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Sen. Johnson: Joe Biden lied to US public about China connections

2020-12-14 | 🔗
Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman joins 'Hannity' to discuss Hunter Biden's business dealings
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More current, more current developments tonight surrounding the corruption from bidens business of the kit, as we call it, because a brand new email obtained by Fox NEWS shows the theory expert, zero experience. He had amended his tax forms because he had failed to disclose one hundred grand in incomes and as a new subpoena connected between the ongoing related documents and according to this another email obtained by Fox zero experience Hunter, he requested key, is being made for his office, mates and hes, referring to his dad and Uncle Jim, and he planned to share with the chinese business partner now a full fledged corruption scandal, the bidens compromise- and I
wonder if these have copies of hunters left top. What hunters says what we dont know yet is devastating, not hyperbole and not hysteria, its all been hidden from the public. Since two thousand and eighteen ask yourself: why was a Senate not made aware of all of this during that impeachment trial to hearsay, nonwhistle blower, whistle blower? Why was all the relevant information, like the FBI, been in possession with the laptop, not part of the trial and directly dealt with corruption? Dont forget Joe Biden is actually on tape bragging about the prosecutors they had fired and combine all of that with what we already know from Senator RON Johnson and his Senate committee, two thousand and thirteen Peter Schweizer Hunter Biden flew aboard AIR Force two in a trip to China.
Ultimately one dollar and fifty cents billion deal with the chinese Investment Fund Hunter also opened up. A joint bank account with the Chinese National connected to the national connected to the Chinese Communist Party Hunt, two thousand and fourteen and remember the first lady in Moscow, former Ex mayor of Moscow, wife that places the name Hunter Biden with Ivanka Trump. How do you think Democrats and the media mob would cover it Tiffany Trump wired over one hundred and forty grand two hundred bidens firm, earmarked for a brand new car reality is undeniable Hunter Biden used his last name selling access. I know we have to wonder what do they have on him, wonder if they have pictures of the crack pipe
here with the react to it as Wisconsin Senator RON Johnson. Do we have information on whats? Do we have information on whats on the laptop when Senator Grassleysenator Grassley Report and Peter Schweizer released his reporting and now its postelection and amazingly, the mainstream media recognizing the mainstream media recognizing this Hunter Biden and the chinese companies with individuals with connections with the Chinese Communist Party and the Peoples Liberation Army? We talk about the guy, they got the key, but what about one of their associates? Who was
convicted of corrupt practices, act and money laundering? This is the guy that, when he was arrested, the first call he placed was to James Biden, which was a mistake. He was trying to get a hold of hunter and I think Hunter was paid, something like a million dollars on successfully defending and because Patrick spent some time in jail. Now. We know another example of how Joe Biden had to know how how Joe Biden had to know how these business connections no argument from me. We know that we have other enemies. China is the biggest threat of all. What is the likelihood that, based on what we know in the deals that they have done, that they have compromise and materials on any one of the Biden family? That would concern me? One of the companies was Hudson West. Three.
There are a bunch of Hudson West companies, one two three four five: we had about a million dollars of wire transfers and cash transactions going back and forth in twenty seventeen and two thousand and eighteen President Biden is out of office. I dont know whether he had ownership interest in that order. Hudson West three same company name and, of course, thats a company name with the parentheses Ce Sc: U Dot s which is supposed to have signage of that office space. They least ensure the key with today voting started in in person voting early voting in Georgia. How important are those two Senate races? On January fifty two, you being able to continue your investigation with Senator Grassley its crucial, because if we retain them during the Senate, Chairman Grassley Eppley will become chairman of the Senate
Judiciary Committee again, and neither one of us have got to the bottom of this. Both of us are frustrated with the unfair and biased treatment on the part of the media. The unfair and biased suppression of information from these agencies and, of course, the unequal system of justice that we are witnessing in this country is shocking. Senator I would like to see that were continue and another outcome would be all the hard work that the President had accomplished in four years and if they had their way, they probably would investigate the.
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