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Sen. David Perdue: Georgia runoff elections are 'fight of our life'

2020-11-18 | 🔗
Republican joins 'Hannity' to look ahead to Jan. 5 votes that will determine whether GOP holds Senate majority
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Fuel pack, the court and put us into bankruptcy here to explain Georgia Senator David Perdue. You know you got so close, but this those are the rules, talk about the governor and the Secretary of State and all these votes. We are finding in Georgia. Well, first of all Sean I have to tell you. I think President Trump has every right to demand that every legal vote be counted and every illegal vote be removed and thats whats at stake. Here we are in the fight of our lives here. This is, we are the last line of defense in Georgia thats. What makes every vote count right now in this. If we win torture, we save America frankly thats, why you need your viewers to help us to chip in a few bucks to help us right now we are in the process of trying to find out. We just found a few thousand votes that have disappeared for the last week and a half that you showed up and now President Trump is within ten thousand votes of Biden in Georgia and im right now. Ten thousand even oy,
won by two points. Im still about ten thousand votes away from the fifty percent margin that you have to get in Georgia or go into this nine week runoff. You know I lived for years in Georgia. I love the state, love the people of the state and I cannot believe whats unfolding. How is it even possible that this could happen two weeks after an election, and when you identify the differences between you and your opponent, and what these two Senate races mean? Are the people of Georgia keenly aware? Did they understand how big this is? This? Is it all eyes on Georgia? Well Kelly Loeffler and I are the republican candidates for these two seats and, as I said, the majority comes down to these two seats, its our job, to make sure that the people of Georgia know just whats at stake, but we know what the Democrats want to do. Youve just highlighted most of it, but they want illegal immigrants to vote. They want to defund the police, they want to take away our private health insurance and
they want to stack the courts thats, not what our government has always been about its been about checks and balances in what Schumer said the other day that if we would not, Georgia would change America AOC said we are all about. We want to win those two seats because we do do not w to negotiate. She wants the green new deal. Weve got to make sure the people in Georgia turn out again, weve already beaten the Democrats. Fifty two point: five percent of Georgia voters rejected this liberal left, move that the Democrats are trying to perpetrate and I think thats, a big sign that nobody is talking about. I hope the people are you talking to the people in Georgia and how are they reacting to this unfolding mass there and do they? In other words, is there a groundswell of anger that is going to push people to the polls or maybe they throw their hands up? Why bother after im watching this Adam Schiff show? Well, it could go either way. I think there are a lot of
voters were trumped voters in Georgia, who are disheartened. They are angry because they think the president did not get a fair shake in Georgia. We know there are in proprieties in Georgia and they are being investigated right now. What we are trying to do is make sure that those same opportunities for impropriety are not there with a January fifth election, I mean this is what weve got to convince people, that their vote is going to be counted and its going to be accounted for accurately and so thats. The biggest thing our job right now is to make sure that the base gets out and votes and knows how important this is. This is the fight of our lives, Sean, as you said over and over this week. If we lose the seats, we may not get another shot at this, because Schumer will get a perpetual majority and we wont be able to break through their when he adds two new states and four new democratic seats. This is the fight of our lives to make sure that we continue to have a balanced approach to government. In America Senator, I cannot even put enough emphasis on how accurate you are.
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