting

2020-10-27 | 🔗
Stores across city hit by looters; Fox News' Leland Vittert reports live on 'Hannity.'
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President Trump at his third valley of the day, Omaha Nebraska, first violence and lawlessness continued to plague our democratic run cities following the fatal police shooting of an armed african american man in Philadelphia Monday night protest erupted looting going on tonight overnight, Monday, early Tuesday arrested ninety one rioters, while thirty officers suffered injuries, another night of violent protests, the Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed to Philadelphia on here with the latest on how this all got started. Fox news reporter Lee Lind. Thank you certainly not anywhere near to enough police or National guard out here. This is looting lacrimal, but right now they knocked over the liquor store back there and still taking cases out of liquor there. This all began with a shooting yesterday of Walter Wallace, who was a man who had a nice and
came at police, take a look at the video and decide for yourself if police were in the yourself. If police were in the right last night, the violence was last night. The violence was mostly contained to West Philadelphia, the area right around where the shooting happened, but in the past three hours or so it has expanded to all the Philadelphia. Thirty five minutes away and so far theres been a foot locker and a Walmart looted also a number of other stores up and down this entire strip, and you have to understand that these neighborhoods have been pummeled by the coronavirus. So these business owners right now are just watching whatever they were able to go ahead and rebuild being, quite literally wheeled out from their stores. I think that the washing
machine we see people looting Christmas trees as well, and they just go store by store up the.
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