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Sen. Ron Johnson: 'Vast web' of corporate connections between Biden family, Chinese nationals

2020-09-23 | 🔗
Senate Homeland Security Committee chair connects the dots between Hunter Biden and his dealings in Russia, China
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Sex trafficked and no one in the media mob bats. An eyelash here with more, is Senator RON Johnson, the great state of Wisconsin. He let this investigation hes, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Senator I dont, get shocked very often Joe always said. No serious person thought this was a big deal and he was on tape breaking about well youre, not getting a billion dollars in this. You fire, a ukrainian prosecutor, it turned out was investigating his son, who had no experience that was being paid millions, its a lot deeper than that now, hello, Sean. My thoughts and prayers also go out to that Louisville police officer and his family. The left wing, inspired, rioting and anarchy has to end. We Cantt allow America to go down this path, basically follow the money watching the mainstream medias coverage. They are shrugging and saying its old news, its not old news we have laid out. According to our report on China, there
exists a vast web of corporate connections and transactions between and among the Biden, family and chinese nationals. Some of these chinese nationals have connections to the current commons government and past affiliations to the Peoples Liberation Army. This is serious business here. All these investigations against Trump are justified by the fact. Can you imagine President Trump has these entanglements, the black male potential, take a look at the bidens cash all around the world represents strong conflict of interest. Extortion, counterintelligence risk that we can ignore. There were numerous warnings. One came from George Kent, who we remember from the case involving what was going on in this ridiculous impeachment compared to a phone call that was, I didnt hear anything wrong on that phone call with President Zelensky youre talking about major millions of dollars, but this goes what to Russia.
This goes to Ukraine. This goes to China. This goes to other countries. Did he have any experience Hunter Biden duty to do any of these deals, paying him millions, not that we are aware of. We also found out from George Kent for seven months after Hunter Biden joined the boarded my supposedly to consult on corporate governance and transparency breeze paid. Seventy dollars million drive to end the investigations into the owner Hunter Biden, wasnt doing a good job with corporate governance and transparency. They tried to warn numerous times about the compromised position. Apparently, John Kerry had knowledge of hunters role in the Burisma Board, for example, but said flatly. I had no knowledge when, in fact he did have knowledge. Other people knew it as well. There were numerous attempts to warn the administration. Pretty much everybody seemed to know it was problematic.
Is that true senator? There were certainly a lot of memos going on the state department. Everybody knew how bad a conflict of interest this wasnt, how it was going to frustrate their attempts to really carry out Americas policy to help review. Read Ukraine of corruption, the special envoy into Ukraine hes, the only individual we know of who talked to the vice president, and he pensioned you mention the vice president, basically denied ever talking to Hunter about his overseas business traveling. I never believed that. How can you spend entire trip flying over to China with your f and not talk about what youre going to do? Someone said he talked to the vice president in the vice president talked to Hunter, who set up a meeting to talk about this conflict of interest. I think we have caught the vice president in I hate to say it. A lie. Lets talk about
hunters, business dealings with Russia, China, the money being sent around to unsavory characters that potentially were involved in what sex trafficking schemes. What did you find in terms of sex trafficking? I want to get this right. Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other eastern european countries who appeared to be linked to a eastern european prostitution or human trafficking ring weve got more detail. We are following the money looking at the financial transactions that should raise all kinds of concerns throughout America, in particular the mainstream media. The question really is Sean. Is the mainstream media going to start asking questions and demanding answers from the vice president? Well, so Hunter had business with a russian oligarchs Hunter was doing business deals, making wire transfers with
russian citizens ukrainian citizens, I mean its pretty breathtaking breathtaking im sure the media mob they protected Hunter and Joe. You know all throughout the impeachment and said. Oh no serious person believes anything wrong here. With this subject, the vice president of the United States potentially to blackmail thats the concern, the extortion thread. I will repeat all the justification for the investigations of Donald Trump and his possible business deals and russian were always predicated on the fact that if he has those entanglements, just think of the black blackmail, SOM could engage in take what they are alleging, Donald Trump didnt all false allegations and then look at the Biden family, its an order of magnitude. Worse many many orders of magnitude. Worse again, just within China, these individuals, there is millions of dollars going back and forth between China and the?
U dot s. There is a dual use: auto parts company that Hunter helped a chinese company gain control over potentially for the benefit of the people of the Liberation Army. Theres. So much here. So much detail, it needs to be investigated, so we are hoping that this detail, people start connecting more dots and hopefully the mainstream media will actually start asking questions for the american people are informed before this election. Senator. Thank you for the good work. Youve done. The american people need to fully completely understand this before they start voting in forty one days we have an election in this country, some states voting early. We look forward to further updates.
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