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Sen. John Kennedy: Joe Biden may be the nominee, but Bernie Sanders is the head of the Democratic Party

2020-08-18 | 🔗
Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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I am getting Trump Reelected im focus on one thing, all right. Thank you both here with reactions to the Dnc so far, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy. They are actually saying it. Green new deal, green distribution of wealth. How did Obamacare work out? They are mostly trying to hide it. Like AOC gets a minute. We are going to carry the whole minute, but you see what theyre doing yes and I didnt watch the whole convention last night, but I watched the news reports, Sean Heres, what I learned from last night, vice President Biden, may be the nominee of the party, but Bernie Sanders is the head of the party thats, clear and really what Senator Sanders has done is pretty breathtaking.
He and Congresswoman Vasile have this party up and moved it to the left. I hardly recognize it. There message to America is now finish: school get a job work hard, so we can take the money you earn and give it to somebody who didnt redistribution and race underpins all of their policies, and I dont recognize this democratic party. We are going to take some of Bill Clintons speech tonight, because I want to make a point. I will go into more detail. I have a Hannity mini monologue and I hope you wont miss it. We will have here Bill Clinton a little bit of problem at the daily mail today.
Bill Clinton typical him wouldnt. Imagine that if there was well equal application of the rule that he even be speaking there based on what we know his past conduct has been, but we will put that aside his policies. The era of big government is over the end of welfare, as we know it, wouldnt even be allowed in this party. Today, no- and I thought the clip you played of Senator Schumer shows how far he has moved politically look im very fond of Senator Schumer. I get along sorry to interrupt.
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