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Sen. Rubio calls Rep. Bass an 'admirer of the Castro regime'

2020-08-03 | 🔗
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio responds to Rep. Karen Bass' praise of Fidel Castro.
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I guess its fitting that the U Dot S Communist Party leader, just officially endorsed Joe here with more Florida, Senator Marco Rubio Senator when you think of how many people from Cuba risked their lives first, how many people were murdered, as Castro came to power and the poverty he created created, broken down, dilapidated, rickety boats in shark infested waters to risk their lives to come here to get away from there. You know as much about this as anybody yeah two and a half two point: five million Cubans have fled the island since the Castro Revolution, many served thirty years in jail, many were executed after show trials. People died in the straits of Florida and rafts to get away from them. Families divided never able to see their relatives again. Others died before they could see them again, so its a terrible tragedy.
This is not about one comment, shes, not being sincere when she says its about one comment: Congresswoman Bass has a long history of being an admirer of the Castro regime. It started as a student continue during her time in government and even in Congress. She frequently visited the island. The brigade that was there to participate in the revolution and be helpful, and as recently as a few years ago, this is about more than one comment. Let me say one more thing: what she said, the other Navy Republicans are taken to calling every democratic, communist thats, just false im, the first to tell you. There are many Democrats that have worked with us on this issue, a number of them that feel strongly about it, especially in Florida but other parts of the country. This is about her its about her long track record and, frankly, she would be the highest profile Castro, sympathizer weve ever had at any level in american government.
What do you make of this radical left turn the democratic extreme Socialist party yeah, I mean thats, where the energy is coming from in that party, and there was a point made earlier about Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a solid liberal. The party has moved so far to the left that it leaves him. Looking like a centrist to some people, its not that hes moved. He is on the liberal side. The energy in the party has moved further left but Heres the problem if he becomes President God forbid, all the people in his administration will come from that group and you will see a fundamental change in this country. That will please someone like Congresswoman Bass, someone.
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