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Sen. Ted Cruz: Democrats released the crazies in their party

2020-07-01 | 🔗
We need law enforcement to stand enforce the rule of law and protect American citizens, says Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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National treasure, what can the country due to protect every child and restore order joining us now is Texas, Senator TED Cruz senator? I never thought I would be reporting things like this. In my life, I cant believe we are having this discussion now universal Agreement on George Floyd that never can happen again universal agreement. You know I do martial arts, Joe Calleds, and giving police ot nonlethal alternatives im in favor of all that improving it takes more money, not less training takes more money and more of a commitment, not less, but I dont see any good coming out of any of these movements. I just see basically and get out of jail free card like the no bail zone, which is all New York state thanks to Governor Cuomo. Unfortunately, the Democrats have released the crazies in their party and they are going nuts the violence. We are seeing the rioting we are seeing.
You know you will remember a couple weeks ago, when Chris Cuomo on CNN asked on air said: where did it say that protesting has to be peaceful? More than a few people took some joy in pointing out? Well, you dont have to look any further than the first amendment to the constitution and the bill of rights where it protects the right of the people to peaceably assemble peaceably its right there in the constitution. You- and I- and everyone well- have a right to speak, to stand up and say whatever your views are, whether you are right or wrong. You have a right to speak, but what you dont have a right to do is commit violence. You dont have a right to assault people. You dont have a right to burn. You. Dont have a right to firebomb churches or police cars. You dont have a right to murder, police officers or to murder teenage boys, as happened in Seattle. We are seeing violent rioters. Antifa is behind much of it and they are domestic terrorists
than we need law enforcement to stand together to stop this terrorism, to enforce the rule of law and protect american citizens, its the fundamental role of government senator. This is not hard. I know you went to Harvard you. Dont need to go to Harvard LAW, be one of professor dershowitzs best students. He said that himself, I look at this and I see every two and four years I always talk about. The playbook of the Democratic Party. Republicans are racist, sexist homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, misogynist, dirty, air and water, and they want to kill children know they want to throw granny over a cliff. Okay, all of the cities with the worst crime statistics, most violence, worst schools. They seem to be the cities that have been run for decades by liberal Democrats. Is this a preview of coming attractions? Is it part of the national debate, as we now are, one hundred and twenty five days away from a presidential
election? Well, the Democratic Party is afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome. They hate the president so much that they are allowing the crazies imagine if, thirty days ago, Sean ive come on your show, and I wouldve said you know the Democrats are going to come out for abolishing the police. You wouldve said: look thats a little much lets not get crazy about it and thats exactly what theyre doing Nypd cutting a billion dollars from their police department. A AOC says its not enough the consequence of their attacking demonizing defunding, the police. The consequence will be a lot more, black labs will be lost and a lot more white lives and hispanic lives. You pull the police back and those especially those who live in low income neighborhoods are going to find themselves victims of much more violent crime. This is wrong. I will tell you I stand with the Nypd. I stand with the men and women of law enforcement across this
country and ive got to say you know. I have talked to a lot of cops in the last several weeks and they are there. They are down. They are demoralized, seeing senior officers leaving the force young people. What young person in his right mind would say im going to be a cop, you know whats good for America, people are scared to be a police officer and keep us safe by the far left is doing they hate America. This is not about social justice, its not about equality. Everyone of us agrees that everyones right should be protected regardless of race thats. What the constitution and the bill of rights do you look at the steering monuments down? They are trying to tear down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, it aint about the confederacy last I checked George Washington wasnt part of the civil war. They hate America and we need leaders Sean to stand up and defend America unapologetically as the greatest nation in the history of the world dedicated to equal justice.
I was so critical of the one percent, but I always went out of my way to remind people the ninety nine percent in the FBI or intelligence community. They are good people, ninety nine percent of police that protect and serve and put their lives on the line. The nine slash, eleven cops, the cops that were walked across an open baseball field sitting ducks to protect congressman, Scalise and.
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