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Sen. Rubio calls UAE-Israel peace deal 'a major achievement'

2020-08-14 | 🔗
Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on peace deal between United Arab Emirates and Israel.
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Welcome back to this welcome back to this special edition of Hannity. Yesterday, President Trump announced a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This was a huge foreign policy win for the Trump administration, but some Democrats and members of the media are downplaying it. Former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes tweeted. The agreement is dressed up as an election Eve achievement between two leaders who want trump to win. While Biden tried to take some credit for the come of the media minimize the achievement as NBC Nightly NEWS refused to give President trump any credit for his role in the deal and CBS Evening NEWS suggested the president was actually stealing credit. Meanwhile, National Security Advisor Robert Obrien warned that China is working to elect Biden and they have the most powerful and sophisticated tools to do so
joining us now, with the reaction is the acting Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Senator Marco Rubio from Florida Florida welcome Senator Rubio. Thank you for joining us. This is the first time youre doing a show. It is, and I requested you specifically. I need you to explain to me the historical significance of this agreement between Israel and the UAE, its the first time that Israel makes a deal with an arab country since Egypt and Jordan, one of the things that has made israels life difficult. Is it surrounded by countries that dont recognize it diplomatically? It has different levels of engagement with these countries. This is a major achievement. You highlight all of those media that refused to give the president any credit. The american people see it in the american people noticed that stuff they dont just believe what they hear on the air. They start to pick up on the fact
that, in the eyes of most of the people who run media companies, the president can do no right its a big deal. They downplay it. If it is not a big deal, they play it up its a significant achievement and one that I know is in the works for a long time. Ever since I met you in two thousand and ten, you had an interest in foreign policy, Turkey, isnt happy. They are NATO member. What should we make of that? Turkey has had a deteriorating relationship with Israel, also Turkey, with Erdogan. They want to be the dominant power in the region. Some of this Ottoman revisionism at the same time that helps Erdogan at home, Israel isnt popular among the domestic audience, but they dont like deals being done, that
they arent a linchpin of they are also crosswise a couple of regional conflicts as well. Turkey is an interesting situation. Theyve gotten deeply involved in Libya. They are in northern Syria in one way they work with the Russians and in different ways. They are literally taking the Russians literally taking the Russians and their proxies on head on its a messy situation. Right now, unfortunately, with the turkish government lets pivot that China, what is the current state of our relationship with China, its being rebalanced appropriately? We went twenty five years in this country where everyone was saying: dont worry you let China cheat when they get rich, they will be democratic and follow the rules. Joe Biden was one of the leaders of that. When China went to the WTO, he said dont worry, they are going to take our job. Obviously, it hasnt worked out that way if it feels like a lot of that is happening its because this
president and this administration have taken on this challenge, try to make up for it literally two decades of mistakes. When it comes to China, we paid a tremendous price for what we have allowed them to do. They have stolen millions of american jobs, closed american factories and in the process have got it dotted american communities, its an important recalibration, and it needed to happen im glad its finally started to happen. It will be the work of a generation. You touched on the electoral consequences if the White House switches or if the Senate switches, how would our relationship with China change if theres a president, Joe Biden or if there is a chuck Schumer what happens? It goes back to the way it used to be when it comes to Joe Biden. All of these smart heads that go around talking
about and some of them have come to that position. Many of them have continued to criticize anything. The president does confronting China. This is a zero percent issue in this country. Thats. Why? You see, Democrats are supportive of it, but to begin with Biden, doesnt have the strength to take on challenges that come with China doing it requires to get in a fight with editorial boards and fancy think tanks, who all think that, no matter what Donald Trump did it was a mistake and we need to reverse everything he did, even if it was in the best interest of our country. They cannot admit anything. This administration has done exactly the right thing to do.
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