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Sen. Perdue vows the 'road to socialism' will not run through Georgia

2020-12-04 | 🔗
Republican addresses concerns about election integrity in the Peach State on 'Hannity'
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In Georgia and promising to spend twenty million on the races, the very latest state of the campaign and much more Georgia, Senator David Perdue, I do believe strongly when you look at the lawsuit in March with Democratic Party in Georgia, the democratic senatorial Campaign Committee, the congressional committee- this is March of this year- then they change the signature, verification standards. You have a mailing ballots. You have one standard that the application has to match the ballots, but youre, not verifying who is applying. Meanwhile, a very stringent in person standard based on the states database, a more rigid with photo, I dot d. I dont know why we didnt need a recount. We did it signature verification consistent for everybody. Why did that not happen?
Im as outraged as anybody Sean, and I was the first one a few days after the election after I saw what was going on and not being able to get an accurate count of, then we started raising questions about the signatures, and I was the first one to call for his signature on it because of all the changes that came out of the decree. We have a situation Georgias never had before before you compare the signature on the absentee ballot application and the envelopes back to the registration. That didnt happen in every case, and we have a double standard eyes. You side, if you vote in person which most Republicans did in Georgia, you have a high standard of voter. I dot d standard by the way absentee ballots went from an average about five percent historically to over thirty percent in November. I will leave it to the viewers to determine, but we know some things on wrong here. You dont have as much information coming out today,
but here we are in December. We still dont have the determination- and yes Kelly, Loeffler and Dyer, given the task to look forward to January the fifth and make darn sure that we dont let the world of socialism by losing the two seats. I understand the Secretary of State: has the power to do it, but doesnt the governor of Georgia, have the ability to call into session the legislature to put a fix on the signature issue, but also the drop boxes as anybody monitoring the drop boxes was Michael. We have enough poll watchers and lawyers on January fifth in Denver early Voti times. I can assure you that the voters of Georgia, I called for that signature on it. The president has repeatedly called that signature on it, the governor called for it again. Today we are going to do everything we can come on now, just on the signatures, but all the other anomalies coming to light.
We are taking every recourse available to US state legislature going through the legal courts that will help us potentially get some of this address when we go to the polls on January fifth are in, for early voting are the absentee ballots. We are assured that every single ballot is legal will be counted and every illegal ballot will not thats the minimum standard of the democracy. This is like a banana republic right here now. Im outraged by it can you guarantee that the dock, the drop boxes are monitored and guaranteed that lawyers will be on hand. Poll watchers will be really able to absorb as the law allows, and you support the idea of a special session to fix this before January. Fifth, look and with that use ever tool, I have if the legal courts will help us
do that. All of the above we need to do to make sure we have a clear and transparent and accurate vote for January. The fifth Georgia was my home for four wonderful years, and I love all my friends in Georgia. The whole country is counting on you, your race, Kelly, Loefflers,.
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