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Sen. Graham on Durham probe: It's a good day for the rule of law

2020-08-14 | 🔗
Former FBI lawyer expected to plead guilty to altering evidence in FISA warrant; South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham reacts.
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The time for accountability is upon us joining me now for reaction, senator for the great state of South Carolina chairman of the Judiciary Committee, welcome to you Senator Lindsey, Graham youre, doing really good its a good day for the rule of law. I was thinking on the way over here. Over the past four years, there have been more FBI, employees indicted them. There have been Trump family members. What does that say about what the country has been through over the last four years? There are a couple story lines today and FBI lawyer in charge of reviewing warrants is going to plead guilty to falsified documents to the FISA Court against a Trump advisor, and if you are lucky, youll find this in the mainstream media. For thirty seconds,
can you imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and the FBI lawyer pled guilty today to falsified documents against Hillary Clinton advisors? It would be front page news thats, the world we live in. I want to applaud Mr Horowitz, the inspector general. Without him. We wouldnt have known this. What this lawyer did is a really big deal. We have to trust the system. There has to be a certain amount of trust. This is a lawyer, a man of the law, a member of the bar who took it upon himself to falsified documents and keep an investigation going that shouldve been stopped. The media cant figure out why this is a big day for the rule of law. Something tells me that Mr Clinesmith knows where the bodies are buried and if I were in the FBI working on crossfire hurricane, I would be very worried right now. Speaking of working for the FBI and being worried,
you were concerned. The FBI maybe had misled the Senate Intelligence Committee. Can you update us on that? This is a big day for transparency and the rule of law law, Mr Horwitz its not in his report, but he found a briefing document dated sometime in February, two thousand and eighteen that was prepared by the FBI, because the Senate Intel Committee used to be on the house. Intel committee had real concerns about the russian sub source. They asked of the to come in and brief him. I asked Director Wray, who did the briefings its bill: Priestap hes, one of the leaders of crossfire hurricane. He told the FBI in twenty seventeen. There is zero corroboration for the dossier. I wouldnt trust it with a solid grain of salt.
They knew for over a year and now youve got Bill Priestap on February 15th, two thousand and eighteen with four other people from the FBI briefing this Senate Intel Committee completely whitewashing the truth about the reliability of the dossier. Director Ray has been really good. Hes, given me the information, but what I want to do with this is turn it over to Durham, because I think the briefing in two thousand and eighteen a year after the source, told the FBI. It was a bunch of garbage whitewashing. That report is potentially another crime im going to send all of this to Durham. When I get it, the american people are watching. Democrats and mayors of liberal and progressive cities complain about state and local police misconduct. Where is the outrage among Democrats, when you have police misconduct over an entity, they actually have power over
control over, which is the FBI. Why is there not more bipartisan outrage over the last four years years to my judiciary, committee Democrats? This is about the rule of law. Many of you have been: U Dot S attorneys. What we have here is an FBI lawyer, falsified documents to the FISA court to keep an investigation going that should have stopped falsifying documents to get a warrant against an american citizen part of the presidential campaign we now have in two thousand and eighteen a year after they told the FBI. It was a bunch of garbage the dossier, an effort by the FBI to lie to Congress and the reason that Prestaff lied to Congress is if he told what the truth he would expose the lie to the court. Mr Horowitz deserves a lot of credit here. The next thing im going to do is im going to call to the
committee and interview the case agent and the Intel analyst who interviewed the russian sub source in January and March of two thousand and seventeen, and they got memos showing it was a bunch of garbage. The guide denied the reliability of the dossier, zero, corroboration and heres. A simple question: the most high profile case may be ever in the history of the FBI: completely fell apart in terms of reliability. Who did you tell what is the likelihood that the people who interviewed the russian sub source did not tell Mccabe eventually call me? Our case fell apart thats, where im headed. If they knew about this interview, if they got a warrant in April or June months after the interview, they should go to jail. Let me ask you quickly: we got about twenty
seconds. What is the future if any of the FISA court its hanging in the balance, because people abuse Power- and God knows we need it because the terrorists are coming after us, we have to rehabilitate the system. The only way people are going to trust the FBI and Pfizer in the.
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