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Sen. Joni Ernst on efforts to force cities, states to hold violent agitators accountable

2020-06-26 | 🔗
New bill from Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst would deny federal funds to cities and states that permit lawless 'autonomous zones.'
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Here at the nations capital, thank you, fences do work all right, left wing lawlessness is also gripping the West Coast today has so called chopped. Protesters in Seattle are continuing to stop city workers from clearing out the area. Businesses and residents are fed up with the failure of leadership, saving the city and accusing leaders of being complicit in the chaos and crime in the zone, but Republicans are taking action because breaking tonight President Trump has signed a new executive order to protect our national monument head is vowing to restore order. Head is vowing to restore order tweeting earlier today to make sure law and order is enforced. In the United States Senate Iowa Senator Joni Ernst has a new bill to end anarchy in the streets by denying federal funds
to cities and states that allowed these types of lawless autonomous stones. Here. To explain. More is author of the new book daughter of the Heartland Iowa Republican, Senator Joni Ernst. Thank you. So much for joining us here explain what your new bill would explain. What your new bill would do going from those autonomous zone zone for those that prevent for those that prevent law enforcement if they truly want to be autonomous that they can exist on their own, they would be
shocked by how they floated these different city states. Department of Justice grants those types of things senator when you see what has happened and transpired in Seattle in chop or jazz or whatever theyre calling themselves at the moment. What runs through your mind, I think it is actually quite ironic because we saw with the death of George Floyd for law enforcement officer that had lost morality, was corrupt, lost, all empathy for a fellow human beings and thats exactly what we see these different groups embracing lawlessness, corruption and everything that they said they were against. They are actually practicing in these autonomous zones is rather ironic that they are going down that path and I think its actually very sad. They truly are a great nation and we should celebrate our diversity. Have peaceful
discussions. Anarchy is not part of that conversation. How do you react to those cities and states and the Democrats on the far left wing they have taken this position about defunding the police department, defunding things seems to get their attention and seems your bill would get even more of their attention right. It should get their attention, however defunding the police is just a provocative catchphrase that the liberal elites will use just to get attention, but truly, when the day comes, when they have defunded and dismantled their police department, and they really need someone to come to their aid. They will regret that movement. We are a country of law and order and we need to make sure that we are training our police properly, that we are moving forward on police reform legislation which the Senate Democrats blocked the other day.
I dont understand that move, but we do have the best and brightest out there working in uniforms and blue, so we need to support them, make sure they are trained and equipped properly make sure that they can de escalate certain situations and simply getting rid of them. Dismantling them is not a viable option. What are they thinking about when Senator TIM Scott puts forward a bill? My understanding is, we are going to be up to some twenty something, odd amendments that would be allowed in this process process. Even the debate of this bill, racial injustice and that we have an opportunity to come together in Congress and provide a path forward, and the Democrats blocked it just straight out. Didnt even
want to debate the merits of the bill, which the TIM Scott Bill is. Seventy to eighty percent of what the Democrats to eighty percent of what the Democrats wanted to see as a first step. That is exactly that is exactly right. A senator ive got to tell you law and order will be a key component going into two thousand and twenty. I dont know how a national party, like the Democrats, fight against the border patrol against ice and against law enforcement in general and survive. Ive only got ten seconds or so, but if you had to guess right now, who does Joe Biden pick up now? Who does Joe Biden pick up
as his vice president? I cant wait for the debates. A senator! Congratulations on.
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