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Sen. Lindsey Graham: Law and order is on the ballot in November

2020-09-01 | 🔗
The strongest voice in America for the law enforcement community is President Trump, says South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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Shouldnt happen to any of us all right, John Solomon. We will stay on it. Thank you sad. In a disturbing development, the FBIS warning Chicago area police. Look at this reported gain pact to shoot on sight. Any cop that has a weapon drawn on any suspect. One strong voice defending Americas police has been Senator Lindsey, Graham, who recently received the endorsement of the South Carolina, fraternal order of police, his upcoming Senate reelection race. In sixty three days senator Graham there is literally millions and millions of dollars. I want the good people of South Carolina to understand this. That would be gamecock fans and USC Fans and Clemson all of them. There are millions of dollars being spent to smear slander, besmirch you, but it aint coming from
South Carolina that money, no its not. I wear this as a badge of honor, every liberal in the country hates my guts for two reasons. I stood up for Kavanaugh when he was having his life ruined and I helped get him through. I am proud of that. I am proudly supporting president Trump. The unpardonable sin of the left South Carolina is not for sale. My opponent is going to raise twenty five dollars million the most of any Democrat in the country in this cycle. Three months. If you want to help me Lindsey, Graham dot com, you mentioned something about a strong voice. The strongest voice in America for the law enforcement community. Is President Trump in his convention. He showcased the cops victims of crime, family members who had lost their loved one serving as a police officer. This is the most dangerous time in american history to be a cop, because criminals have no fear. Liberal prosecutors and politicians have no respect for the police.
God bless you, President Trump LAW and order is on the ballot and we are going to kick their ass for the men and women in Blue, some of the famous people that dont live in South Carolina that are donating to get you ousted from South Carolina. I have to imagine my friends in South Carolina. They are not going to like this list right who is on the list? Rosie Odonnell, Barbra Streisand, you name every liberal in Hollywood. They want to take me out. They want to flip the Senate. South Carolina is not for sale. There is not enough money. You can print to convince south Carolinians to back the socialist agenda. President Trump is going to win and im going to win, relied orders on the ballot. God help this country. If we lose lose, we are in a fight for the heart and soul of the country. I hope you get that. I know your audience does stand up and be counted respond if you can give give to me, give to other senators fighting the good fight
stand behind this process. This president is doing what he needs to do: Lindsey, Graham dot com, all right, Senator get on the internet. I am there.
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